November 25 2009

The Villages at Timber Oaks- New Townhomes, New Everything!

by jeb

The Connecticut new townhomes for sale at The Villages at Timber Oaks provide residents with the unbeatable combination of low-maitence living with a richly-active environment. Offering three distinctive housing collections with unique designs, The Villages at Timber Oaks offers outstanding Connecticut new townhomes for sale in a beautiful location near the charming towns of Danbury and Bethel, and are just short drives away from major metropolitan hubs like Hartford and New York City, where some of the best shopping, dining, and entertainment in the entire nation can be found. The Villages at Timber Oaks have all the potential needed to become the premier new townhome community in all of Connecticut.

One of the things that truly sets The Villages at Timber Oaks are the amazing amenities available. Opening with a charming boulevard, the Villages also features a spacious center park, a cozy gazebo, and plenty of green space. The community clubhouse features such lovely details as verandas, tapered columns, and stone trim, as well as a great room featuring cathedral ceilings and a large stone fireplace. The Villages at Timber Oaks also features a fitness center, a swimming pool, and many other features that are perfect for both relaxation and socializing with friends both old and new.

The surrounding area around The Villages at Timber Oaks also has some superlative recreational opportunities-- Candlewood Lake and Lake Kenosia, Danbury City Center, Golf at Richter Park and Candlewood Valley Country Club, and many other cultural and recreational opportunities.

A bustling hub in both cultural, as well as geographical terms, Connecticut is a verdant and modern state that allows residents close access to such vibrant Metropolitan areas like Hartford, the state's capital, New Haven, and of course, New York City. Combining Connecticut's thriving economy, the presence of highly prestigious schools of higher learning (Yale, anyone?), and its dream-come-true location amongst some of the east coast's most exciting areas, The Villages at Timber Oaks provides a great place for both single young professionals and burgeoning families alike.

The Connecticut new townhomes for sale at The Villages at Timber Oaks are now available in several expertly-designed floorplans created with the homebuyer in mind. The Villages at Timber Oaks new townhomes for sale contain 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and range from 2,595 to 2,769 square feet. Pricing is now starting from the high $300,000's. If you would like to learn more about one of the spectacular Connecticut new townhomes for sale at The Villages at Timber Oaks, please call 203-739-0610.

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October 28 2009

Thinking Big At One Of Brooklyn's Viridian Condos

by jeb

New York City New Conds For Sale

Disclaimer:: If you're looking for a cookie-cutter New York City condominium complex that is replete with homogenous-looking boxed enclosures masquerading as modern condominiums, then you may want to look elsewhere. But if you're looking to step into 21st century living in rejuvenated Brooklyn, New York, then Viridian is the condominium complex that you just have to check out. Offering a multitude of customizable shapes and sizes, these new Brooklyn condos also for sale offer a variety of outdoor spaces and terraces where you can enjoy spectacular views of the great metropolis of planet earth, New York City. For the ultimate in luxury, also make sure to take a look at the incomparable penthouse suites that Viridian offers, where glass wall views and private outdoor space make for the height of luxurious city living. 

Some of the out-of-this-world features and amenities that you get when living in one of these New York City new condos for sale include your very own tranquil oasis, the "avant-garden," where natural sunlight cascades into this meditative sanctuary that features relaxing sitting areas and a fireplace, making this the perfect place to escape the sometimes-overpowering electric energy of the city.  You can also relax by utilizing Viridian's cutting-edge golf simulator, where you can be taken to courses around the world, all while wearing your sweats!

Viridian New Condos For Sale - Pool- New York City

You'll also have access to Viridian's 24/7 gm, where an impressive variety of muscle and cardio machines are just steps away from you. If you're feeling like more of an aquatic workout, then you can just head to Viridian's very own pool. After working up a sweat, why not sweat even more! Viridian residents also have the distinct luxury of a sauna right on the premises, where sometimes blowing off some steam just requires a little bit more steam.

The new condos at Viridian also feature floor-to-ceiling windows, four-inch quarter-sawn oak flooring, individual climate control, and Colombo door hardware.

The amazing New York City new condos for sale at Viridian are currently available in various different floorplans, ranging from 640 to 1,267 square feet. Residences have between 1-3 bedrooms and 1-2.5 baths, and prices for one of these stylish new apartments start around the mid $400,000's. For more information about one of these wonderful New York City new condos for sale, please call 888-898-4733. 


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October 5 2009

New Condos For Sale In Brooklyn From The Clarett Group

by racheal

Brooklyn New Condo For Sale

Staying true to its name, The Clarett Group's offers a group of new condos for sale in Brooklyn, Forte',  punctuates the city skyline as a sleek tower that stands out as not only a place to live, but as a place to be. Located at the edge of hip and historic Fort Green park, Forte' sits in the heart of all of the coveted culture and energy that New York City's most up-and-coming borough has to offer. You'll be amazed by the manicured plaza and the opulent lobby/reception area, with both exhibiting an opulent and thoughtful attention to detail. When it comes to entertaining, show off to your friends and family by taking them to the completely furnished roof deck that sits lofted above the endless electricity of New York City. Overall, Forte overflows with the kind of subtle sophistication that displays a great taste for the finest things, and you'll love the new lifestyle that awaits you at these luxurious yet affordable new condos for sale in Brooklyn.

When you settle in to your new condo for sale in Brooklyn, you're not only attaining the privilege of experiencing all of the amenities of the building itself, but also everything that energetic Brooklyn has to offer, like cutting-edge dining, world-class theatre (both off-Broadway and on), the best in local music, and fabulous shopping. Forte also has the benefit of being right next door to the Brooklyn Academy of Music's Harvey Theatre, where any number of spectacular performances can be taken in on any given night.

