November 15 2010

D.R. Horton Wants to Show Their Appreciation with $2,500 Bonus Bucks!

by racheal

D.R. Horton $2,500 Bonus Bucks For Civil Service Homebuyers

D.R. Horton is continually demonstrating its leadership in residential development and awareness to the needs of its customers. Now D.R. Horton would like to recognize and thank the individuals that serve the communities they build. It is for this reason that America’s Home Builder, D.R. Horton, is offering $2,500 Bonus Bucks to homebuyers that work in Southern California’s civil service industries.

If you are a teacher, law enforcement, firefighter, military personnel, or a medical professional, D.R. Horton wants to show you their appreciation with $2,500 Bonus Bucks! The $2,500 Bonus Bucks can be used in D.R. Horton’s Seller’s Design Center for the purchase of options and upgrades for your new home.

If the $2,500 was not enough of a thank you to those that make a difference in our community, D.R. Horton would also like to offer the closing costs, up to 6% of the purchase price, to be paid for by the seller, including prepaids!
D.R. Horton strives to build affordable Southern California new homes with unmatched efficiency along with the highest of quality. Their simple vision began over 30 years ago and represents years of value and security when you choose America's Builder to make your dreams come true, of homeownership.


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November 12 2010

Cool Your Heels on Warming That Home!

by April

Home heating is THE LARGEST use of energy and offers the greatest opportunity for saving your green this winter. Nearly 40 percent of your home energy costs go to heating. Here’s how you can save:

The Heat Lost In Your Home

• Clean or replace the furnace filter at least TWICE during the cold season. Furnaces use less energy if the airways are clear.
• Keep furniture, carpet and drapes from blocking vents.
• Set a ceiling fan at low speed to push the warm air away from the ceiling and spread it evenly throughout the room.
• Have your heating ducts and furnace professionally inspected and tuned.
• Use space heaters instead of the furnace when you can, and only if you are in the room with the heater! Don’t heat the whole house if it is just one or two people are spending the entire evening in one room, such as the family room in the evening and the bedroom at night.
• Wear warmer clothes around the house or office, even if it is just a long-sleeved shirt, and sleep with an extra blanket.

PLEASE NOTE: Warmer temperatures are recommended in homes with ill or elderly persons, as well as infants.

You can also keep that heat in by taking care of the seals in your home. Check out my Save The Seals blog. When it comes to energy, what’s good for the summer goes good for the winter!


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November 12 2010

Madison Lane Offers You Space and Comfort

by racheal

Madison Lane New Homes In Vista

Take a poll of San Diego County residents on the cities they’d most like to live in, and Vista is bound to get more than a few mentions. A short drive to the ocean is only one of the perks of living in this idyllic Southern California town, and with most North County employers just a stone’s throw away, there’s hardly a good reason not to consider Vista new homes when they become available.

With that in mind, what is available? Only one of the most promising new home communities you could hope for, with great shopping, new schools, and lots of recreational opportunities nearby. It’s Madison Lane, which features new homes on 10,000 square foot lots in fabulous Vista.

Now, don’t let the size of the homesites fool you…we’re not talking about eyesore McMansions here. We’re talking about generous lots to ensure your privacy, while Madison Lane allows you enjoy spacious yet cozy living inside. The homes of Madison Lane range from 2,785 to 3,338 square feet, with 3 to 6 bedrooms and 2.5 to 4 baths. It’s enough for your family to feel comfortable, without sacrificing time and togetherness.

That’s right; the best of both worlds is right here at Madison Lane. For more information on Madison Lane new homes for sale, come speak with the sales office staff at 1057 Stratton Drive Vista, CA, or call them at (760) 724-6030.


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November 11 2010

Andalusia at 4s Ranch Reveals Phase 6 This Saturday!

by racheal

Andalusia 4s Ranch Homes For Sale

Think that no one is unveiling any new phases anymore? Think again – at least where Carlsbad new homes are concerned. Andalusia at 4s Ranch hasn’t slowed down at all. In fact, Phase 6 of these Carlsbad new homes is open to the public on November 13 (yes, that’s this Saturday)! Stop in if you’re eager to check out seven of the most beautiful new home models you’ve seen in a long time…even if it’s only to inspire you!

What kind of inspiration are we talking about? It’s everywhere you look here, where the homes range from 6,400 to 10,196 square feet and the decorated models are nothing short of stunning. When you saunter through the rooms of these Spanish, Cottage and Craftsman architected homes built by California West Communities, you can’t help but be inspired.

