March 30 2016

Province at Audie Murphy Ranch Debuts this Spring

by racheal

Province at Audie Murphy Ranch Homes

Everyone loves a grand entrance. Making a great first impression during your debut is important, which is why this sleek new Menifee, CA neighborhood is so exciting. An anticipated housing community will be making a splash this spring with a sterling collection of homes. The Province development of Audie Murphy Ranch will feature a bevy of spacious homes with plenty of room for customization.

Home owners will have their first chance to take a peek inside Province homes in just a matter of weeks. New single-family floor plans range from 2,949 to 3,488 square feet with 3 to 6 bedrooms, 2.5 to 4.5 bathrooms and offer the privacy of a gated community. Expansive great rooms, media rooms, and two-car garages with super storage provide features every home owner can appreciate. The Menifee new homes for sale at Province are equipped with plenty of room to play, entertain, and relax.

The environment of Audie Murphy Ranch community is perfect for a variety of homes owners as well. This master-planned community caters to everyone from growing families to empty-nesters. A tranquil atmosphere lets you unwind with gorgeous views from your back yard. An outdoor living room option creates a seamless floor plan. Prices for Province homes start from the $400,000’s. To learn more, sign up for Province interest list.

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March 29 2016

Marlowe at Playa Vista is a Refreshing Splash

by racheal

New Homes for Sale in Los Angeles

A stark color will often stand out against a bland background. When you’re looking for a new home in Los Angeles, you want a special place that makes a bold statement. Diversify your palette with the fantastic Marlowe at Playa Vista development. This stylish community features glamorous urban designs that stand the test of time. Contemporary architecture is underscored by open floor plans that provide space for everyone in the household.

Floor plans in Marlowe homes range from 3,123 to 3,341 square feet in size and offer a choice of 4 or 5 bedrooms. A relaxing vibe can be felt in the modern aesthetic. Open rooms allow for entertaining, relaxing, and unwinding. Lofts and covered decks add extra touches that make these homes so desirable. Large windows provide plenty of natural light as well.

Marlowe at Playa Vista homes offers a new flavor in the Los Angeles area. Find yourself in a place that’s all your own and yet close to dining and shopping opportunities. Marina del Rey, Venice, and Santa Monica beaches help you soak up that Southern California sun. Prices for Marlowe homes start from the high $2 million’s to over $3 million. To learn more join the Marlowe at Playa Vista interest list.

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March 28 2016

The Last Single Family Homes in Playa Vista

by racheal

Single Family Homes in Playa Vista

Do not miss out on your chance to own among the last single family homes in Playa Vista. Everly at Playa Vista offers single family new homes for sale within Silicon Beach with open floor plans ranging from 2,318 to 2,449 square feet. These stylish floor plans offer a fluid feeling and designs that provide space for entertainment as well as privacy. You’ll love the feeling of laid-back sophistication tucked into this modern paradise. A spacious kitchen is just one of many ways that Everly homes cater to the residents’ ease of living. An open deck allows you to gaze out at the stunning surroundings.

Playa Vista’s Westside location provides plenty of convenience as well.  Home owners will be able to walk to the shops and great dining options at Runway, the CenterPointe Club, and The Resort. A coastal-close location puts the beach just a mile away from your doorstep.

Everly at Playa Vista is a Los Angeles community that has been developed with careful planning. This beautiful suburb has been crafted to give home owners everything they want in a modern space. Prices start from the $2 million’s. To schedule a showing, call home builder Brookfield Residential at 888-211-9069.

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March 25 2016

Legado at Portola Springs Offers Opportunity for New Home Buyers

by racheal

Irvine CA New Homes For Sale

Every good collector knows that getting your hands on an item when it first comes out is the best way to get full value for your purchase. When you’re looking to buy a brand new home, an opportunity to “get in on the ground floor” is rare. Legado at Portola Springs is a new community of homes opening March 19th in the sunny Irvine area. These masterpieces are sure to increase in value as time goes on.

The recent model grand opening brought hundreds of people to the Irvine community. Within the friendly Legado environment they found stylish floor plans ranging from 2,040 to 2,382 square feet in size. Inviting living spaces and opportunities for natural light gave prospective buyers a sample of the bright and cheery feeling fostered by these homes. Open kitchens and optional outdoor rooms delighted those who appreciate the finer things.

With the community opening soon, this is your time to strike. Discover a community flush with amenities like walking and hiking trails, swimming pools, and parks. You’ll love the convenience of nearby shopping and dining experiences. Prices are for these new Irvine homes for sale are anticipated from the high $700,000’s. To learn more and schedule a showing of the new model homes, call 888-341-0409.

