February 5 2020

Millennials Are Dominating the Real Estate Market in 2020

by racheal

man holding a drink on a couch

Millennials are the next generation of home buyers that are making a wave in the real estate market this decade. They are the largest U. S. generation ever and are definitely making an impact. Millennials are expected to buy more homes in the next year than both Generation X and baby boomers combined. With lessons learned from previous generations, this group of tech-savvy adults has come to make decisions with a very different perspective. 


Despite the popular belief that millennials are less likely to invest in purchasing homes with their overbearing student loan debt and love for Starbucks, they are taking homeownership to a new level. Millennials were the most dominant buyers in 2019 and will play a large role in the coming year as well. In 2016, adults 36 years old and younger accounted for the largest portion of homebuyers at 34 percent. Millennials make up 56 percent of first-time homebuyers according to Zillow.


Rent prices are continuing to rise and more times than not, a mortgage may turn out to be much more affordable for a 30 something adult. This generation is taking its time and planning accordingly when it comes to their first home purchase. We are seeing many millennials becoming more frugal by moving back home with family members in order to finish school and save for their first new home.


Millennials rely heavily on technology to find and purchase homes


This is the generation that is extremely tech-savvy dominating with the love of social media. Millennials are twice as likely to use their cell phones as aids in their home search process compared to the baby boomer generation. There is literally an app for everything these days including an app that will assist in searching for and eventually purchasing a new home. In 2017, 99% of millennials searched online prior to making their first home purchase. These same buyers tend to look for properties with a social media prescience when trying to find the right home to fit their needs. Apps like Trulia, Realtor.com, and Zillow are just a few of the tools that have helped millennials dig into the real estate market.


Millennials are going green


Millennials are very interested in minimizing their carbon footprint by going green, which means they are on the hunt for lots of green features both inside and outside of their home. This generation is very environmentally- conscious and is looking to have efficient features such as low-emittance windows, fluorescent light bulbs, sustainable lumber, and solar energy. Many millennials have a desire to help reduce their carbon footprint and will opt for more all-electric homes that come equipped with induction stoves and heat pump dryers that are energy-efficient and will reduce costs.


Millennials are looking for convenience


Along with the desire to help save the planet, millennials are opting for communities that are closer to everyday necessities like parks, shopping, dining, and even employment to lessen the load of a commute. Many are riding bikes, carpooling, taking trains, buses, and utilizing Uber or Lyft to save funds and the earth.


Millennials want more space


This generation of adults is starting families and businesses, and entertaining guests. They desire homes with open floor plans and great rooms that will accommodate their growing needs. New homes with spacious and open floor plans are more desirable and allow for more options as life changes. Potential homeowners are looking for houses with options for an in-home office, game rooms, nursery, or even an in-home gym.


As more and more millennials begin to dominate the real estate market and express their specific home needs, home builders are making the efforts necessary to accommodate this growing generation with smart home technology and lots of amenities that will keep them coming. Millennials are making much bigger decisions than which Snapchat filter to use. They're making investments that will last a lifetime.

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January 25 2018

How Home Buyers will Search for New Homes in 2018

by racheal

Search New Homes in Denver Under 300K

As consumers spend more and more of their time using smart phones to check their social media platforms, emails and search the web, it was no surprise that Google released mobile-first indexing in December of 2017. For those of you that are unfamiliar with mobile-first indexing, it simply means that the way Google sees or indexes your mobile version of your site is how it will determine to index and most importantly start to rank other versions of your website like desktop and tablet. In other words, your mobile site becomes the primary determination on how your site is ranked across all devises.

With the development of voice search and an increase in mobile use, consumers have evolved how they search the web. According to ComScore, by 2020 half of searches will be made via voice search. Gone are the days when a consumer would type a short keyword query into a Google search bar. Now, consumers simply ask “Siri”, “Alexa”, “Cortana” or whatever device they are using, long keyword phrase of exactly they are looking for. Meaning, "mobile voice searches will use natural language, which means long-tail keyword phrases are more important than ever." says Sherry Bonelli from Search Engine Land.

For homebuilders this means we need to re-think our keyword planning. Instead of optimizing for “new homes Denver”, we should start to think what a homebuyer would ask in a voice search, such as “new homes Denver under 300k”. While “new homes Denver” may have a larger number of search queries then “new homes Denver under 300k”, the longer keyword term delivers higher quality traffic. "Long-tail keywords are longer and more specific keyword phrases that visitors are more likely to use when they’re closer to a point-of-purchase or when they're using voice search." according to WordStream. The homebuyer searching for a specific price range is further down the sales funnel then a buyer that is just starting out and not quite knowing exactly what they are looking for. Being found for long-tail keywords not only helps you gain traffic from voice search, but it also helps deliver higher quality leads.

