February 5 2020

Millennials Are Dominating the Real Estate Market in 2020

by racheal

man holding a drink on a couch

Millennials are the next generation of home buyers that are making a wave in the real estate market this decade. They are the largest U. S. generation ever and are definitely making an impact. Millennials are expected to buy more homes in the next year than both Generation X and baby boomers combined. With lessons learned from previous generations, this group of tech-savvy adults has come to make decisions with a very different perspective. 


Despite the popular belief that millennials are less likely to invest in purchasing homes with their overbearing student loan debt and love for Starbucks, they are taking homeownership to a new level. Millennials were the most dominant buyers in 2019 and will play a large role in the coming year as well. In 2016, adults 36 years old and younger accounted for the largest portion of homebuyers at 34 percent. Millennials make up 56 percent of first-time homebuyers according to Zillow.


Rent prices are continuing to rise and more times than not, a mortgage may turn out to be much more affordable for a 30 something adult. This generation is taking its time and planning accordingly when it comes to their first home purchase. We are seeing many millennials becoming more frugal by moving back home with family members in order to finish school and save for their first new home.


Millennials rely heavily on technology to find and purchase homes


This is the generation that is extremely tech-savvy dominating with the love of social media. Millennials are twice as likely to use their cell phones as aids in their home search process compared to the baby boomer generation. There is literally an app for everything these days including an app that will assist in searching for and eventually purchasing a new home. In 2017, 99% of millennials searched online prior to making their first home purchase. These same buyers tend to look for properties with a social media prescience when trying to find the right home to fit their needs. Apps like Trulia, Realtor.com, and Zillow are just a few of the tools that have helped millennials dig into the real estate market.


Millennials are going green


Millennials are very interested in minimizing their carbon footprint by going green, which means they are on the hunt for lots of green features both inside and outside of their home. This generation is very environmentally- conscious and is looking to have efficient features such as low-emittance windows, fluorescent light bulbs, sustainable lumber, and solar energy. Many millennials have a desire to help reduce their carbon footprint and will opt for more all-electric homes that come equipped with induction stoves and heat pump dryers that are energy-efficient and will reduce costs.


Millennials are looking for convenience


Along with the desire to help save the planet, millennials are opting for communities that are closer to everyday necessities like parks, shopping, dining, and even employment to lessen the load of a commute. Many are riding bikes, carpooling, taking trains, buses, and utilizing Uber or Lyft to save funds and the earth.


Millennials want more space


This generation of adults is starting families and businesses, and entertaining guests. They desire homes with open floor plans and great rooms that will accommodate their growing needs. New homes with spacious and open floor plans are more desirable and allow for more options as life changes. Potential homeowners are looking for houses with options for an in-home office, game rooms, nursery, or even an in-home gym.


As more and more millennials begin to dominate the real estate market and express their specific home needs, home builders are making the efforts necessary to accommodate this growing generation with smart home technology and lots of amenities that will keep them coming. Millennials are making much bigger decisions than which Snapchat filter to use. They're making investments that will last a lifetime.

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December 6 2019

How to Save Money for a Down Payment on Your New Home

by racheal

Piggy Bank

One of the biggest accomplishments to make is finally signing on the dotted line for the purchase of your very first home, but how exactly do you get to that point? Although it may be everyone’s dream to purchase property in some shape or form, it may not be everyone’s reality. Purchasing a home can cost more money than you can gather in between your couch. You may need to use a few more tactics in order to reach your financial goals. Here are a few helpful ways to help you to curb impulse buys and be intentional about saving up for one of the biggest purchases you’ll probably ever make in your life without having to starve yourself.


Figure out how much house you can actually afford


Before beginning the process of saving funds for your future new home, it’s best to plan out not only how much you are willing to spend on a home, but more importantly how much you can actually afford. Have a seat and tally up your monthly earned income as well as your monthly expenses to see how much room you have to groove. This way, you’ll have the ability to figure out just how much you can save and how often in order to reach your down payment goal while still living very comfortably. Ramen noodles are a great option for a college student, but not so much for a family looking for a starter home.


Look into down payment assistance


There are options out there that can save you even more money on the purchase of your new home. If you are a first time home buyer, you are more than likely to qualify for assistance with your down payment. There is also assistance for those with low to middle income and veterans as well. This might mean a little more paperwork and a lot more research, but it also means less money out of your pocket for that dream home of yours.


Check your credit


Your credit score, as well as your credit history, are pretty important factors when it comes to making a home purchase. The better your credit score, the more likely you are to get approved for a loan and the more options you will have. Keep your credit score in check while doing these things and you’ll be on your way to owning your home soon.


