June 28 2019

4 Reasons Multi Generational Living is Right for You

by racheal

Meadow Creek Next Gen Home in Moreno Vally\ey

As home builders are popping up new townhomes and single-family homes left and right, there has also been a booming desire for new multigenerational homes as well. You may be asking yourself; What is a multigenerational home? It is one that is designed to meet the needs of multigenerational families that allow them both public and private space within the home. This includes families that consist of more than two generations living under the same roof. The new multigenerational homes of today are not your average mother-in-law apartment and will not leave you feeling like you live in a can of sardines.


Distinguished homebuilders such as Lennar Homes and Pardee Homes have created some pretty remarkable multigenerational home layouts that allow for comfort and functionality. Lennar’s Next Gen- The Home Within a Home® design, which was the first of its kind, offers a NextGen suite that includes a kitchenette, private living room, single car garage, washer and dryer, and a full bathroom.  This is also similar for Pardee Homes’ GenSmart Suite. This feature is a great addition to your home for adult children who’ve come back home after college also known as “boomerang kids” or grandparents who may need a little bit of assistance. Whatever your needs are, you can easily accommodate your family without sacrificing your comfort or your finances.


As if the floor plan features were not enough, here are four of the many reasons why multigenerational living is right for you!  


Save money on gas


You’ll spend more of your time making memories and less of it stressing on the upward costs of gas prices. There would be no more long trips to grandma’s house for visits on the weekend. 

Carpooling and rideshares can also become an option with multigenerational living. Multiple trips to the grocery store, doctor appointments or dropping off the kids to school can all become a shared task to save money on transportation.


Increased Privacy


Unlike living in the guest bedroom, multigenerational homes come standard with a private entrance that gives everyone the privacy they so desire all while being within a step’s distance. No need to wait on someone else’s load of clothes in the dryer or not having enough room to spread out. Each family will have their own personal space to lead their own lives unaffected by the other. 


Shared homecare costs


Although there are essentially two homes, there will only be one set of utility bills, groceries and one mortgage to pay, which saves everyone time and money in the end. 


Save on childcare costs


The cost of childcare for a date night or mini-vacation can be cut down tremendously when sharing your new home with your in-laws, adult children, or the grandparents. You won’t have to worry about outsourcing a baby sitter for date night or a weekend getaway. You’ll be able to sneak away from the kids with the help of family right under your roof.


Flexibility to do what you want


The possibilities are endless when purchasing a multigenerational home. You are not limited to strictly using the extra space for the family. You can rent out the suite to gain extra income each month. You can use the space as a home office, studio, or even a workshop. Maybe even leave open to out of town guests. The options are endless!

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June 21 2019

Google Invests $1 Billion to Bay Area Housing Epidemic

by racheal

Google office building in Bay Area

Due to the growth of large tech companies over the years in Northern California such as Google, Facebook, and Apple, the prices of nearby real estate have increased rapidly.  The San Francisco Bay Area has the highest housing costs in the nation. Due to this, there has been a large shortage of affordable housing for the low to middle-income neighbors of Google, one of the Bay Area’s largest employers.  


Rather than continuing to be a part of the problem, Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai recently announced that they will soon become a major part of the solution by investing $1 billion in land and money to construct new homes in the area. Besides, within the next 10 years, Google plans to allocate $750 million of their land currently zoned for commercial office space to be rezoned for residential housing. This will allow for the development of at least 15,000 new homes in the Bay Area. These homes will be available to families of all income levels, particularly those in the low to the middle-income bracket. 


This is just the beginning of Google’s plans to redeem themselves in the housing epidemic that they have seemingly been a large part of over the years. They have also committed to generating a $250 million investment fund that will offer incentives to allow home builders to develop a minimum of 5,000 affordable housing units in the market. Google also has plans of providing $50 million in grants through Google.org to assist in relieving the issues of homelessness and displacement in the neighboring areas.


Other large tech companies are following suit with nursing the plummeting real estate market back to health. The chief executive of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, announced he will raise $500 million to expand affordable housing in the Bay Area. 


Although it may seem that the real estate market will be on its way to a road of recovery with several plans in the works thanks to Google and its other tech counterparts, there may be a few discrepancies amidst this good news.