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March 25 2016

Tips for Designing Your New Backyard

by racheal

Backyard Design

One of the best parts about buying a new home is that your house is like a blank canvas; no paint on the walls and only dirt in the yard. This allows you the freedom to design the home, inside and out, however you want from scratch.

However, landscaping a yard can be overwhelming, especially if you have never tackled the project by yourself. Where do you start? Do you start with purchasing plants, laying down a patio, adding grass…? You will want your yard to have a theme and not look like a bunch of random vegetation. Here are six tips to help you design the backyard of your dreams for your new home.

1. Get organized.

Make a list of the items you need in your yard as well as the items you would like. Do you need grass for pets? Do you need a play space for kids? Do you need a section of the yard reserved for your vegetable garden? Do you need a patio for outdoor dining and barbecuing? Once you figured out what is functional for your yard, add a list of plants you would love to have. (Keep in mind to keep with the same hues when it comes to purchasing plants.) Do a rough sketch of your yard on where you would like to place the above items.  Remember, this is just a rough sketch and does not need to be detailed. This is just a tool to help you visualize your yard’s look and feel.

2. Take into account the outdoor elements.

Consider where the sun and wind is during different times of the day and year. For example, you may want to place your patio on the west side of your home due to the fact of that is where you will get the most sunlight during the day. But that also means, come August, you may be enjoying your BBQ in the sweltering sun. The wind is also a factor that many beginner landscaping designers forget to consider. Wind that blows around a corner can easily extinguish a fire pit. 

3. Choose a focal point.

To keep your yard looking organized, choose a focal point or a series of focal points. This can be anything from a tree, a stunning plant or even a sculpture or water feature that draws your eye and makes it move through your yard.

4. Don’t rush

Don’t rush to getting your yard done the day you move into your new home. While if you live in an HOA community, you may have to have your yard done within a few months of moving in, take your time to get familiar with your yard. Find out the areas in the yard that have the best views or the perfect amount of sun where you would enjoying sitting or dining in.

5. Start Small

This is not one of those “Go big, or go home” activities. Start small. We have all seen those TV shows that make over a yard in just three days. What you do not know is behind the scenes is a crew of fifty working nonstop. Gardening can be very soothing, so try and enjoy the process. Start with planting a small flowerbed for just a couple of hours. Don’t worry about filling in everything at once. Don’t forget plants grow and will fill in empty space on their own. Many beginner landscapers for get this fact. If you try and rush to have a finished yard, you are more likely to cut corners and end up with a sloppy yard.

6. Placement and Size

Make sure to take note of plants placement and size. This can be the hardest part when designing your new yard. Since plants come in different sizes and colors, you want to make sure you place the taller plants in the back of the flowerbed, against walls or along walkways. To keep your yard organized, have some repetition or pattern with plants that have the same hues or shape. 

In conclusion remember, as a beginner, the key is to stay patient. If your dogs or kids are dragging in mud in your new home, or your HOA needs the landscaping done ASAP, fill the yard with easy to remove items like mulch or annuals that can be removed or transplanted. Make sure you take your time and try to enjoy building your new yard.

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March 24 2016

Design Trends Builders Should Know About

by racheal

Open kitchen

It is important for homebuilders to stay on top of the latest design trends, since homebuyer preferences are constantly changing. Here’s what builders need to know about the designs motivating new homebuyers in 2016.

Two trends builders need to incorporate in their homes designs in 2016:

1.    Gone is the day of separating the kitchen, dining room and family room. Here to stay is the open floor plan. Great rooms and open kitchen designs have been a growing trend for some time now. The kitchen is now the center point for entertaining and has become somewhat of a new living area. Islands have replaced the traditional dining tables for family gathering at meal time.

2.    The second trend incorporates the first. Indoor/outdoor rooms are becoming a norm in 2016. Buyers are showing high demand for kitchens that flow seamlessly to outdoor rooms. Separated normally by bi-folding doors from an open kitchen, outdoor rooms are large enough for dining tables or an extra living space. Builders should have options available for buyers to choose from appliances and upgrades that work with this outdoor space.

Tips for builders when designing a kitchen

There are two words for homebuilders to keep in mind when designing their kitchens: “open” and “simple”.

Homeowners want an open kitchen with modern touches that make their life simpler. Builders can accomplish this by dedicating one wall for appliances for easy flow during cooking and cleaning. Building floor-to-ceiling cabinets will continue the open floor plan feel, yet will meet the need for storage space. Including the highly demanded long island will allow for extra storage space as well as for a gathering area for family and friends. Include windows wherever possible within the kitchen to increase natural light.