• Pay your bills on time

• Use less of your available credit

• Do not open any new credit accounts

• Maintain a mix of credit amounts


Open up a separate savings account


One huge mistake potential home buyers make is keeping their funds for their down payment in the same savings account meant for other funds, like vacations, or vehicle emergencies. Open a new account specifically for the purchase of your home so that expenses do not get mixed up. 


Another good idea is to open an account with another financial institution so that you are not tempted to touch the money you’ve worked so hard to save. The act of borrowing from the account will be much harder to do when the funds are housed in a completely different bank.


Set up an automatic transfer to your savings account


Make the hard work of saving funds a little easier with automatic transfers through your bank. You can schedule however much you’d like and however often you need in order to meet your goal and can almost forget about it. 


Take advantage of your raises


For those of you that receive raises from your employer, it would be very beneficial to take the extra money that you receive and place it into your down payment savings account. Many people use the extra funds to buy more rather than to save for more. 


Remove credit card numbers from your favorite online shopping websites


Spending money unnecessarily can be a difficult habit to break and make it much harder to save. One great suggestion is to remove your saved credit card numbers from your favorite online shopping websites. This will make it less convenient to spend and more convenient to save.


Spending money online is much easier these days. You can easily spend hundreds of dollars from the comfort of your home with just a few clicks. Just thinking about having to get out of bed to grab your credit card may help deter you from making those unnecessary purchases as often, which will save you a ton in the long run.


Wait a little longer before making a purchase.


Another tip that will be helpful when saving is to wait before you make a purchase. Maybe give yourself a few days or even a full week after getting receiving your paycheck to spend money other than bills. Ask yourself the question: Do I really need this? An even better question to ask is this: Did I need this yesterday? That question can be mind-blowing when you realize there was no actual need for the item at all. You can also take the amount of money that you would have spent and place it into your savings account, whether it’s a fast-food meal or a new pair of shoes. 


Minimize vacation spending for a year


Save hundreds and even thousands of dollars by skipping out on the elaborate vacations for an entire year. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have a little fun with your family. There are plenty of low-cost ways to have a mini-vacay right in your backyard. Choose more affordable options like driving instead of flying to your destinations. Select a location that is a little bit closer to home and make it a family road trip. Sign up for promotional deals to receive discounts for your experience at hotels, amusement parks, and more.


Pick up a side job or ask for overtime


To help you reach your goal a little faster, ask to work a few extra hours of overtime. If that is simply not an option for you, you can also make use of food delivery apps like Uber Eats and Postmates, or pick up and deliver groceries using Instacart. You can also use Uber or Lyft to offer rides or offer rides for the extra cash. If you have a skill that you’re great at, use it to make a few dollars. You can sell handmade jewelry, baked goods, or even offer resume editing services to go toward your savings goal and pay down your debt.


With a little bit of elbow grease and a lot of patience, you’ll be on your way to homeownership in no time! 

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October 24 2019

6 Reasons Why a Great Room is So Great

by racheal

Great room with kitchen and living space

What is a great room? A great room is a large centrally located room that has multiple functions such as a living room, dining room, or even the kitchen. As of late, open concept living has been pretty popular. But why are so many homeowners leaning toward including a great room in their homes and why are builders including these in most floor plans? Well, here are 6 reasons why having a great room is so great!


The Illusion of More Space


The placement of walls between each room can leave you feeling closed in and closed off from everyone else in the home. Removing those walls will give off the illusion of more space. The large open spaces provide more functionality rather than having several rooms with unnecessary wall space. 


A Bird’s Eye View


With a great room or open floor plan, you have a bird’s eye view of the common areas of your home. This way you'll know what's going on in your home from many different angles all while standing in one spot.

Making sure that children play nice while you prepare a meal is another great reason for an open floor plan. You can be involved with homework help while preparing snacks after school or watch the game.


More Quality Time 


Having a great room within an open floor plan increases quality time and allows for families to gather together while each member still has space for themselves.


Ideal For Entertaining


Having a great room is the perfect addition to your home if you find that you like to entertain family and friends for small get-togethers. Guests will not feel confined to one room and you have the ability to socialize different groups of people while hosting.


Plenty of Natural Lighting


In a great room, there’s more natural light that comes in because of the lack of walls space. The use of artificial lighting is not needed as much which also cuts down on your light bill. Bountiful natural life can also boost your mood and you’ll enjoy your home even more.


Energy Efficient


You’ll find that a home with a more open floor plan provides for more energy efficiency. It’s easier to heat and cool. It is much easier to maintain the temperature of one controlled area rather than several rooms that aren’t in use. 


