December 3 2010

Let’s Get Cooking on Saving Energy – The Stove

by April

Tips on Saveing Energy at Home - Stove

Since these are the months that I spend the most time in the kitchen, here are the tips I can pass on to help you save energy at home and save your green! This week let’s check out that stove:

• Thaw foods and cut vegetables into small pieces.  They’ll take less time to cook.

• Put lids on pots and pans and make sure they are the right size for the burners.  Foods will cook faster and use less energy.

• Clean the reflector pans under the burners – they reflect more heat when they are clean and shiny.

• If the flames on your gas oven or stove are yellow, energy is being wasted and the burners need to be adjusted.  Call an appliance repair professional.

• When your electric burners are worn and don’t work properly they use more energy.  Save by replacing them.

• Time to buy a new stove?  Choose a model that has electric igniters instead of pilot lights for more efficiency.

Get your mitts out - next week we tackle the oven!


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December 1 2010

‘Tis the Season to Buy a New Home!

by racheal

Holiday New Home

During the holiday season of December it is the perfect time to buy a new home. You may be thinking to yourself, but with all the holiday gifts I need to buy and groceries I need to purchase for my holiday meals, right now is NOT the time to make a big purchase. However, you could not be any further from the truth.

Just think about it. During the months of December and January are when the biggest sales of the year are going on. Not only are home department stores providing great deals, homebuilders are too. Many homebuilders are offering great savings on new homes with promotions in the price of the home, reduced or no closing cost and upgrade deals.

Plus, once you purchase your new home, you get to do your entire home decor shopping during Christmas and end of year sales where you can purchase all your new furnishings and electronics at the lowest price of the year! Just think about how nice it will be to be able to purchase a new coach, buy that big screen TV you always wanted, and your new washer and dryer all on sale, maybe even half off! Not to mention that you can always let family and friends know you are buying a home and that you would like all your holiday gifts to be for your new home.


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November 30 2010

Northern Terrace in Providence: A Vegas Resort in an All-American Neighborhood

by racheal

Las Vegas New Homes For Sale

Where can Las Vegas homebuyers go to benefit from resort caliber amenities without living too close to the strip? Warmington at Northern Terrace in Providence, where average buyers can reside in the peace and comfort of an all-American neighborhood while still enjoying the upscale amenities that make Vegas a great place to live (for instance, a multi-million dollar residents' recreational facility!).

This community centerpiece features a comprehensive fitness center, three pools, a spa, outdoor and indoor play areas, a gourmet kitchen, a great room for entertaining, an outdoor BBQ, and shaded patio areas. These are the little (or not-so-little!) extras that Warmington Residential Nevada, the brains behind Warmington at Northern Terrace in Providence, includes with its valued homeowners in mind. Sound like something you can get anywhere else in Las Vegas? We don’t think so!

Northern Terrace in Providence New Homes


Of course, most buyers are under the impression that this kind of treatment comes at a hefty price. Guess what? This is one of those times that you won’t mind being wrong. On the contrary, the new homes at Northern Terrace in Providence is offered from the mid-$100,000's. To schedule a viewing of this great community, contact Warmington Residences at (702) 248-4883 – and don’t wait too long! Northern Terrace in Providence may not be available much longer.

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November 30 2010

Buttercup Creek Townhomes Offer Convenience and Comfort

by racheal

New Townhomes For Sale in Austin, TX

You’ve already heard that Buttercup Creek Townhomes are among the most affordable condo-townhome options available in the Cedar Park, TX area. But what do you get for the money at a place like this? After all, townhomes can be hot…or not. Fortunately, we’re happy to tell you that Buttercup Creek is hot – white hot!

What makes it so appealing? Picture this: scenic, mature trees, greenbelt space for children to play, and plenty of establishments nearby for your optimal convenience. Sounds pretty standard? Okay, add on two and three bedroom townhomes with stone veneer construction on the outside, and a full line of GE Energy Star appliances within (a five cycle dishwasher, self cleaning electric oven, and over-the-range microwave with cook top lighting, all in a sleek black design).

