July 23 2009

How To Know What Your Dream Home Looks Like

by racheal

Magazines and the Internet are loaded with dream homes and no wonder because everybody is chasing that dream of owning their own home. The only problem is the articles on the net and in magazines only talk about the writer’s dream home and not yours, after all each of us have a different dream. Different people have different tastes and each person’s likes differ. For some a dream home will be a multimillion dollar home with marbled tiles, white shag carpeting, and all expensive decors. For some it may be a spa bathroom and professional style kitchen and yet for others it may be a small cozy place to retire.

So before you start the process of buying your dream home, take a moment for a reality check. Realize how much time you actualy spend in your home and jot down the needs you have and also plan a budget for your new home. 

Say you like cooking then you can have a large kitchen with bright appliances and a huge eating area. If you are not an expert cook then you need a less advanced kitchen with minimum items, as you wouldn’t be spending much time there. For those of you who love to be pampered, a spa type bathroom may be ideal. You can have a jacuzzi tub, multi shower or rain shower heads, a sky light, adjustable ambient lighting, and even heated towel bars or floors. Nowadays the latest trend is eco-friendly homes; even vogue magazine has an article spread about eco-friendly homes. Installing solar panels for water heating and electricity or have a garden so that you own a green home. 

All these facts should be taken into consideration while you are planning to buy your dream home. Whether you are building your dream home or buying an already built home, see to it that all your requirements are met. Make a list of your necessities and then enjoy the search for your dream home.


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