December 25 2017

Vientos at Rancho Tesoro Finds a Perfect Setting

by Kelley

California Garage in San Marcos Homes for Sale

Your home and its location have a special relationship that’s why it’s important that a well-designed home meets the needs of you and your family. That home also needs to be situated in a place that allows you to lead the kind of lifestyle you desire. Vientos at Rancho Tesoro is centered in perfection and offers a stylish community that caters to your wants and needs.
The two-story homes at Vientos include all of the features you’d want for this location including a spacious, open main floor with option for a first floor master suite. The cool design of the California garage allows for an extension of backyard space which makes entertaining guest a breeze for any occasion. With up to 5 bedrooms available and options for bonus space, there are plenty of ways to customize your home to fit your family's needs.

Part of the Rancho Tesoro charm comes from its prime location in San Marcos. Known for its awesome outdoor facilities and superb weather, San Marcos is the perfect place for you and your family to grow. The Rancho Tesoro community offers its own collection of private amenities, like The Cabana, which is in close proximity to Vientos. It is the perfect place to make a splash in the pool, grill with friends and enjoy the unparalleled landscape views. Prices for these homes start from the $700,000s. To explore more of what Vientos at Rancho Tesoro has to offer, contact a sales manager today.

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November 23 2017

The Community of Vientos at Rancho Tesoro Helps You Balance Everything

by racheal

The Community of Vientos at Rancho Tesoro

Finding a balanced lifestyle can be difficult, but Brookfield Residential new home is here to help. A stunning collection of brand new homes for sale in San Diego offer balance through design and community. Vientos at Rancho Tesoro is a thoughtfully newly constructed neighborhood that makes it easy to find time for family and relaxation.

The two-story homes of Vientos start from the low $700,000's and offer an unparalleled flow within the floor plan. The first floor flows breezily from living, to dining, to kitchen, to entertainment spaces. This makes it convenient to spend time together as a family, no matter your interests. Spacious bedrooms on the second story give everyone privacy of their own when they need it too.

Residents will have access to The Cabana, an instant retreat within the community. So many fantastic, family-oriented amenities are waiting for you to explore at Rancho Tesoro. Take an afternoon at the pool together, or meet up with friends at the neighborhood clubhouse. A fitness center makes it easy to exercise, and there are plenty of trails and parks nearby for mind-clearing walks. Of course there are always the natural surroundings of Rancho Tesoro that are entertaining in their own right with water features and nature preserves. To learn more about the available homes for purchase at Vientos or schedule a showing of these homes call (888) 525-7149.

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November 22 2017

The Homes of Terracina at Rancho Tesoro Invites Nature into Your Surroundings

by racheal

Terracina at Rancho Tesoro Model Home

Nature is like a show in its own right. The amazing sights and sounds of the surrounding environment can capture your imagination and inspire you. Wouldn’t it be great to have a first-row seat to all of the excitement and comfort that nature provides? That’s the thinking behind Terracina at Rancho Tesoro’s San Marcos homes. Terracina is a community of outstanding homes that invites the majesty of nature into its surroundings.

Rancho Tesoro is beset by valleys, hills, bodies of water, and green spaces. From the comfortable confines of this community, you’ll be able to explore the wonder of nature without traveling far. Plus, amenities throughout the neighborhood give members of your family even more easy ways to enjoy themselves. Spend a tranquil afternoon walking the trails, or taking a dip in the pool. Meet up with friends and neighbors at the community’s clubhouse in the evening.

When you’re not taking in the sights and entertainment provided by the Rancho Tesoro community, you’ll enjoy your Terracina home. Contemporary features and open layouts make these residences warm and inviting. Living, dining, and relaxing spaces — you’ll find them all throughout the up-to-2,550 square foot floor plans. Features include granite countertops and two bin trash and recycling cabinets in the kitchen, soaking tubs with separate walk-in showers in the master bathroom, laundry room and optional covered outdoor rooms. To learn more about home buying opportunities at Terracina starting from the Low $600,000's, join the interest list.

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November 21 2017

Luxury, Single-Family Homes in North San Diego County at Candela at Rancho Tesoro

by racheal

Candela at Rancho Tesoro New Home for Sale

Luxury living means never having to wonder if your wants and needs will be met. Luxury is elegance, class, and convenience all in one package. A new community in San Marcos offers home buyers a chance at owning a luxurious home in San Diego County without breaking the bank. Candela at Rancho Tesoro is a bright collection of single-family homes brimming with and high-end features and fun activities throughout the community. Discover Candela and see how great your life could be.