Google is not simply giving away $1 billion as many of the headlines make it appear. This is an investment. Google is leasing its land to developers who will in turn rent and sell the units that are to be built and will profit from this transaction in a major way. 


Google owns property in Mountain View, California and part of that $1 billion investment will also go toward building up to 9,850 units at this location as well. Only 20 percent of the housing to be built in Mountain View will be deemed affordable housing. 


Logistically, Google does not have enough land to develop 15,000 traditional single-family homes. This means that the construction of multiple housing units such as apartments and condos should be expected instead. 


However the tech giant’s plans of operation seem to unfold, Google will come into good graces with its neighboring communities over the next 10 years as the burden of the real estate market in the Bay Area ultimately lessons.

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May 17 2019

You Just Purchased your First Home. Now What?

by racheal

red door with lock

So, you’ve just gained the title of “homeowner” and the stress and anxiety of the home buying processes are finally over with. Now, what do you do? Don’t think that the work is done once you sign the dotted line. There are a few steps you should make after the home buying process that will make your life a little easier. We’ve got 10 helpful tips below to help you along the way.


Change the locks


Many people don’t think about taking this step when purchasing a home. With all of the open houses, realtors, and past homeowners trafficking through the home, you never know who may possess an extra set of keys or even the garage door opener. The cost to change the locks is minimal compared to both your peace of mind and the possibility of a break-in. When changing your locks, be sure to replace the hardware as well.


It’s also best to wait until the day after closing to schedule a locksmith to come out to make this change. You never know how closing can go. Sometimes it can drag on for a few more days than expected and you want to make sure that the entire deal is finalized before changing your locks.


Set up your utilities


This is probably everyone’s least favorite part about having their own living space when it’s apartment living or being a homeowner. It’s time to set up those utilities and pay deposits.


Say hello to your new neighbors


A bowl of jello or a plate of fresh-baked cookies is not required for this step. We’re not living in the ’60s, but it’s still nice to introduce yourself to your new neighbors. It’s great to form a relationship with the people you live next to. You’ll see them on a daily basis leaving and coming in and in most cases, it’s a great way to look out for one another’s homes when you’re away or form a carpool when the kids go to school.


Put your mortgage documents in a safe place


All of your documents may already be saved somewhere in the cloud or right in your email and that’s great! We may be in a new age with technology, but it’s always a good idea to make hard copies of your official mortgage documents and place them in a safe place for future reference. If for some reason, you cannot access your documents on a computer, you’ll always have a backup copy in hand.


Give your home a good deep clean



The best time to give your house a deep clean is when it’s completely empty. You won’t be able to see every spot, stain, or spider web with your house fully furnished. Take the time out to steam clean the carpets, buff the floors, wash windows, and deep clean in and around your appliances before your home becomes lived in with the day to day wear and tear. If you prefer to do it yourself, that’s great and you’ll save a few dollars, but there’s also nothing wrong with hiring a professional to get the job done and save some time.


Purchase a home warranty


A home warranty is a service contract that will repair or replace things around your home like a broken dishwasher. A warranty on your home may have come with the purchase of your home, but be sure to read the fine print. If you find that you may need extra security with another warranty, take the steps to do so.


Set aside an emergency fund


It may not sound very appealing to start yet another savings fund after shelling out the last of your savings on your new home, but this is a very important part of homeownership. Now that you’re a homeowner, there is no longer a maintenance man to fix the garbage disposal and there’s no leasing office to complain to. When something goes wrong, it’s up to you to fix it, so it’s better to be safe than sorry and has a few dollars stashed away for emergency purposes only.


Create a maintenance plan


The same way you have a maintenance plan for yourself when it comes to routine salon visits, dental appointments, and doctor visits, you should also have a maintenance plan for your home. Keeping a plan in place will prevent future problems around the house like the A/C going out in the summer or a pipe bursting in the middle of the night potentially flooding your brand new floors. Keep important numbers handy for your homes maintenance repairs.  Keep track of how long your warranties are for your major appliances and schedule “checkups” routinely to ensure everything is in good shape. 


We hope you find these tips helpful as you get settled into your new residence. 


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April 19 2019

5 Useful Tips for Buying a New Home in Spring

by racheal

As the weather is beginning to warm up, so are those home sales. There’s nothing worse than attempting to purchase your first home without prior knowledge of what steps to take. Grab your wishlist and use these five tips to help you prepare to buy your new home this spring.


