July 28 2009

Decorate Your Outdoor Space

by racheal

It is critical to decorate your outdoor space with good pieces of furniture. Whether it is a porch, a patio, a deck, or a sunroom it requires equal importance in decorating like any other room. It is the first thing people see while visiting your home and it also makes your home look stunning and pleasant.  Make sure to choose your outdoor furniture according to your taste and fashion. There are three types of material from which outdoor furniture is made. They are plastic resin, wood,  and aluminum.  Here are some of the tips to help you choose your outdoor furniture:

• Hard plastic resin furniture is not only easy on the pocket but also durable for the outdoors. There are various attractive designs of lounges, chairs and Adirondack chairs available in various pleasant colors. Even plastic tables are available in different designs and shapes. And plastic furniture is made to risible woven wood pieces. So now you can have “weaved wicker furniture” that only needs a splash from the hose to keep clean. And plastic is weather proof, making it the best outdoor furniture available in the market today.

• If you wish to go in for some sturdier material then you can buy powder coated cast aluminum furniture. Aluminum strong and long lasting. Though they look new and remain in good shape for a longer period than plastic resin, they are more expensive.  Aluminum furniture with glass top table adds glamour to a house and looks grand on a patio.
• Another form of furniture that looks good on your patio or screen room is wood. Time tested and long lasting wooden furniture last long and also comes in different exquisite shapes and sizes. Wood is the most preferred material for furniture. You can have it made to order for your deck or patio as wood doesn’t have any moulds. If you select the right wood for your outdoor furniture it can last you a life time. It is a bit more expensive than aluminum or plastic but some of the more popular woods that are used to create outdoor furniture are Teak, Rosewood, Redwood, Pine, Willow, Cyprus, Wicker and Rattan.

Once you choose the material for your new lavish patio or porch furniture, don’t forget to accessorize. Plants, decretory candles, outdoors knick knacks, water features and light fixtures all add a personal touch to your new porch. 


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