Buttercup Townhomes - Livingroom

That’s what sets Buttercup Creek new townhomes apart: no tedious dishwashing to tie up your evenings, and no need to add a microwave to your new home shopping list. Just convenient, comfortable living for you and your family. If Buttercup Creek Townhomes sounds like your kind of home, contact the office (or stop in for a visit) at 401 Buttercup Creek Blvd., Cedar Park, Texas 78613. Call (512) 331-4836 for details.


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November 29 2010

Dolcetto at La Costa Ridge Offers Concierge Services to Homeowners

by racheal

La Costa Ridge New Homes - View

As you may have heard, the final phase of La Costa Ridge, Dolcetto, was recently unveiled. Fortunately, there’s still time to inquire about this oh-so-exclusive neighborhood! Dolcetto, Carlsbad’s most talked-about new home community, still features spacious (up to 4,200 square foot) homes with breathtaking views of North County’s back country landscape.

And in case you forgot, the entire La Costa Ridge division is practically within walking distance to La Costa Resort and Spa, where the most selective spa goers in San Diego choose to spend their time. Of course, there’s always the ocean, just minutes away; not to mention shopping, dining, and other attractions that make the San Diego region one of the most coveted areas in Southern California.

New Homes Dolcetto - Bathroom

But that’s not even the best part; the fact is, Dolcetto at La Costa Ridge offers resort-style services from the comfort of home. Owners at Dolcetto have access to an exclusive concierge service, designed to address the needs of homeowners in all City Ventures communities. Service requests and other inquiries can be addressed by sending an e-mail to, or by calling the concierge line at (949) 251-8039. Sound like a service you’d like to take advantage of? Contact the City Ventures sales office at (760) 744-0866 to ask about the Dolcetto at La Costa Ridge homes that are still available.

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November 24 2010

Top Tips for a Green Thanksgiving!

by April

Green Thanksgiving Tips - Thanksgiving Table

That’s right, a green Thanksgiving!  On a day known for waste let’s see what we can do to save!  Here are the best tips I’ve found:

• Skip the turkey.  I can’t even write that without laughing, but I have to put it out there.  I’m sure you have animal rights friends, I have one (yes, Racheal, it’s you) that will tell you what a drain livestock are on the planet and how terrible the treatment is for those poor, delicious birds.

• If dinner is somewhere else, carpool if you can.

• If dinner is at your house, turn down the heat before guests arrive.  The body heat will keep the house surprisingly warm.

• Don’t buy a bunch of cheap decorations that were made out of the country and will be unusable next year.  Fill jars with fallen leaves, cut rosemary, pinecones, or winter flowers from your yard, or your neighbor’s.

• Plan food portions wisely.  If you are like me and still can’t figure out how much spaghetti your family can eat at one sitting, check out Use Less Stuff.
It shows an average of how much to make for each person.

• If you do make too much and know you won’t eat ALL the leftovers, donate to a local food bank or shelter.  And if you don’t compost your organic scraps (potato peels, celery tops, etc.) at least throw them in the green can with your yard trimmings.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


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November 19 2010

Warming Your Home Part 2 – The Thermostat!

by April

Energy Saving Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat (sometimes called a setback thermostat) is a great investment. You might already have one and not know it so check your manual. It lets you set your heat to come on before you get out of bed (so you don’t have to run the heater all night) and back down when you go to work and back up right before you come home (so you don’t have to run it all day). Installing one at the onset of winter can save you up to 20% this season, recovering your costs the very first year.

More tips on saving energy with your thermostat:

• Turn down the heat -duh. Seriously, if you normally have it set for 71 degrees, try it at 70 or lower. You’ll typically save 1-3 percent on your heating costs for every degree you dial down.

• Set it lower, such as 65 degrees, if you will be away for a short time.

• If you’ll be away for five hours or more set it at 58 degrees. You’ll use less energy to heat the house when you return than if you keep it warm while you are away. Again, here is a time when it is great to have a programmable thermostat so it can get going right before you come home.