1. Get rid of your debt and clean up your credit 


The number one thing you need to do in preparation for purchasing your first home is to clear up your debt. You’ll find it much easier to save money toward your new home as you pay down your debt. You’ll also find that you’ll have better buying options with less debt and a better credit rating.


2. Make a wishlist that’s realistic


You probably have a list already made up of all the must-have features and amenities that you just can’t live without in your new house.  The gourmet kitchen and spa-like bathroom you’ve seen on television may not exactly come in your budget or be in the neighborhood you’ve got your eyes set on. Make sure to do your research on both what you can afford and what the areas you’d like to live in have to offer. Think about revising your wishlist and compromising in some areas. The home you select may not come with granite countertops or hardwood floors, but you can make it a DIY project and save a few dollars along the way.


Man in blue shirt holding a key

3. Hire a licensed real estate agent


Whether it’s your first time around searching for a home, or you are in need of an upgrade for your growing family, hiring a licensed real estate agent is always your best bet.  Do your research and find the best realtor for your needs. They are more equipped than you will be when it comes to tackling the hard stuff during the buying process.


It is also a plus to hire an agent that is a neighborhood specialist. When you have an idea of the specific area that you would like to move to, an agent that specializes there is truly beneficial when choosing the perfect home for you and your family. 


4. Get preapproved by a local lender


To ensure that you have a smooth loan process, make it a point to get preapproved by a local lender. Avoid applying for loans with online lenders or lenders outside of your local area. Offers that are received from a local lender will most likely get preference when purchasing a new home. This will also help in having a timely closing and smooth process. Local lenders have a better reputation for closing on time. They will also ensure that they give you the best service because they want you to refer their business to others within the local community.


5. Don’t hold off too long on making a bid


Making a bid on your first home can be a difficult decision. If you come across the perfect home during your search, try not to hesitate too long to make an offer. Your dream home may not be available for long. Home prices typically begin to rise during the warmer months, so there would be little chance of the home you want decreasing in price.


As you take the steps to prepare to buy your first home, take these tips into consideration and always do your research as well as seek professional help to ensure that you’re making the best decisions for your investment.  

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March 21 2019

Clever Storage by Kessebohmer is Perfect for Your Home Organization Needs

by racheal

We had the pleasure of joining Dee Maher, the National Dealer Group Manager with Clever Storage by Kessebohmer, for an exclusive booth tour of their latest home storage designs during last month’s International Builder’s Show in Las Vegas. If you find it difficult to organize the clutter in your home or maybe have too much stuff and not enough space, then Clever Storage just might be the answer for all of your organizational needs.  We’re giving you the inside scoop on these exciting goodies right here! 


Here’s a little background on this amazing and innovative storage company: Kessebohmer is a family run business that was originally founded in 1954. It is a German designed and built kitchen storage solutions company and they are one of the leading kitchen furniture industry suppliers that distribute to over 60 countries worldwide. Kessebohmer provides fitting and furniture to the motorhome industry as well as engineering for the office furniture industry.  Kessebohmer strives to achieve the perfect balance between form and function!


Clever Storage Dispensa

Dispensa is one of our favorite storage options that we were introduced to during the Clever Storage tour. The greatest feature about Dispensa is that it does not waste an inch of space. It completely utilizes the entire width and height of tall cabinets. Your biggest issue will be finding more items to place in your new storage unit. Dispensa has individually suspended and adjustable shelves with simple railings that keep everything in place.  With easy installation and adjustment, it allows for full access and includes SoftStopp for smooth, silent closing.  Dispensa will hold up to 265 pounds and will work with interior pantry heights from 34 inches all the way up to 93 inches. 


Take a look at the Straight line Drawer Organizer perfect for any kitchen space.  Imagine a revolving storage solution at the perfect height for your everyday dishes and pantry items. This must-have piece will accommodate a vast variety of drawer depths.  It is easy to install and includes 25 drawer accessories that allow for limitless organizational possibilities. It is also compatible to fit in the Dispensa and Lavido pantry systems.