Candela homes rest behind the security of a private gate. From the curb you can tell that these San Marcos homes are spacious inside, but once you enter, you’ll see the design truly at work. Open floor plan maximize the already generous living space. Choose an option with up to 3,565 square feet, 5 bedrooms and 4 and half bathrooms to give you and your family unlimited possibilities. Outdoor living rooms and comfortable patios make it even easier to relax in these voluminous homes.

The Rancho Tesoro community is a fantastic space for you and your family to grow together. Green spaces and a natural ambiance encourage you to go on adventures around the neighborhood. Features like a swimming pool and clubhouse mean you’ll never have to travel to have fun. Prices start from the high $700,000’s. To schedule a showing of the model homes at Candela, visit the community at 187 Jewel Road, San Marcos, CA 92078.

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November 20 2017

Take a Video Tour of San Marcos New Homes Being Sold At Rancho Tesoro

by racheal

San Diego New Homes Community - Rancho Tesoro

San Marcos is a beautiful San Diego North County setting for any event. Picturesque views of hilltops, plains, and lakes make this a natural oasis — an absolute retreat. What if San Marcos could be the setting for your life? When you discover a brand new, master-planned community of homes, it can. Rancho Tesoro is a dazzling neighborhood perfect for families of all sizes. It’s a wonder you have to see to believe. Now, thanks to online video tours, you can! Explore the single family homes ranging from three to six bedrooms, two and half to four and half bathrooms and up to 3,565 square feet. These homes start from the low $600,000’s and are offered in three distinct neighborhoods all within Rancho Tesoro.

Rancho Tesoro rests comfortably in the natural surroundings of San Marcos, utilizing environmental ambiance. Green spaces and open space are fixtures in this community, making it a tranquil space that fosters creativity and thought. Modern amenities like a swimming pool, local parks, and trails make this an excellent place for families. Discovery Lake is the recreational centerpiece of this stunning community. Furthermore, your new Rancho Tesoro home falls within the San Marcos Unified School District, meaning your children will have access to an excellent education. Convenient proximity to State Route 78 keeps you connected to the rest of the San Diego area for weekend adventures. To learn about all of the home collections available at Rancho Tesoro, get in touch or schedule a showing today by joining the interest list.

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October 26 2017

Vientos at Rancho Tesoro Brings Dream Location and Dream Design Together

by racheal

New Home for Sale in San Marcos

What happens when a dream location meets dream home design? That’s the question that a collection of stunning new homes for sale by Brookfield Residential seeks to answer. Vientos at Rancho Tesoro is a warm, welcoming community full of thoughtfully crafted homes, perfect for families of all sizes. Its San Marcos location means you’ll enjoy the best of nature and the irresistible climate. From the living spaces to the extra features, Vientos is truly a dream experience.

Vientos introduces itself with classic influences on contemporary architecture. Open-concept designs are on full display, unlocking the already generous floor plans. Living spaces give way to dining areas, and even a covered outdoor space. With up to 3,009 square feet, 5 bedrooms, 4 and half bathrooms and 2 car super storage garages available in these plans, customization options are plentiful. A master downstairs suite epitomizes the comfort and convenience you’ll find all throughout the designs.

When you’re not enjoying the home itself, you’ll be exploring the Rancho Tesoro community. A number of parks, trails, and the area’s natural surroundings all invite you outdoors to get active and connect with neighbors. The Cabana houses even more Rancho Tesoro neighborhood amenities like a pool and activity center. Prices for Vientos homes start from the low $700,000’s. To learn about the move-in ready homes at Vientos at Rancho Tesoro or to schedule a showing of their model homes, call (888) 525-7149.

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October 25 2017

Terracina at Rancho Tesoro Takes a Contemporary Approach to Home Design

by racheal

San Diego County New Homes for Sale at Terracina at Rancho Tesoro

Staying current is important. Whether it’s keeping up with the latest technology in business or staying informed about world events, when you’re up-to-date, you’re at your best. The same is true of your living experience. A contemporary home design caters to your present wants and needs, while looking forward to the future as well. Terracina at Rancho Tesoro offers contemporary San Diego County homes for sale in a dazzling community located in San Marcos, CA.