Andalusia New Homes in Carlsbad

Now, as for Andalusia at 4s Ranch…chances are, it may indeed be one of the last master planned neighborhoods of Carlsbad new homes you’ll see in awhile. Yes, this new phase is going up – but who knows how many more there will be?

With that in mind, anyone with a desire to purchase a new home in Carlsbad should definitely check out Andalusia at 4s Ranch. If you’re eager to check out Phase 6 on the day it’s unveiled, stop in on Saturday to 10510 Black Opal Road in San Diego. For more information, the community can be reached at (858) 312-6850.


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November 10 2010

Rockrose at the Foothills: Price Reduced $33,000 on Featured Carlsbad Home

by racheal

Rockrose New Homes in Carlsbad

Sometimes, a deal is just too good to not talk about – and this is one of those times. Rockrose at the Foothills, a Brookfield Homes community of Carlsbad new homes, just reduced their Residence 2 floorplan home by a whopping $33,000! Reduced from $629,000 to $596,900 as part of Brookfield’s Year End Sale, Rockrose’s Residence 2 just made a great deal even better.

How so? Here’s the reason: Rockrose at the Foothills is already among the most energy efficient Carlsbad new homes available (if not in all of San Diego County) – plus, the incredible tax rate of 1.21% puts this community among the lowest tax rates in all new home communities in the area. And energy efficiency isn’t the only eco-friendly feature here; water conservation is at a premium at Rockrose, as is the indoor air quality.

Price Reduced by $33000 at New Carlsbad Homes

So, what do you get for your money here? At Residence 2 in Rockrose at the Foothills, a whopping 3,036 square feet of space, flanked by three bedrooms, an office, and a bonus room await your family. Plus, you’re just steps from the Foothills Swim Club – and don’t forget, only three quick miles to the sparkling California coast. Finally, if all the eco-friendliness wasn’t enough, your beautiful home is also built with sustainable materials – quality ones you don’t see every day.

Now you’re getting it, right? Good! If Rockrose at the Foothills sounds like the kind of place you’d like to live, and you’re eager to take advantage of the incredible price reduction and Year End Sale offer, contact the sales office at (888) 514-9296, or stop in for a visit at 3538 Glen Avenue, Carlsbad, CA 92010.


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November 10 2010

Smart Corner Lofts: Own for the Price of Renting in San Diego

by racheal

Smart Corner Condo View

For many people, “apartment” is synonymous with “renting”…but with the increased popularity of the urban high rise, all that is about to change. After all, why would you rent when you can own your own view of the San Diego skyline for around $1500 per month – nearly the same as most rental rates? That’s what’s available to you at Smart Corner, a San Diego high rise with apartment lofts that give you the opportunity to create your own personal canvas. 

What about the down payment? We’re glad you asked! With as little as 0.5%-3.5% down, many buyers can own at Smart Corner for a drop in the bucket. Still thinking about renting? We didn’t think so! Few other buildings in Southern California can give you the same big city experience that Smart Corner can; with 310 condos and a whopping 19 stories, the lifestyle is practically unparalleled (especially when one considers all the things to do in San Diego).

Plus, there’s the extras, like a rooftop gathering area that allows you and your guests a staggering view of the city (not to mention the ocean) while you enjoy the jacuzzi and barbeque. And yes, the Downtown San Diego condos at Smart Corner are every bit as appealing, with upgraded kitchens and plenty of room inside for that fabulous loft experience you’ve only dreamed of. Ready to learn more? Contact Smart Corner at (888) 745- 2028; or, stop in to see for yourself at 1080 Park Blvd. in San Diego. After all, you definitely want to see these in person!


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November 9 2010

Sugarland and Houston in Your Backyard at Sunrise Meadow

by racheal

Entry to Sunrise Meadow New Homes

Sure, you’ve always wanted to live in Sugarland, Texas – but where can you get the Lone Star lifestyle you’ve always wanted without breaking the bank? It’s easier than you may think. At Sunrise Meadow, a community of Sugarland new homes from LGI Homes, all kinds of perks are available to buyers like you: smart, savvy, and family-oriented buyers who just want as much bang for their buck as possible. 

At Sunrise Meadow, you’re just minutes from Houston and everything it has to offer; but when you come home, you’re tucked into a pleasant neighborhood that helps the day’s cares slip quietly away. But back to that “bang for your buck” factor: Sunrise Meadow also offers you the opportunity to save, save, save on your new home! For example, LGI offers $10,000 worth in upgrades free, as part of your home’s price tag.

