August 1 2009

High Rise Living: Is it a Thing of the Past?

by jim

Chic, high rise living was once a standard-bearer for cosmopolitan populations in large cities. From Los Angeles to Miami to New York City and Toronto, everyone who was anyone chose a high rise over other living options.

Today, urban living is experiencing something of a comeback; however, it seems that townhomes and condos have become the preferred attached product of many single residents, couples, and small families. Home builders are no doubt capitalizing on this; while downtown, live-work spaces are indeed gaining popularity in a number of regions, they are also quite successfully edging out their predecessor: the big city high rise. 

If you hold on to a dream of high rise living, don’t fear: It is still possible! Need some guidance/inspiration? Some of the most impressive examples currently available in high rise homes are described here:

Little Tokyo Lofts, Los Angeles: Ever drive through LA and wistfully imagine that a historic structure would convert to an apartment building – so you could move in? Hammer Ventures had the foresight to do that very thing, opting to utilize the old Westinghouse building for Little Tokyo Lofts. The 161 living spaces range from 653 to 1,800 sq. ft., and the two-story spaces boast 30 ft. ceilings. Attractively priced, these lofts were designed with the artistic personality in mind. For more information, call (213) 626-6400.

111 Central Park North, New York City: Sure, you want to live in New York City…but the thought of looking out your window and seeing grass and trees (rather than cars and blinding lights) is appealing too. For that reason, Athena Homes erected 111 Central Park North, a gorgeous skyscraper that houses luxurious living spaces averaging at 1,900 sq. ft. If you’re looking for a quintessential New York lifestyle and you can afford a seven figure price tag (the view alone is worth every penny!), you may want to ask what 111 Central Park North has available. To learn more, call (212) 381-2671.    

Festival Tower, Toronto: A city that has grown leaps and bounds, Toronto is becoming a popular destination for those looking to plant their roots up north. For career-minded individuals those who make this move, there are few options more appealing than Festival Tower. Not only is the sight of the building spectacular, but the amenities – including a pool house, cinema, fitness center, lounge, terrace, and private club spanning two floors – make this an amazing place to call home. If interested, inquire at (416) 203-2020.

Is high rise living a thing of the past? It doesn’t look like it! The only way to find out if it’s for you is to take the plunge and tour one of their spaces.

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