New condos at Forte are currently available with floorplans that are between 707 and 1,455 square feet, contain 1-3 bedrooms, and are starting from the high $400,000's. If you're interested in experiencing the refined luxury of Forte for yourself, please call 718-855-1500.


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August 27 2009

Top Green Builders: New York

by brook

New York Green Homes For Sale

Perhaps you would like to purchase a green home, but already have your heart set on a specific community development – that isn’t green. Is it possible to modify a house into a green home, by hiring a contractor to remodel it in a sustainable fashion? Sure! If you seek out a company that offers green home building and remodeling, it’s possible to request environmentally sound paint coats, conservation-conscious plumbing alterations, even installations of Energy Star windows or appliances. First, though, you need to find a company that can implement your plans in a way that is exactly what you’re looking for: a firm like Absolute Green Homes.

East coast builder Absolute Green Homes is a top green builder specializing in constructing green homes for sale in New York's Westchester County, and is also licensed to build in Connecticut. However, this is one green home builder with a double specialty; they also offer green-friendly remodeling for existing homes. Kitchens, bathrooms, additions, attic/basement transformations, even exterior changes…Absolute Green Homes does it all. For their commitment to outstanding design and diligent green building practices, they’ve been featured in magazine photo spreads and even received award recognition – including a NAHB Green Building Award in 2008.

With help from a green home builder that does remodeling as well, any home can become a green home. Companies like Absolute Green Homes are paving the way for other builders to follow suit, so searching for a green home remodeler in your area may yield some great results. It could be well worth your time!


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August 2 2009

Green Home Condos in New York City

by jim

New York New Green Condos For Sale

New York City is known for clinging to progressive ideals as much as it is known for its hustle and bustle. While said ideals are quite conducive with a green lifestyle, the aforementioned bustle and its resulting pollution is not. Despite this, there are still great housing options available to those looking for a green retreat in New York City.

One luxury residence that is making a name for itself is Kalahari, located in Harlem. Yes, Harlem! Today’s Harlem residents are an incredibly diverse bunch, and the community is becoming known as a great place to invest in classic New York brownstones and high rise apartments for a far better price tag than in other boroughs. Taking that into consideration, the team that put the plans for these 250 environmentally responsible units created what they call an “architectural tribute” to the history and character of the Harlem community. Sub-Saharan Africa was the inspiration for the design, both interior and exterior, of these green-friendly New York City apartments.

Better still, those who are long-time Harlem community residents are offered an even more affordable rate than the high $600,000’s cost for a Kalahari home. Another half of the units are sold at market rate. The builders find that this is a more “fair and equitable” method of doing business with green-minded consumers.

What else is green about Kalahari? Sustainable bamboo strip floors, large windows to encourage natural light instead of electric, and Energy Star appliances – to name a few features. Built to the U.S .Green Building Council's LEED Silver Standards, Kalahari is in a new category of “hybrid homes” designed with the goal of limiting impact on the environment – while still providing luxurious and modern resources, of course.

But what would a green home be without lush vegetation? Landscaped courtyards are one of Kalahari’s proudest features, and outdoor recreation options are within the amenities. In keeping with its socially-conscious theme, the building is home to a reputable Harlem afterschool program – making it a great option for families looking to relocate.

To check out Kalahari, stop in and request a tour at 40 West 116th St., Harlem, NY 10026; or, call (212) 348-0090 for more information.


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August 1 2009

High Rise Living: Is it a Thing of the Past?

by jim

Chic, high rise living was once a standard-bearer for cosmopolitan populations in large cities. From Los Angeles to Miami to New York City and Toronto, everyone who was anyone chose a high rise over other living options.

Today, urban living is experiencing something of a comeback; however, it seems that townhomes and condos have become the preferred attached product of many single residents, couples, and small families. Home builders are no doubt capitalizing on this; while downtown, live-work spaces are indeed gaining popularity in a number of regions, they are also quite successfully edging out their predecessor: the big city high rise. 

If you hold on to a dream of high rise living, don’t fear: It is still possible! Need some guidance/inspiration? Some of the most impressive examples currently available in high rise homes are described here:

Little Tokyo Lofts, Los Angeles: Ever drive through LA and wistfully imagine that a historic structure would convert to an apartment building – so you could move in? Hammer Ventures had the foresight to do that very thing, opting to utilize the old Westinghouse building for Little Tokyo Lofts. The 161 living spaces range from 653 to 1,800 sq. ft., and the two-story spaces boast 30 ft. ceilings. Attractively priced, these lofts were designed with the artistic personality in mind. For more information, call (213) 626-6400.

111 Central Park North, New York City: Sure, you want to live in New York City…but the thought of looking out your window and seeing grass and trees (rather than cars and blinding lights) is appealing too. For that reason, Athena Homes erected 111 Central Park North, a gorgeous skyscraper that houses luxurious living spaces averaging at 1,900 sq. ft. If you’re looking for a quintessential New York lifestyle and you can afford a seven figure price tag (the view alone is worth every penny!), you may want to ask what 111 Central Park North has available. To learn more, call (212) 381-2671.    

Festival Tower, Toronto: A city that has grown leaps and bounds, Toronto is becoming a popular destination for those looking to plant their roots up north. For career-minded individuals those who make this move, there are few options more appealing than Festival Tower. Not only is the sight of the building spectacular, but the amenities – including a pool house, cinema, fitness center, lounge, terrace, and private club spanning two floors – make this an amazing place to call home. If interested, inquire at (416) 203-2020.

Is high rise living a thing of the past? It doesn’t look like it! The only way to find out if it’s for you is to take the plunge and tour one of their spaces.

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