July 20 2009

The Checklist To Buying A New Condo

by racheal

People are realizing the advantages of living in condos and their affordability. So nowadays you find condominiums everywhere. Though a condo is benefiting many first time buyers, it’s not the best buy for everyone. Every individual has their own needs so here is a checklist for buying a condo before making the big purchase.

• Price! This is the most important factor when deciding to purchase a new condo. The price generally depends upon the area where the condo is situated and the size of the condo. If it is near a business center then it’ll be expensive and the bigger the condo the bigger the price.

• Decide on your budget before you start looking. This way when you find an ideal location that meets your budget you can go in for it.

• Find out what is important to you in a new condo.  Does the style matter, do you prefer new or old condo, high rise or low? All these factors should be taken into consideration while going in for a condo.  If you like to have panoramic views of the city then go in for a high rise. If you wish to lead a more simple life, a single story condo may be for you.

• The next on your checklist should be whether you want a studio apartment or a one or two bedroom.

• Look for well known developers. Is your developer trustworthy and constantly builds high quality condos?

• Check out if your condo has a gym and swimming pool. These facilities however do add to your cost.  Parking space is another point to be noted. Your car should have ample space to be parked..

• Check to make sure the condo has a registered association and that it is functioning according to rules and regulations. Also check if the elevator is in working condition as well as any other amenities such as the community washer and dryers and trash shoots.

All these above mentioned factors should be taken into consideration when buying a condo.


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4/8/2012 9:00:06 PM #

This is a great blog. It really helps me to find great condo. I will keep in mind the tips on it. Thank you so much..

catherine United States |

5/9/2012 2:44:03 AM #

Great tips! I am now looking for a Condo which that really suit to me. I will follow this checklist! Thank you so much!

Michelle United States |

5/14/2012 2:19:21 AM #

This is really an awesome checklist! Thank you for this helpful tips. Smile

Karla United States |

7/24/2012 8:08:44 PM #

Right now I am really seeking for a good condominium. Thank you for sharing this awesome checklist!

Abegail United States |

7/24/2012 8:17:21 PM #

Right now I am really seeking for a good condominium. Thank you for sharing this awesome checklist!

Abegail United States |

8/28/2012 12:53:53 AM #

I am really looking for a blog that gives me ideas or tips before buying a new condo. And this really helps me a lot! Thank you!

Angel United States |

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