July 13 2018

Protect Your Home From the Summer Heat with Phantom Screens

by Kelley

Phantom Screens Retractable Wall Screen

As temperatures rise for the summer months, everyone is looking for cost saving and energy efficient ways to stay cool inside of the house. Of course the obvious choice is to turn on the AC but what if you had a way to stay cool without running up your electricity bill? Adding shade to your home is a great place to start and Phantom Screens offers stylish and flexible solutions for protecting the interior and outdoor lounging areas of your home.


Phantom Screens offer retractable screens for doors, multi-panel systems, outdoor spaces and windows. Since their introduction in 1992, Phantom Screens has been the leader of the custom retractable screens industry expanding their reach across the United States as well as internationally. Now offering products in thousands of stores, Phantom Screens continues to evolve, with the customer in mind, by continuing to offer cutting edge and innovative designs.


Phantom Screens shaded options allow you to bring the outside in without the direct heat of the sun. With screens for almost every type of door and window including single, double-French, in-swing, out-swing and sliding patio doors there is a screen available for every type of entry.


With the rising demand for indoor-outdoor living, outdoor rooms are all the more prevalent in modern home design, especially in the California home market. Phantom Screens motorized wall screens allow you to experience the joys of indoor-outdoor living while remaining protected from the natural elements. Manual wall screens are also available for multi-panel systems like sliding, accordion and folding glass doors.


When you’re ready to enjoy your view without a veil, Phantom screens retract out of sight and fit your décor seamlessly. With multiple colors available including wood grain finishes, matching the trim of your home is as simple as choosing your favorite option.


Added features include mesh retention, custom mounting options and professional installation. Make the most of your summer experience and find a store near you.

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April 6 2018

Enjoy Smart Home Kitchen and Bath Appliances with the Launch Kohler Konnect

by Kelley

Kohler Konnect Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror

Thanks to Kohler Konnect your new home just got even smarter. Kohler’s recently introduced line of smart home appliances allows homeowners to control their kitchen and bath with voice command, custom app presets and hands-free motion control. You’ll experience a new level of luxury when using your shower, bathtub, toilet, sink and mirror. In addition to convenience, the Microsoft Azure cloud platform allows you to monitor water usage for each paired product so you’ll have added opportunity to conserve.


The days of stepping into a shower that is too hot or too cold are over. When you’re ready, the DTV + showering system sets your water temperature to your exact specifications for every member of the family. In the tub, PerfectFill technology allows you draw a bath, walk away and come back to the perfect water level and temperature without having to monitor it. You’ll be worry free with hands free flushing on your Touchless Response toilet and the PureWarmth seat and built in nightlight makes getting up in the middle of the night seem less like a chore. In the kitchen, take advantage of your own built-in helper with the Sensate faucet that pours measured amounts of water at your voice command.


The crowned jewel of the Kohler Konnect suite invites you to own the award winning Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror. With Amazon Alexa built right in, this innovative product not only allows you to control the lighting but every other Kohler Konnect product as well. Start your morning playlist, set a reminder or receive important updates. Everything Alexa can do, you can now control from your bathroom mirror.


Enjoy the luxury and convenience that comes from Kohler Konnect. Witness product demonstrations with Kohler’s Moments Made Better video and stay tuned for the launch of the Kohler Konnect app that allows you to set your preferences, monitor your water usage and more. To be notified when the product line is available, sign up to be the first to know.

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April 2 2018

Ply Gem Delivers Quality Innovation for Your New Home Build

by Kelley

Ply Gem Patio Doors

Quality is in the details and Ply Gem makes sure that the details don’t disappoint. After 75 years in the industry, Ply Gem is celebrating with a new line of products that boast their highest level of innovation yet. Whether you’re looking for top of the line windows, patio doors, siding, roofing or more, Ply Gem has you covered with products that will withstand the elements, including the test of time.


For homeowners who appreciate the beauty of indoor outdoor living, Ply Gem has a patio door that is perfect for every project. The new Ply Gem EuroSeries Patio Door features a modern design that boast an 8- by 9-foot panel allowing tons of natural light to flood the space. For a wider panoramic view, The Ply Gem MaxView Patio Door features a three-panel door system that spans a total of 18 feet by 10 feet with a minimal frame. You’ll have the perfect display for your beautiful view and when you’re ready to entertain or enjoy some fresh air, the multi-slide system gives you effortless control. Color options allow you to match your patio doors and windows so you’ll have a seamless design from the outside in.