Sunrise Meadow Pond

What kinds of upgrades? Raised six panel doors, brushed nickel hardware and fixtures, rounded corners, custom built cabinets and vaulted ceilings are just a few of the features some other builders charge extra for – but LGI Homes isn’t some other builder. And Sunrise Meadow is one of their best communities, upgrades not withstanding. You’ll love the park-like grounds of the neighborhood, sparking community pool, and other amenities. For more information on Sunrise Meadow, contact the sales office at (866) 779-4600, ext. 356.


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November 9 2010

Creekside Village New Homes Offer Carefully Selected Location

by racheal

Homes at Creekside Village Entrance

With the housing boom, many buyers found themselves settling for neighborhoods that later proved undesirable. That’s what happens when builders fail to carefully select their locations; the builder takes the money and runs, and the families who trusted them to develop a secure, attractive community are left to pick up the pieces (in the form of bad school districts, crime, and eventually abandoned properties). Fortunately, there are builders who refuse to stoop to such poor quality standards – and LGI Homes is definitely one of them.

For instance: Creekside Village, an LGI community in North Houston, was masterfully executed among the beautifully wooded forests of Montgomery County. Rather than placing the neighborhood wherever there was available space, LGI selected the spot for Creekside Village based on the excellent school district, pleasant natural settings, and convenience to local amenities that that this area of the Houston region is known for.

New Home at Creekside Village Park

This makes the surroundings the perfect complement for Creekside Village’s own features, which include pathways, greenbelts, and recreational parks (and of course, a community swimming pool!). Creekside Village isn’t a neighborhood your family can settle for…it’s a neighborhood your family can love! For more information, contact Creekside Village new homes at (888) 356- 9006, ext. 340.


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November 8 2010

No City Taxes at Canyon Crossing

by racheal

New Homes at Canyon Crossing Logo

When finances are a concern, you need all the help you can get – from wherever you can get it. State and city taxes are a common source of frustration among homeowners, and many of today’s money-savvy buyers make a buying decision based on factors like these.

For those in San Antonio, the choice is clear: Buy at Canyon Crossing, where not only are there no city taxes; there are also advantages low payment programs (as low as $679 per month), a no money down option for those who qualify, and free, confidential credit counseling with a New Home Consultant to put buyers who need guidance on the road to ownership.

Canyon Crossing New Homes - Park That’s reason enough, of course – but believe it or not, there’s more. Canyon Crossing has been called the #1 subdivision in west San Antonio, perhaps because of its central location between city and country (or maybe because it’s minutes from Lackland Air Force Base, Sea World San Antonio, and the Toyota manufacturing center where many of its residents are employed). In other words, there are lots of reasons to consider Canyon Crossing for your new home in San Antonio! To inquire about your options for this great new home community, contact the Canyon Crossing sales office at (866) 669-8200, ext. 342.

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November 8 2010

New Home Credit Counseling? It’s at Deer Creek!

by racheal

Deer Creek Forth Worth New Homes Logo

Even with today’s more practical, down to earth economic mindset, many buyers still find themselves mired in credit predicaments that prevent them from purchasing the homes their families need. Fortunately, some homebuilders have picked up on that – and are responding to this need by offering guidance to those who need it on their way to reaching the goal of home ownership.

One such builder is LGI Homes, which allows prospective buyers at their Deer Creek community in Dallas/Fort Worth to attend informative and helpful counseling appointments for this very purpose! The New Home Consultants of Deer Creek understand that free, personalized, and confidential service is important to buyers in today’s uncertain climate; and, they make the process as simple as possible. Participants follow these easy steps:

Deer Creek New Homes in Fort Worth Pool

1.) Schedule a complimentary appointment with a LGI New Home Consultant at Deer Creek. You will receive a free credit report, mortgage analysis and introduction to LGI Homes.

2.) Decide on the floor plan (priced according to square footage and other features) that is right for your family. Then, complete a Purchase Agreement to lock in the price of your new home.

3.) Begin the mortgage process with the guidance and assistance of your Deer Creek New Home Consultant every step of the way.

4.) Begin packing…and move into your new home!

Can it get any simpler than that? We don’t think so! If a credit counseling program is exactly what you’re looking for, contact the Deer Creek sales office today to request your confidential appointment today. The office can be reached at (888) 705-2166, ext 18.


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