July 28 2009

Moving Day Tips

by racheal

House moving can be a demanding affair. Here are some tips that can help you in moving into your new home.

• Most important tip when packing is to make sure you are resort full and use the proper packing supplies. You can use your sofa cushions, bed sheets, pillow covers to wrap pictures and glass stuff.
• Also keep the glass vertically and not flat on the surface.

• Pack sturdier stuff separately from the fragile ones.
• Ensure that valuables are packed separately.
• Use a smaller box for packing heavy stuff. The heavier the iteam, the smaller the box should be.
• Labeling your boxes will help you while you unpack and will help you to place boxes in their proper room on the first day of arrival.
• Keep your essentials like instant coffee, sugar, tea, soap, towels, toothpaste, tooth brush and other toiletry items in your hand bag. So that as soon as you arrive at your new home you can use them.
• Write in BOLD on boxes that you will need to unpack first.
• Be careful with your pets. Don’t pack them in boxes!  They should get accustomed to the move and be a constant companion with you as you travel from your old home to the new.
• Insure your stuff if you are moving long distance. That will help if anything gets lost in midway.  Also ask for the name of warehouse where your stuff will be kept while moving across  country.

All these tips should help you in moving smoothly from one place to another.


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8/6/2009 4:22:58 AM #

That is some grate advice. I too think it is important to make sure the home is clean and ready for the next resident. Who wants to move into a dirty place?  I know I don’t. Keep the comments coming!

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