July 22 2009

Brookfield Homes

by racheal

Brookfield Homes strives to improve the value of their customers by creating communities that are distinguished by quality, design and lifestyle. Brookfield Homes has been recognizing in their excellence in planning, architectural and interior design by earning numerous awards from national, regional and local building industry organizations. Their signature attention to the style, warmth, and detail of a home can be found throughout their communities in California and the Washington D.C. Area.

Brookfield Homes operates in five markets areas: California: San Francisco Bay Area, Southland / Los Angeles, San Diego / Riverside, and Sacramento, and the Washington D.C. Area.

Since 1956, Brookfield Homes has been building well quality homes for people and their families. Brookfield Home's quality extends well beyond its four walls. It's in the land they purchase, the materials used, and the way each home is designed and functions. Every detail in every home is thought about so the homeowners can be proud to call a Brookfield home their home.

Brookfield Homes offers many standard features and upgrades. Plus each home is given a three time inspection. Once by a Quality Assurance Manager who puts the home through an industry leading 147 Point Quality Control List. If any more than three notes items, which could be as minor as a paint scuff, the home fails. Once every item is fixed Brookfield Homes starts the inspection process all over again. Last, but not least, Brookfield Homes follows-up on every home with the same inspection for a year after one of their homes is bought. Showing they just want each and every homeowner to truly love their new home.

No wonder last year Brookfield Homes ranked within the top twenty-five largest homebuilders.


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