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March 24 2016

Design Trends Builders Should Know About

by racheal

Open kitchen

It is important for homebuilders to stay on top of the latest design trends, since homebuyer preferences are constantly changing. Here’s what builders need to know about the designs motivating new homebuyers in 2016.

Two trends builders need to incorporate in their homes designs in 2016:

1.    Gone is the day of separating the kitchen, dining room and family room. Here to stay is the open floor plan. Great rooms and open kitchen designs have been a growing trend for some time now. The kitchen is now the center point for entertaining and has become somewhat of a new living area. Islands have replaced the traditional dining tables for family gathering at meal time.

2.    The second trend incorporates the first. Indoor/outdoor rooms are becoming a norm in 2016. Buyers are showing high demand for kitchens that flow seamlessly to outdoor rooms. Separated normally by bi-folding doors from an open kitchen, outdoor rooms are large enough for dining tables or an extra living space. Builders should have options available for buyers to choose from appliances and upgrades that work with this outdoor space.

Tips for builders when designing a kitchen

There are two words for homebuilders to keep in mind when designing their kitchens: “open” and “simple”.

Homeowners want an open kitchen with modern touches that make their life simpler. Builders can accomplish this by dedicating one wall for appliances for easy flow during cooking and cleaning. Building floor-to-ceiling cabinets will continue the open floor plan feel, yet will meet the need for storage space. Including the highly demanded long island will allow for extra storage space as well as for a gathering area for family and friends. Include windows wherever possible within the kitchen to increase natural light.

Incorporating indoor/outdoor rooms and open kitchens when designing new homes can make a huge impact on a home’s aesthetics. Builders will need to meet these needs to stay in tuned with their buyers.

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January 3 2011

Pardee Homes is Building Hope and Sharing Strength

by racheal

Pardee Homes Giving Back

Pardee Homes has been at the top of their game for over 80 years. Winner of 11 top honors at the 2010 SoCal Awards, Pardee Homes is building hope and sharing strength within the communities they build.

Giving back is at the heart of Pardee Homes' background and they are strong supporters of youth educational programs as well as housing aid programs. Giving back to communities they build is an enduring tradition at Pardee Homes, including aiding the Boy Scouts of America. Pardee Homes provides resources to young men to help build character, learn responsibilities and to develop personal fitness. In the late 1990s alone, Pardee Homes donated more than $2 million to Camp Emerald Bay.

“Place young people into a solid educational community, and there's no limit to what they can achieve.” Says Pardee Homes, “That's why Pardee Homes has served a wide range of educational initiatives from scholarship programs and libraries to construction projects and entrepreneurial education, as well as donations of land, computers and more.”

Pardee Homes SoCal Award

Pardee Homes HomeAid serves more than 100,000 homeless men, women and children within 170 nationwide multi-unit homeless housing facilities. Serving as head builder for a 10,000-square-foot facility in Long Beach, California. Pardee Homes is helping build a prototype facility along with the United States Veterans Initiative. As part of the Pardee’s HomeAid, this facility is designed for recently discharged Iraq and Afghanistan veterans to return to productive lives after having suffered from Traumatic Brain Injury or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder during their service for our country.

Project Mercy/Baja Challenge offers aid to the colonies east of Tijuana. Thousands of impoverished families live in conditions unstable to their health. Pardee Homes wants to change that by supporting Project Mercy and participating in the annual Baja Challenge to build homes for deserving families in east Tijuana, with a goal of building 35-40 houses in 12 hours.

These are just some ways Pardee Homes is helping to improve not just the communities they build, but also within communities beyond our borders. For more information on Pardee Homes and the organizations they participate in, check out PardeeHomes.com and for information on how you can help improve your community check out Pardee Homes’ Giving Back.


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November 15 2010

D.R. Horton Wants to Show Their Appreciation with $2,500 Bonus Bucks!

by racheal

D.R. Horton $2,500 Bonus Bucks For Civil Service Homebuyers

D.R. Horton is continually demonstrating its leadership in residential development and awareness to the needs of its customers. Now D.R. Horton would like to recognize and thank the individuals that serve the communities they build. It is for this reason that America’s Home Builder, D.R. Horton, is offering $2,500 Bonus Bucks to homebuyers that work in Southern California’s civil service industries.

If you are a teacher, law enforcement, firefighter, military personnel, or a medical professional, D.R. Horton wants to show you their appreciation with $2,500 Bonus Bucks! The $2,500 Bonus Bucks can be used in D.R. Horton’s Seller’s Design Center for the purchase of options and upgrades for your new home.