Entertain company in a clean crisp living space that lacks unsightly distractions in your view with the Waste Bin Pullout.  This functional feature allows your trash and recyclables to remain out of sight and out of mind.  You have the option of choosing from single or double bins and it comes in an elegant design as not to clash with your home’s décor. With the capacity of up to a 100-pound load, the Waste Bin Pullout is heavy-duty and glides smoothly when bins are full.


Clever Storage iMove storage unit

If you find that your height can challenge your ability to reach items in some of your higher cabinets, the iMove is the perfect answer. Forget about having to grab a step stool or a sturdy chair while preparing meals or just reaching high places in general. The iMove is the intelligent pull-down system for wall cabinets. You can choose from installing either one or two shelves depending on your personal needs.  There are soft open and close mechanisms that provide just the right range of motion.  Say goodbye to accidentally slamming cabinet doors or bumping into open cabinets. The iMove fits cabinet widths from 21 inches to 36 inches and it comes in four different finishes that will seamlessly blend with your interior design.


LeMans is modeled after the LeMans Racetrack with its sleek and modern design and intelligent corner unit solution for optimum storage. A door opening angle of 85 degrees allows the trays to swing out completely. Kessebohmer uses ClickFixx to provide a fast, tool-less assembly. The possibilities are endless when storing your day to day dishes, large pots, and pans, or non-perishable food items.


Linero 2000 backsplash storage

Although this was not featured in our tour, we thought you would enjoy this creative space saver. Save counter space with the Linero 2000.  This railing system design creates order in the kitchen without the use of extra cabinet space or a specific holder for kitchen utensils. Try out new recipes hands free with the cookbook holder right on your backsplash.  Add a rack or two of your favorite go to spices for easy reach or hook a roll of paper towels on the railing system so you never lose your groove in the kitchen. 


We had a blast visiting the Kessebohmer booth at KBIS 2019 during the International Builders Show this year. Be sure to check out these amazing storage options and so much more at www.cleverstorage.com for all of your in home storage needs.

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October 8 2018

Agave Offers Affordability, Amenities, and Atmosphere at Spencer’s Crossing in Murrieta

by racheal

Agave new homes for sale

Brookfield Residential brings their expertise to Murrieta, CA with new homes in the Agave neighborhood at the fantastic new master-planned community of Spencer’s Crossing. Budget-friendly and stylish, Agave homes meet the needs of the modern California family and check off those additional boxes on your want-list. Spencer’s Crossing enjoys a fantastic location close to the 215 and 15 freeways, proximity to great shopping and dining, terrific schools, and the most wonderful amenities. Bring your family home to Agave.

Agave’s spacious one and two-story single family homes come in an array of stylish exteriors: Farmhouse, Traditional, and with Spanish-inspiration. Footprints stretch from 2,818 to 3,410 sq. ft. and offer 4 or 5 large bedrooms with 2- 3 well-appointed bathrooms. Garages accommodate 2- 3 vehicles. Impressive 8’ entries greet you and include stylish Schlage® hardware and Sense Smart deadbolts with illuminated keypad technology. Stepping inside, you’ll be drawn into the warmth of the kitchen and great room. Stainless steel Whirlpool® appliances, Amerisink® basins, and Delta® Collins fixtures will ignite your culinary spirit. Crisp white European-style cabinetry accents the large granite-topped workspace. Decorative details in the woodwork, trim, and doorframes convey quality at every turn. The elegant  bathrooms feature cultured marble countertops and backsplashes with Delta® Ashlyn faucets. Master ensuites have dual china sinks, elegant elongated toilets, decadent soaking tubs, and frameless walk-in showers. Agave homes come with a covered back patio to draw your family outdoors and extend your entertainment space. Brookfield Residential has installed Smart technology throughout: programmable thermostats, lighting, and door locks can all be controlled with a mobile device. Agave homes are pre-wired for solar technology and are EV charging station-ready.

Spencer’s Crossing amenities are unique and exciting. Sports Park features 11-acres of lighted ball fields, a Tot Lot, and a concession stand. Victory Park offers more sports facilities with an additional Tot Lot and a great lawn space. Heroes Park offers 14 acres of family fun with playgrounds, dog parks, BBQ and picnic areas, and miles of hiking trails. The Club and The Oasis offer multiple pools, a spa, and recreation centers. The children of Spencer’s Crossing attend the fine schools of the Murrieta Unified School District with an emphasis on STEM classes, arts, and music. 