Ply Gem Engineered Roofing

The exterior of your home will maintain a stunning curb appeal for years to come with Ply Gem’s Mastic SolarDefense Reflective Technology. This siding innovation is available on Mastic vinyl and protects your home from harmful UV rays preventing fading and heat distortion from the hottest climates. The Ply Gem Engineered Slate and Cedar Roofing offers just as much durability with technology that withstands hailstones, extreme temperatures, ultraviolet rays and winds up to 190 mph. The lightweight, engineered construction allows for a simpler transport and installation so not only will your roof look good and last, it will save you money as well.


You’ll have peace of mind knowing your new home is built with quality materials. To get your project started, learn more about the additional products and accessories offered at Ply Gem Building Products today.

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March 23 2018

BlueStar Appliances Inspire Homeowners with High Performance and Stunning Design

by Kelley

BlueStar 36-inch French Door Refrigerator

A well designed space sets the stage for creativity to thrive and that’s exactly what BlueStar appliances provide. The professional grade performance is seamlessly combined with sleek design to give you the perfect centerpieces to your dream kitchen. You’ll be inspired to use your BlueStar products every time you walk into the room and with options to choose from for gas and electric kitchens, it won’t be difficult to create beautiful family meals.


Most homeowners choose their appliances to fit the design of their kitchen but with BlueStar appliances you’ll want to design your kitchen around your appliances. With over 750 colors to choose from, customizing your kitchen to match your style is made simple. In addition to a world of color, choose from 10 metal trims to configure your dream refrigerator, oven, range or hood.


Blue Star’s award winning built-in refrigeration line has just launched a new French Door model that provides enhanced engineering and gives you more flexibility with food storage. The interior design is customizable so if you need to move a shelf or bin around, you can. The extending shelf in the refrigerator and freezer allow you to store a full size commercial sheet pan and the extra-large extending drawers feature soft and self-close glides.


BlueStar Induction and Double Wall Oven

For homeowners looking for electric kitchen options, BlueStar recently introduced a commercial-style appliance line that features an induction cooktop and a double electric wall oven. You’ll experience faster performance thanks to the 5,500 Watts Power Boost burner on the range and the European Convection oven features a built-in artisan baking stone and 5,000 watt Infrared broiler. The elegant design boast a scratch resistant glass top that is easy to clean so all you have to do is focus on creating your culinary masterpiece.


With a BlueStar product you won’t have to choose between style and performance. To discover a new way to master your kitchen experience, “Build Your Own BlueStar” online.

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February 8 2018

NuTone Knock Video Doorbell Launching Fall 2018

by Kelley

NuTone Knock Video Doorbell

The saying that you can’t be two places at once has almost become obsolete with the technological advances of today. Now with modern conveniences you can work an 8 hour day, run errands, or travel the world and still be around to make sure everything is running smoothly at home. In addition to convenience, the need for added security has become a larger necessity for homeowners today. Now, thanks to the NuTone Knock Video Doorbell, concerns for convenience and security are seamlessly tackled in one easy to use device.


With the NuTone Knock Video Doorbell, you can view and talk to anyone at your door from anywhere in the world. Thanks to integrated motion sensors, an alert will immediately be sent to your smart phone or tablet when someone arrives at your door.  From there, you can choose whether to accept or decline the two-way audio and your visitor won’t even know if you’re home or not.


NuTone Knock App

Installation is easy because NuTone Knock connects to your existing doorbell wiring. The built in voltage detection allows enough power to service the chime, video and audio so you won’t ever have to worry about switching out the battery. The strong Wi-Fi signal allows NuTone Knock to be farther away from your router and still maintain a reliable connection with HD resolution. The low maintenance, durable design of NuTone Knock was made to withstand water, dust and temperatures that range as low as -22 degrees Fahrenheit and up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.


Added features include a night vision camera that allows you clearly view anyone at your door in low light conditions and cloud recording stores up to 15 seconds of video before a motion event and 30 seconds after. Subscriptions for cloud recording are available for $3/month or $30/year, with the first month free. The NuTone Knock Video Doorbell is priced at $249 and will be available for purchase this fall on Amazon, Build.com or with a local NuTone Dealer. To find a retailer near you, visit http://www.nutone.com/dealers.

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