If the $2,500 was not enough of a thank you to those that make a difference in our community, D.R. Horton would also like to offer the closing costs, up to 6% of the purchase price, to be paid for by the seller, including prepaids!
D.R. Horton strives to build affordable Southern California new homes with unmatched efficiency along with the highest of quality. Their simple vision began over 30 years ago and represents years of value and security when you choose America's Builder to make your dreams come true, of homeownership.


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March 13 2010

California West Communities Sold Out 23 Homes In Less Than An Hour

by racheal

Carlsbad-based homebuilder California West Communities sold out all 23 new homes in San Diego at their Andalusia and Monteluz popular 4S Ranch master-planned community. California West Communities main office is located in Carlsbad, California and is a privately-owned homebuilding company. With over 60 years of experience   within the homebuilding industry, California West Communities have built over 30 new residential communities and 2,000 new homes within California, with the superior quality of  craftsmanship and beautiful architectural designs, California West Communities have become a sought after home builder within California. 

California West Communities Monteluz Logo

“We couldn’t be more pleased about the response to our new neighborhoods. We attribute the sell-out to offering homes that today’s buyers are looking for: beautiful architecture with functional, flexible floorplans and great value in desirable locations,” said Robert Thorne, CEO of California West Communities.

On January, 2010, California West Communities sold out 23 homes in less than an hour after seven new model homes were unveiled to the public in the master-planned community of 4S Ranch. California West Communities of Monteluz and Andalusia at 4S Ranch, released new single-story floorplans that meet the demand of prospective new homebuyers.

The new homes for sale at Monteluz at 4S Ranch in Santa Barbara feature stylish interior spaces with Tuscan and Monterey design influences. These California West Communities floorplans range from approximately 2,566 to 3,949 square feet with 3 - 6 bedrooms and 2 ½. -  5 bathrooms. Monteluz at 4S Ranch home sites average approximately 8,281 square feet with prices starting in the mid to high $700,000s.

Andalusia New Homes In San Diego Logo

California West Communities, Andalusia at 4S Ranch new homes for sale are designed for couples and young families in mind, Andalusia will be comprised of 94 new homes with floorplans range from approximately 2,222 to 3,486 square feet, 3 - 6 bedrooms and 3 - 4 bathrooms. The averaging home sites are approximately 6,782 square feet with pricing in the mid to high $600,000s.

California West Communities new homes location at 4S Ranch’s is a dynamic, and fully-engaged master planned community in North County San Diego features of extraordinary amenities, including an open 22-acre community park with a Boys & Girls Club, two elementary schools, one middle school, a new high school, neighborhood parks, miles of winding trails and meandering pathways, a fire station, a public library, and 4S Connect, the community-wide Intranet. Make sure to check new homes by California West Communities at Monteluz and Andalusia at 4S Ranch. 

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October 19 2009

Condos For The Cure Are Now For Sale

by racheal

Epcon Communities in Columbus has partnered up with Join Komen and are opening their doors at The Woods at Sugar Run on Sunday, October 25th, to celebrate the survivors and welcome potential new home buyers. Attendees will be delighted with free samples of Mukha Cosmetics and Over My Head Wig and Hat Boutique merchandise. A silent auction will be help as a fundraiser for the cause with pink merchandise worn by the members of the New York Giants football team available for purchase.

If you are looking for that one of a kind new home for sale in Columbus, you may want to consider one of the new homes for sale from Epcon Communities. When you purchase one of their new Columbus homes for sale during the month of October, Epcon will charitably donate $1,000 back to Komen Columbus. With six new communities in Columbus participating in “Condos for the Cure” you will have an abundant amount of new homes to choose from. Each new home offers maintenance free living, with all exterior maintenance to your new home taken care of for you. From your yard work to snow removal from your front door will be done for you’re by one of the friendly maintenance staff. With a maintenance free living you can find the time to enjoy the communities fully furnished Clubhouse, fitness center, and pool. You can find all this and more at the participating Columbus new home at The Woods at Sugar Run, Cobblestone at the Preserve, The Woods at Hayden Run, The Villas at Canterbury Woods, The Village of North Falls and The Villas at Glenealy.

America's #1 builder for attached new homes supports the brave champions engaged in the fight of their lives. Enjoy maintenance-free living starting in the $160's and join us in the fight for a cure.


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October 15 2009

Three Reasons Homebuilders Should Blog About A Community

by racheal

Blogging has become the new wave in advertisement for homebuilders and developers. If you are seeking ways to increase traffic to your website or to a new community here are three reasons you should have a blog written about you or your new homes for sale.