Brookfield Residential has made all of this possible from the high $400s. Your future is here at Agave! Contact Brookfield Residential by calling 888-292-8756.

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October 5 2018

Lasso a Province Home at Audie Murphy Ranch Before the Last One Rides Into the Sunset!

by racheal

Province at Audie Murphy Ranch New Homes

It’s no surprise that the Province neighborhood at Audie Murphy Ranch has almost completely sold out. These lovely upscale homes in an exclusive gated section of the 1100-acre master-planned community were bound to be “rounded-up” quickly. With the expertise of the fine builders at Brookfield Residential, the glorious panoramic views of the mountains, the exclusive placement in the hottest master-planned development in Riverside County, proximity to both the 15 and 215 freeways and an affordable price point-- Province homes have been extremely popular.

Province offers homeowners a brand new one or two-story home with a spacious and light floorplan reaching from 2,949 to 3,488 square feet. of living space. The homes can accommodate up to 6 large bedrooms, up to 3.5 bathrooms, and comes with an oversized 2-bay garage. Province’s architectural treatments are captivating examples of classic Southern California that pay homage to Spanish, American farmhouse, and ranch traditions. Impressive 8’ entry doors with aged-bronze hardware welcome you into your provincial manor. Take note of the elegant touches and finishes Brookfield Residential has included that make your home special: bullnose wall corners, painted balustrades, upscale trims, and hardware throughout. You’ll want to get creative in the chef-inspired kitchen when you see the oversized granite-topped workspace, elegant stainless steel Whirlpool® appliances, and maple Shaker-style cabinets. The bathrooms are so decadent! They are mini-retreats featuring beautiful Delta® faucets, soaking tubs, cultured marble countertops, and frameless glass walk-in showers. You’ll find money-saving, environmentally thoughtful features: WaterSense® faucets, low-flow toilets, tankless water heaters, and reflective roofing materials. There are many opportunities for upgrades and customization, too.

Audie Murphy Ranch master-planned community offers eleven acres of sports facilities, a skate park, lighted tennis courts, and miles of hiking and biking trails. Age-appropriate pools, multiple playgrounds, and lots of picnic and BBQ facilities. The Memorial Garden is a quiet and beautiful spot for reflection. Plans are moving forward for onsite schools, dog parks, and additional park areas.

Round up your own Province home before the last one is corralled! Contact Brookfield Residential today by calling 888-586-3359.

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October 2 2018

Captivating Marigold Homes at Ontario Ranch Offer Affordable Family Living

by racheal

Marigold new homes for sale

Marigold is a sunny new neighborhood at New Haven in the master-planned community of Ontario Ranch in San Bernardino. Brookfield Residential is pleased to bring your family its next new home here where life is good, and memories are waiting to happen. With easy access to the 15, 60, 71, 91 and 10 freeways and close to public transportation, Ontario Ranch is the perfect new home base from which to enjoy Southern California.

Brookfield Residential wants to help you build memories, so they’ve infused Marigold homes with every modern convenience and added a touch of timeless style. You’ll love the classic American architecture displaying Spanish Colonial, Farmhouse, and Cottage influences with decorative shutters and brickwork. Sunny interiors invite your family home to 2,208- 3,105 square feet of living space with options for up to 5 bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms, and a large 2-car garage with an option for additional storage space. Your QuietCool® whole-house fan system keeps the home fresh and temperate. Your stylish chef’s kitchen features an oversized granite-topped workspace, the full complement of stainless-steel Whirlpool® appliances, sophisticated white European-style thermofoil cabinets, a Mainline® double-basin sink with Delta® faucet, and a walk-in pantry. Flooring in the kitchen, baths, entry and laundry rooms is chic 13” x 13” ceramic tile. The bathrooms are sumptuously appointed with soaking tubs, Delta® Ashlyn faucets and Gerber® sinks. The bedrooms offer large living areas and oversized closet space. Technological innovations include pre-wiring for an optional solar system, Ubiquiti Network® wireless access for your wi-fi enhancement, Lutron lighting with Smart controls, AppleTV, and much more.