Warmer temperatures are recommended for babies, the elderly and infirm. We want to go green, people, not blue!


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November 18 2010

Monteluz at 4s Ranch Almost Sold Out!

by racheal

New Homes For Sale In San Diego

Yes, the final phase of Monteluz at 4S Ranch just debuted on November 6; but believe it or not, the entire community is nearly sold out. So, why are we discussing it today? Because fortunately, five homes still remain available at this outstanding neighborhood of San Diego new homes.

And these aren’t just any homes in the community; these are some of the largest home sites in 4s Ranch, including one popular, stylish single story residence you just have to see to believe. In any case, these are some of the most enticing homes for today’s active families you’ll find anywhere – homes with Spanish, Tuscan, and Monterey style design influences, stunning one and two-story plans, three to six bedrooms, and up to four and one-half baths (with interior square foot ranges of 2,566 to 3,949).

Monteluz New Homes

These California West Communities homes are just minutes from the Poway School District…and don’t forget that Sea World and other attractions are a short drive away. If this sounds like your kind of community, for more information on the new homes at Monteluz at 4s Ranch by calling (858) 705-6031. Or better yet, stop in to take a look at the final five homes that remain at 7721 Hunters Ridge Road, San Diego, CA. They aren’t likely to be available much longer!


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November 17 2010

The Number One Baltimore Realtor - Jennifer Bayne!

by racheal

Baltimore Number One Realtor - Jennifer Bayne

Looking for the number one Baltimore Realtor that offers more than just adding a sign in your front yard? Do you want a realtor that will add your Baltimore home for sale to mutable listings like; the  MLS system,,,,,, and! Then look no further then Realtor Jennifer Bayne at Living

Jennifer is not just the number one Realtor for when you are selling your home. She understands that for many people their home will be their largest asset and understands that buying a home can be a stressful situation. That is why she will not only lead the way during the entire process of buying your home, but Jennifer Bayne will fight for you to purchase your Baltimore home at the best possible price, keeping your needs first. But don’t just take my word for it;

“We bought our first home through Jennifer. She provided the experience and knowledge we needed to find the best home for us. Not only did she get to know us to understand more about what we were looking for, but she made sure we got the best deal possible. She truly worked with our best interest in mind!”

- Tim and Amanda, Perry Hall

Jennifer is a professional REALTOR® who works full-time and stays on top of the latest real estate trends, laws, regulations and home buyer incentives.  As the number one Realtor in Baltimore, Jennifer’s business plan always includes the ever changing Baltimore real estate market conditions. You can always count on this Baltimore Realtor to maneuver through any real estate obstacles during these tough economic times.


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November 16 2010

Crosby Villas in Rancho Santa Fe is Still Available

by racheal

Crosby Villas Golf Course Community

A European-inspired villa on the golf course…who wouldn’t want such a lifestyle? However, mist buyers are aware that this is a privilege reserved for the fortunate few. If you’re among these buyers, now is your opportunity: To live in Crosby Villas, at a prestigious setting near the village of Rancho Santa Fe.

This exclusive, private guard gated luxury golf resort community of Crosby Villas, recently unveiled their Phase 8, which features 31 residences along the 15th, 16th, and 18th fairways. Considering this, and the features of the homes themselves (two to four bedrooms, up to four baths, and over 3,000 square feet of living space in each home), their price – from the high $700,000’s – is likely to be worth every penny.

Crosby Villas New Homes For Sale

It’s private…it’s exclusive…and it’s undoubtedly distinctive. Crosby Villas new homes are an enclave you can embrace and cherish for generations, if desired. With elegant but comfortable living areas, gourmet kitchens, and cozy outdoor spaces, there’s so much for your entire family to love. And of course, the location – Rancho Santa Fe – is the icing on the cake.

To learn more about the new homes for sale at Crosby Villas, contact the sales office at (858) 759-7911 Monday noon to 5 pm, or Tuesday through Sunday 10 am to 5 pm. A California West Communities friendly associate will gladly schedule a private viewing for qualified buyers.


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