A great room offers plenty of benefits within the home, in addition, to its beautiful aesthetic. If you weren't much of a fan of open spaces before, this may help you get a better idea of why you may want to join the many homeowners that do.

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December 23 2018

The Development of Spencer’s Crossing Calls Murrieta Home

by Erin

seating the oasis at spencers crossing murrieta california

Murrieta is a Southern California destination for families of all makeups. When you explore this residential respite, you’ll understand why. Schools, shopping, and entertainment venues are all comfortably close to home, creating a comfortable, easy pace of life. Now, Murrieta has the perfect way for you to enjoy your leisurely lifestyle. Spencer’s Crossing is a breathtaking master plan that comes complete with all of the recreational amenities you could want.


Spencer’s Crossing also features phenomenal home designs. Single-family models include a wide range of sizes, so you can find the right amount of space for your situation. Browse options like Juniper and Agave to find the perfect place to call home with up to 4,091 square feet of living space and an option for a 4-car tandem. Enjoy the Outdoor Room, versatile flex space for your home office, and a private backyard for the kids to play. 


A drive through the community reveals just how much there is to do at Spencer’s Crossing. At The Oasis, you’ll find pools, lawns, and fire pits for all kinds of outdoor fun. The Club is a recreation hub that includes more pools, a playground, and a spacious recreation building where you can meet with friends and neighbors for special events. Heroes Park, Victory Park, and the 11.5-acre sports park all lend more venues for outdoor fun with the whole family. You can craft your own custom lifestyle at Spencer’s Crossing. Learn more about pricing by joining the interest list today.

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December 17 2018

Juniper’s Luxury Homes in Spencer’s Crossing Are Ideal For Growing Families

by Erin

Living area new residence Juniper at Spencer's Crossing Riverside County

Spencer’s Crossing in Murrieta is a unique family-oriented, master-planned community featuring the work of some of the most sought-after builders in Southern California. Among these prestigious master builders is award-winning Brookfield Residential. Brookfield Residential is responsible for the lovely neighborhood of Juniper, among others. Residents of Spencer’s Crossing enjoy easy access to the 215 and 15 freeways, close proximity to the Promenade Mall in Temecula, popular casinos, and the Temecula Wine Country.

Juniper offers families large, open-concept, one and two-story contemporary homes in which to build memories and grow within a vibrant community. Choose from 4 designs offering 3,212 –  4,091 square feet of luxury living. Choose from 4 to 7 spacious, light-filled bedrooms, 2.5 to 5.5 luxurious spa-like bathrooms, and a 3 or 4 car garage. Brookfield Residential has provided for all your storage needs with extra garage space, oversized laundry room and launch areas, optional linen storage, and every bedroom has a walk-in closet. The great room is the heart of the home emphasizing the natural flow of the common areas and making the most of the abundant natural light. Choose to expand into your outdoor space and carry your entertaining options even further. The kitchen has everything a chef desires with a massive granite-topped work island that is perfect for entertaining or serving a light meal. Gorgeous white Hamilton-style cabinets, stainless-steel Whirlpool® appliances, Delta® faucets, and a handy walk-in pantry create efficiency and add elegance. The bathrooms are sophisticated and comfortable retreats offering soaking tubs, frameless glass walk-in showers, elongated toilets, and beautiful cultured marble countertops with generous backsplashes. Brookfield Residential wants you to have the stylish home of your dreams so upgrades are easy and affordable. Bonus spaces and additional bedroom options help to make your home the perfect respite from daily life.

The views from Spencer’s Crossing are awe-inspiring with rolling hills close-in and majestic mountain ranges greeting the sunrise in the distance. The community amenities are outstanding offering families sports facilities, park settings, picnic areas, dog parks, playgrounds, and scheduled activities. Neighborhood schools of the Menifee School District offer students STEM curricula with an emphasis on the arts. The perfect location and the ideal luxury home await you at Juniper in Spencer’s Crossing.  Visit the sales office for Juniper at 35084 Cross Winds Dr., Murrieta, CA 92563.

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December 16 2018

Agave Offers a Fresh Family Neighborhood with Style and Amenities

by Erin

Agave at Spencer's Crossing Living room

Spencer’s Crossing in Murrieta is a contemporary take on the master-planned community with unique amenities and a variety of neighborhoods from the area’s top builders. The views are stunning with rich rolling hills all around and noble mountains in the distance. The location affords families easy access to the 215 and 15 freeways for work or play. Nearby Promenade Mall in Temecula fulfills all your dining and shopping desires, a Stater Bros. and a CVS are right around the corner, and the great schools of the Menifee School District are practically next door. Add to all this, a spacious new home by the experts at Brookfield Residential: Welcome to Agave!