New Haven residents enjoy a myriad of amenities. Fresh, inviting beach-entry pools, splash zones, a state-of-the-art playground with a zipline, picnic areas, dog parks and plenty of green space. A monthly calendar of community-building activities will keep you engaged and informed. The children of New Haven attend the fine schools of the Mountain View School District. A wide variety of shopping, dining, and entertainment is just a short jaunt away at Ontario Mills Mall, Eastvale Gateway, and Victoria Gardens.

Memories grow at Marigold in New Haven at Ontario Ranch. Visit homebuilder Brookfield Residential to view your new Marigold home at 3972 S. Alexander Ave., Ontario Ranch, CA 91761.    

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September 28 2018

Explore Elgin, SC Newest Master Planned Community Woodcreek Farms

by racheal

Executive Construction Woodcreek Farms

Executive Construction Homes’ brings affordable, high-quality new homes to Northeast Columbia with nine stylish country club neighborhoods in the community of Woodcreek Farms. With each neighborhood offers something special, homes feature unique one and two-story single-family, detached homes. Residents have access to championship golf at Woodcreek Country Club and Woodcreek Farm’s 2300 acre landscape features 14 lushly landscaped parks, miles of hiking trails, spring-fed lakes, good- health-inspired playgrounds, pools, and eight tennis courts. 


Woodcreek Farm’s Elgin, SC new neighborhoods accommodate a variety of lifestyles and budgets with distinctive qualities, making it easy to find your perfect home. 


•         The Villas offers easy-breezy living with complimentary yard maintenance and a gated neighborhood. 

•         The Park features affordable new 4-5 bedroom new homes, rich with amenities. 

•         The Village puts you at the center of the action and features first-floor master suites.

•          Sweetbay lets you watch the golfers play from your own porch. 

•         Beaver Park offers custom homes in a gated neighborhood. 

•         Redbay is close to the amenities that please growing families. 

•         Southridge offers luxury estates in an exclusive setting.

•         Club Ridge and The Point feature expansive homesites ready for your new custom home to emerge. 


Award-winning and community invested, Executive Home Construction, is the preferred builder in South Carolina. Attentive to the needs and tastes of home buyers,  new homeowners are impressed with the detail and finishes in every Woodcreek Farms home. Executive Construction Homes includes a variety of options to your home - welcoming entryways, oversized garages, luxurious spa-like bathrooms, pre-wiring for all your tech needs, glorious hardwood and/or ceramic tile flooring… every surface, every corner, every nook, and cranny speaks to your personal needs and wishes. Bring your family to their special home at Woodcreek Farms at Jacobs Mill Pond Rd, Elgin, SC 29045

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September 25 2018

LA New Townhomes Citrus + Palm at Rosedale Offer Smart Home Technology

by racheal

LA Townhomes for Sale

Imagine getting all of the convenience of a townhome design with plenty of space for customization. Oh, and imagine that it’s in a walkable location near shopping, dining, and public transportation. It sounds too good to be true, right? If you don’t act quickly, it may be. Citrus + Palm is the final home collection offering within the Rosedale master plan. These stylish, modern townhomes in Azusa, CA will surely delight any first-time homebuyer.

You’ll find options with up to 1,731 square feet in these efficient 3-story designs. Open layouts make the most of your space, with living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens all flowing together. Each kitchen offers stainless steel Whirlpool appliances, granite countertops, and backsplashes as well as convenient roll-out trash and recycling cabinets. The floor plans are not the only thing that’s efficient at Citrus + Palm. Connected home technology like Honeywell Lyric Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat, Ubiquiti Networks that increase your Wi-Fi coverage, Lutron light switches that can be controlled from anywhere and Apple TV are included in each home. Energy efficient LED lights, Low-E windows, and tankless water heaters implements mean you’ll enjoy low utility costs and a convenient lifestyle to boot. Modern kitchens, covered decks, and a spacious master suite are all lifestyle amenities that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

Walk to the Metro Gold Line station and connect easily to Pasadena and downtown LA. Check out the resort-style features throughout Rosedale, like the swimming pool, parks, and trails. Citrus + Palm Los Angeles homes for sale bring more than just living quarters to the table; they provide you with an LA lifestyle. Learn more about available homes by contacting the sales office for a tour by calling (888) 201-1419.

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