Terracina homes keep you current with fantastic designs. Thoughtful floor plans utilize space by opening up the layout, meaning living, dining, and kitchen areas are all connected and flow seamlessly together. When your home is connected, it’s easier to make time to connect as a family. An outdoor patio is the perfect social venue for a night in together or hosting company. Private yards, spacious bedrooms, and modern meal prep spaces are all features you’ll enjoy on a daily basis.

Furthermore, Rancho Tesoro makes full use of its San Marcos location. There are plenty of parks and trails throughout the community so you can soak up the fantastic weather. Natural surroundings provide a place to explore, as well as gorgeous scenery for evening sunset watching. Explore the modern designs of Terracina with scheduling a showing of the model homes by joining the interest list.

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October 24 2017

Candela at Rancho Tesoro Offers Quick Move-In New Homes in San Marcos CA

by racheal

Candela in San Marcos - Outdoor Room

San Marcos makes it easy to love where you live. This Southern California treasure is ripe with rolling green hills and majestic valleys. Natural surroundings go a long way toward helping you relax, just like a great home does. Candela at Rancho Tesoro is a fantastic new collection of homes for sale in San Marcos. From this ideal setting, you and your family will build a rich lifestyle. Plus, for those excited about this opportunity, quick move-in homes are available.

The community’s private gate offers a sense of privacy and comfort from the beginning. Appealing architecture meshes with space-expanding floor plans to create a wonderful experience. Open-concept designs ensure you get the most out of these delightful homes. These indoor-outdoor homes are the pinnacle of leisure. It’s the perfect venue for entertaining guests or enjoying an afternoon curled up with a book.

Candela is part of Rancho Tesoro — a 250-acre master-planned community. Throughout this magnificent neighborhood you’ll find a variety of amenities and parks that the whole family can enjoy. Walkways and trails invite you outdoors to connect with neighbors. To schedule a showing of the available move-in-ready opportunities at Candela at Rancho Tesoro call (888) 229-5461.

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October 23 2017

Rancho Tesoro Makes San Marcos Even Better

by racheal

New Home for sale in San Marcos CA

San Marcos, CA is home to some of the most gorgeous scenery and prime weather in all of Southern California. It’s the perfect retreat. Tranquil natural surroundings give you peace of mind. It’s hard to imagine a better place to spend a relaxing afternoon. Now, San Marcos is getting even better. The exquisite master-planned community of Rancho Tesoro in San Marcos is a stunning masterpiece. You and your family will love calling this place home.

Rancho Tesoro is nestled in the comfort of a lush, green environment. Rolling hills and scenic valleys make for a relaxing atmosphere, and the community’s features do the same. A wealth of awesome amenities, make it easy to stay active. You’ll be impressed by the easy access to parks and playgrounds for the little ones. A swimming pool and fitness center are great for fun afternoons. With so many social features built into the community, you’re bound to connect with neighbors. Plus, the community features 250-acres of space, so you’ll have plenty of room to explore on your own.

Rancho Tesoro includes three different home collections each with their own character. Between Terracina, Vientos, and Candela, you can find the perfect fit for you and your family with homes ranging from 2,211 to 3,565 square feet, 3 to 5 bedrooms and 2 and half to 4 and half bathrooms. To learn more about the San Marcos new homes for sale in Rancho Tesoro, join the community’s interest list today.

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September 29 2017

San Marcos Homes for Sale that Capitalizes on a Tremendous Opportunity

by racheal

New Home for Sale in San Diego

The key to success is all about capitalizing on opportunity. When you have the chance to do something big, you’ve got to take it. A new community of homes for sale in San Marcos capitalizes on its opportunities. Meticulously crafted designs and amenities take full advantage of the gorgeous surroundings, all to your benefit. Vientos at Rancho Tesoro is waiting for home owners who want the best.

The Rancho Tesoro community rests comfortably in a beautiful, natural landscape. That means trail systems and parks abound throughout the neighborhood. It also means you’ll have the opportunity to take in some world-class views. Your home is here to help. Vientos two-story single family home designs feature large covered patios, ideal for year round lounging and entertaining. A breezy entrance to the home gives you the ability to create a hybrid indoor-outdoor space whenever you see fit. Open-design concepts continue to leave their mark on the inside of the home, as living spaces are all connected to one another. Whether you’re playing host, or simply looking to relax, your home has you covered.

Pricing for Vientos at Rancho Tesoro homes starts from the low $700,000’s. If you’d like to learn more about available move-in homes for sale join the Vientos interest list today.

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