The first thing people comment upon when visiting Agave is the old-fashioned American charm of the architecture. Brimming with character the curb appeal is unmistakable.  Brookfield Residential gives you 3 models to choose from. Floorplans span 2,818 to 3,453 square feet of family living space. Choose 4 or 5 bedrooms, 2 - 3 bathrooms, and a 2 or 3 car garage. Agave homes include a covered outdoor entertaining space which adds even more potential to your stunning open-concept living area. Your chef-inspired kitchen shines with stainless-steel Whirlpool® appliances, white European-style thermofoil cabinets, an expansive granite-topped work/eat island with matching countertops and backsplashes. You’ll love the retreat-style bathrooms with gleaming cultured marble countertops and Delta® Ashlyn fixtures. The master ensuite offers a luscious soaking tub, walk-in shower, and an elegant elongated toilet. Brookfield Residential knows the modern family has many electronic devices and they have accommodated that need with Ubiquiti Networks® Wi-Fi and Apple TV streaming. The thermostats are Honeywell Lyric™ Wi-Fi-enabled for easy programming. Agave homes are prewired for an electric car charging station and/or a solar package.

Spencer’s Crossing recreation brings the community together and keeps families engaged.  Heroes Park offers 14 acres of hiking and biking trails, BBQ and picnic areas, playgrounds and room to run. Sports Park features lighted soccer and baseball fields, a basketball court, and a Tot Lot. Your dog can make new friends at one of the size-specific dog parks.

Priced affordably from the high-$400,000’s, Agave homes are stylish and timeless havens in which to build family memories. Learn more about how you can begin your path to home ownership by joining the interest list.

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November 22 2018

Luxury New Homes in Riverside County are Priced to Sell at Juniper at Spencer’s Crossing

by Erin

Kitchen in New Home in Riverside County at Juniper at Spencer's Crossing

Spencer’s Crossing in Murrieta, CA is a unique master-planned community. Beautifully laid out with terrific amenities, these Riverside homes for sale are located in lovely neighborhoods, and an enviable location minutes from the 215 and 15 freeways. Eclectic shopping and dining options are close by in Temecula and Murrieta. Many fine neighborhoods comprise Spencer’s Crossing, but Brookfield Residential’s Juniper is a stand-out. Juniper offers four models to choose from and every one is luxurious, spacious, and brimming with elegant details.

The street scene of Juniper is pure California with Spanish, Craftsman, and Italian influences. Choose a one or two-story design with a floor plan of 3,212 to 4,091 square feet. Open-concept contemporary living allows for plenty of natural light and a lovely flow from one area to another. Design-enhancing finishes contribute to the overall esthetic; look for bullnose corners, painted decorative trims and banisters, and Schlage® Avanti levers on the interior doors. Your home can have as many as 7 large bedrooms and 5.5 elegantly-appointed bathrooms. You’ll love your 3 or 4-car garage for all that additional storage space! Flexible design options include outdoor kitchen facilities and rear-facing roll-up garage doors allowing access to your private backyard for the children’s yard toys or extended entertaining. Your kitchen is a marvel of design and efficiency with a glorious large granite-topped workspace, stainless-steel Whirlpool® appliances, Amerisink® stainless-steel double-basin sink with Delta® Palo faucets, and white Hamilton-style cabinets. Your master ensuite tempts with a luscious soaking tub, frameless glass walk-in shower, and cultured marble countertops.

The amenities of Spencer’s Crossing can’t be beat: The Oasis features two pools, BBQ facilities, picnic areas, and a terraced lawn. The Club offers meeting areas, more pools, a playground, and a spa. Heroes Park spans 14 acres and features biking and hiking trails, sports areas, dog parks, and BBQ/picnic spots. Victory Park caters to athletes with many sports fields and a Tot Lot. The lighted sports fields of the 11.5 acre Sports Park hosts many events and keeps the family active year ‘round. The students of Spencer’s Crossing receive a challenging and inclusive education via the Menifee Union School District.


Priced to sell from the mid-$400s, these luxurious Juniper homes won’t last.  Join the interest list to start your path to ownership at Juniper at Spencer’s Crossing.

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November 20 2018

Murrieta New Homes Just Got Better at Agave at Spencer’s Crossing

by Erin

Agave at Spencer's Crossing dining area in new home in Murrieta

The Agave neighborhood at Spencer’s Crossing is a perfect combination of style and comfort. Brought to life by the gifted team at Brookfield Residential, Murrieta new homes at Agave shine with innovation without losing sight of an active family’s needs. This community is conveniently located close to both the 215 and 15 freeways and minutes from shopping in Murrieta and Temecula.

