July 31 2009

Searching For A Home Online

by jim

When the search is on for a new home, some first-time buyers find it to be a daunting task. After all, with nearly 80% of home searches beginning on the Internet, many people simply don’t know where to begin. Truth be told, this can actually be to your advantage. Whether you stay within one comprehensive homebuyer site – or, find yourself navigating through scores of online listings – you are likely to encounter a number of properties that pique your interest.

The only pitfall to searching for a home online is that many prospective buyers manage to lose their favorite listings. How does this happen? The same way that surfing the net for any type of information can result in wasted time. By clicking further and further away from the pages you want to remember, you can water down your search and end up with an exercise in futility.

Fortunately, it’s also just as easy to avoid this trap. The best preventive measure for searching new homes for sale is to bookmark the pages you wish to come back to. Sure, you’ll extend your browser’s “favorites” list; but, the valuable information for the homes that excite you (such as addresses, photos, and agent contacts), will remain right at your disposal.

Of course, your next step will be to contact listing agents for the homes that you want to view in person. But with all those pages bookmarked, where should you start? One way to go is by categorizing your favorites into groups, based on your personal criteria: For example, List A may be comprised of homes within your top location choice; while List B can contain homes with the features you desire the most (swimming pools, double fireplaces, or sunken tubs). Breaking the lists up into groups can streamline the walk-through process, and ensure that you have the opportunity to see the homes you truly want to see – because you wisely selected them yourself. 


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7/30/2009 8:34:10 PM #

What helpful tips when navigating online for a new home. I really like the grouping idea to help organize potential homes to look at.

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