1. Blogging about a new community or home for sale will increase traffic to your website with SEO. SEO, or search engine optimization, created by blogging increases traffic to your community using common keywords that are searched by potential homebuyers. The more traffic your blog receives the more leads you will get to your website. Your main community website can then focus on turning visitors into homebuyers. Not to mention that by time the potential home buyer has reached your community home page, they have already received a majority of the information on your community through the blog and are now a serious buyer for your new home for sale.

2. Blog posts will link to secondary pages within your community website allowing for more relative content on your main website. Why is having good content on your home page so important? Well the more pages on your main community page or builder website, the more authority Google will give to that site, which increases the websites Google ranking. More than half of the general public does not go past the first search result page on Google. So if your community is not on the first page you are not getting seen.

3. Community blogs will over flow the Internet with positive PR and reputation management. Not only can you “drown out” negative information, you can beneficially address potential customers’ anxiety. Not to mention you can also place a positive spin on potential liability by showing a genuine human face instead of the corporate look.

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September 8 2009

LGI Homes - Exceptional Texas Home Builder

by racheal

LGI Homes

LGI Homes has become one of the fastest growing homebuilders in the United States. With a  goal to build affordable new homes for those first-time home buyers who are looking for superiority in construction, exceptional neighborhoods and attractive amenities that add lasting value to the home. Each new LGI home offers floorplans that are carefully designed, plus zero-down financing options. LGI Homes goal is to build new homes that meet your needs and your budget.

Today LGI Homes has grown into a corporation that includes not only homebuilding, but also mortgage lending services and land development across the country. LGI Development has a history of abundant land development spanning more than a decade. Since 1995 with the first development of LGI Homes first community in Magnolia, Texas, LGI Development has grown from a loved local land developer of new homes in Texas, into a nationwide renowned home builder that offers affordable new homes and  mortgage lending services.

LGI Development, CEO Tom Lipar, founded the heart of their business plan to provide premier land home sites that would improve the quality of life for the home owner and increase the lasting value their new home. With more than 12,000 acres and 4,500 new homes, LGI Development is a privately held company who has continued to provide a sound financial stability and an every growing expansion strategy. Creating communities that offer families special home sites, peaceful communities, and a quality of life that is unique to suburban neighborhoods. Whether you’re looking for a primary residence or second home, each LGI Homes community is developed to emphasize the natural beauty of the land and provide the perfect home of your dreams.

LGI Homes makes sure to build each new home with a high quality of standards that far exceeding those in the industry, deliver customer service that’s unequalled by their competitors, and to build a corporate culture that sustains honesty, integrity and personal accountability at every-level of the business. LGI Homes is proud to help first-time homebuyers build the home of their dreams.


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August 25 2009

D.R. Horton New Homes Feature 100 Percent ENERGY STAR!

by racheal

For D.R. Horton to be successful in this challenging market, they realized they must build the most energy efficient homes in the area to gain a leg up on the competition. This strategy not only made D.R Horton successful but benefited the homeowners’ as well with providing them energy efficient homes that saves them money on their energy bill. D.R Horton accomplished this by partnering with ENERGY STAR.

Energy Star New Homes By D.R. Horton

D.R. Horton was able to rapidly draw interested home buyers by offering an “environmentally friendly” package including the ENERGY STAR ALP (Advanced Lighting Package) as a standard feature in all new homes for sale. Adding even more value to their affordable new homes, like Bakersfield, California’s Montelena community. Rich Coyle, the division purchasing director, comments that buyers “immediately recognize ENERGY STAR,” and leading them to prefer D.R. Horton new homes for their ENERGY STAR benefits features that direct homeowners to both energy savings and environmental protection.

D.R. Horton just doesn’t promote the ENERGY STAR Advanced Lighting Package because of increased profitability and quick home sales, but they realize the benefits of a green home. The ability to protect the environment while staying ahead of the competition and allowing them to commitment to higher quality products are all benefits of building energy efficient homes.

Energy Star Features In The Kitchen

Not only does D.R. Horton feature 100 percent ENERGY STAR ALP qualified fixtures as standard in every home, D.R. Horton is happy to announce that they also offer three “luxury” ENERGY STAR qualified upgrade selections. The standard package offers polished brass fixtures, while the “luxury” upgrades offers deluxe fixtures from the Serenity or Brandywine families that are all manufactured by Sea Gull Lighting. New homeowners can go to D.R. Horton’s design center to decide on their “luxury” lighting fixtures.

D.R. Horton new homes feature 100 percent ENERGY STAR qualified fixture package. Plus a three ENERGY STAR qualified lighting improvement options featuring Brandywine and Sea Gull Lighting’s Serenity families. Coyle comments that for new home buyers, viewing the fixtures is “a very positive experience, people are pleasantly surprised to learn that the beautiful fixtures are also ENERGY STAR qualified.”



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