Agave offers a street scene of traditional Americana mixed with the Spanish influences popular in classic California architecture. There are three models of single-family, detached homes to choose from, both single-story and two-story designs. Eight foot entry doors lead into 2,818- 3,410 square feet of open-concept living space. Choose from 4-5 large bedrooms with ample closet space, 2- 3 well-appointed bathrooms, and an expanded garage that can accommodate up to 3 cars. Your back patio is covered and can easily be upgraded to an outdoor entertaining area. Bonus rooms come in all models to allow for playrooms or media spaces. Your kitchen is beautiful and hardworking with a large granite-topped workspace that anchors the great room. It features stainless-steel Whirlpool® appliances, an Amerisink® double-basin sink with Delta® fixtures, and beautiful white European-style cabinets. You’ll love the adjustable, easy-clean shelves and the walk-in pantry. The master ensuite is a refreshing oasis with a soaking tub, a frameless glass walk-in shower, and elongated toilet. The countertops and backsplashes are a pristine cultured marble with graceful Delta® Ashlyn faucets. Agave homes are fully “connected” with Smart technology, lighted keypad door locks, pre-wiring for solar installation and for an EV car charger. With a starting price in the high-$400s you will have plenty of room for additional upgrades and enhancements.

Spencer’s Crossing is known for the amenities it offers active families. Whether it’s Little League, soccer, basketball, biking, or swimming that gets your kids outdoors, there is something for everyone. Multiple pools and playgrounds cater to differing ages and lifestyles. There are dog parks and green spaces throughout and many picnic and BBQ facilities. The views are wonderful with majestic mountains in the distance and rugged trails to explore close in. The children of Spencer’s Crossing receive a diverse and challenging education via the Menifee Union School District which operates schools right beside Spencer’s Crossing.

Everything you need presented in a stylish on-trend package; that’s your new Agave home.  Take a look at what Agave at Spencer’s Crossing has to offer by contacting Brookfield Residential at 888-292-8756.

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November 16 2018

The New Murrieta Development, Spencer’s Crossing, is the Gift that Keeps Giving

by Erin

back yard riverside new residence for sale

The place you call home is a gift you give yourself. It’s the place that you spend time with friends and family and make a lifetime’s-worth of memories. In Murrieta, CA, a master-planned community has arrived to create an unbelievable place to call home. Spencer’s Crossing is a gift that keeps on giving. With resort-style amenities everywhere you look, and fantastic home designs in each neighborhood, Spencer’s Crossing is a can’t-miss prospect.

Spencer’s Crossing is flush with places to gather alongside friends and neighbors. Barbecues and outdoor picnic facilities invite you to relish relaxing moments outdoors. A resort-style swimming pool livens up warm afternoons. At “The Club,” a recreation building is great for parties, while a playground gives the kids somewhere to release their energy. Heroes Park boasts trail systems, lawns, and pet parks. Victory Park and the Sports Park feature tons of sports fields and courts, as well as tot lots.

Spencer’s Crossing includes thoughtfully designed homes with two unique home designs, Agave and Juniper. Across seven different neighborhoods, you’ll be able to find the architectural design, floor plan, and size of home that caters to the needs of you and your family. To learn more about pricing information and the availability within each neighborhood, contact the sales office of Brookfield Residential by Crossing sales office by joining the interest list.

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October 20 2018

New Homes at Spencer’s Crossing are a New Living Situation

by Erin

Spencer's Crossing New Homes

A fresh living situation will allow you to customize your surroundings. It will immerse you in amazing recreational activities while keeping you close to area destinations. Spencer’s Crossing is ready to be the new space for your new living situation. This amazing master planned community of new homes in Murrieta, CA is equipped with outstanding amenities and gorgeous homes.

A massive complex allows your children to participate in youth sports. Heroes Park features luscious green lawns and dog parks to keep your pets happy. The Oasis is where you’ll find a clubhouse, poolside lounging, and a pristine swimming pool for warm afternoons. Community events like block parties and back to school activities unite neighbors for fun, social occasions.

You’ll also be able to choose and customize your new home design at Spencer’s Crossing. Choose from one of many amazing home collections: Braeburn, Agave, Juniper, Santolina, Tamarack, Sycamore North, and Laurel are all ready for families looking to create memories for themselves. These luxury one and two story homes are priced in the $400,000’s and include square footage of up to 4,002 square feet. Enjoy selecting between four to seven bedrooms providing space for a couple of guest rooms or an at home office.  Visit Spencer’s Crossing online or in person to get a view of what your next living situation will look like. Schedule a home tour today by joining the mailing list.

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