Incorporating indoor/outdoor rooms and open kitchens when designing new homes can make a huge impact on a home’s aesthetics. Builders will need to meet these needs to stay in tuned with their buyers.

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March 24 2016

Finding the Perfect Santa Clarita Home with Highglen at Five Knolls

by racheal

Santa Clarita New Homes for Sale

Everyone wants a house that makes them feel at home. Choosing the perfect residence is much more than just finding the right floor plan or number of bedrooms. Of course location is important, but it doesn’t set your living experience over the top. To truly find a place where you feel welcome, you need to discover a housing collection that is community-centric. Highglen at Five Knolls exemplifies what it means to feel at home.

This stunning community rests in the warmth of Santa Clarita, CA. The signature knolls surrounding the development offer a tranquil scenery, and make for an ideal family setting. Community-oriented events like the Five Knolls Fun Day offers residents a way to connect with their neighbors. Shared amenities at The Club help you to engage with other home owners, and provide a social atmosphere to relax.

These Santa Clarita new homes for sale at Highglen are stunning. Floor plans ranging from 3,788 to 4,235 square feet provide a range of sizable options for various family types. Features like a gourmet kitchen, and large bonus room set these homes apart from the rest. Prices start from the $700,000’s. To learn the lasts news and community info, join the Highglen at Fie Knolls interest list.

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March 23 2016

Cameo at Whittier Model Grand Opening!

by racheal

Whittier, CA New Homes for Sale

“Try it before you buy it” is a phrase you hear a lot in the retail world, but buying a new blender isn’t exactly a risky purchase. When making a major life decision, it’s nice to get a sneak peek before committing. With the Model Grand Opening of Cameo in Whittier, you’ll get a full walkthrough of these fantastic new homes. Before you sign any paperwork, take the opportunity to step inside one of the spacious properties and picture a brand new life.

Cameo is nestled in the cozy town of Whittier, CA. You can connect to 19 local parks and a number of walking and biking trails in this family-oriented neighborhood. Resort-style amenities are a prominent feature of the community. Home owners will find a swimming pool, community garden, tot lot, and outdoor kitchens and fireplaces — all which make for fantastic recreational opportunities.

You’ll choose from floor plans that range between 2,613 and 3,674 square feet to meet your specific needs with homes up to 6 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms. Fine architecture lends a stately touch to this welcoming suburb. Take advantage of an upcoming model tour and discover all the opportunity of Cameo in Whittier. Prices start from the $700,000’s. To learn more about these new homes for sale in Whittier, call home builder Brookfield Residential at 888-328-0137 to set up an appointment to tour the new model homes.

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March 22 2016

Waverly at New Haven Offers Flexibility for the Future

by racheal

When you’re scouring the housing market for the perfect find, you want to discover a place where you can grow. Locking down a flexible floor plan with room for every member of an expanding family is easier said than done. When you’ve finished the extensive buying process though, you want to make sure you got it right. Waverly at New Haven is a collection of homes for sale in Ontario Ranch, CA that offers the perfect chance to get in on the ground floor of a blossoming community.

homes for sale in Ontario Ranch, CA

Flexible floor plans offer opportunities for families at any stage, and provide room to grow. You’ll be able to choose from 2,158 to 2,513 square feet and 4 to 5 bedrooms to accommodate your lifestyle. Indoor-outdoor room possibilities allow you to take advantage of the beautiful weather. Plus, shared, resort-style amenities and a fantastic ambiance around the community really help you to feel at home.

Features like an upstairs bonus room give you space for theater rooms, children’s play room or that ideal space to catch the big game all while staying on budget. Prices for Waverly at New Haven homes start from the low to mid $400,000’s. To learn more call 888-208-9710 to schedule a showing today.

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March 21 2016

Ontario Ranch New Homes that Fit Just Right

by racheal

Ontario Ranch CA New Homes

Shopping for new clothing is all about finding the right fit. Sure you want the apparel to fit your body, but you also want it to fit your personality. Finding a new home is the same. You want a floor plan that affords you the space you and your family need, but you also want to find the right types of features and amenities that you’ll utilize for years to come. Summerset at New Haven is a collection of stunning new homes for sale in Ontario Ranch that are complete with everything you need for a bright future.

Spacious floor plans range from 3,133 to 3,627 square feet and feature open concepts to help the homes breathe. Layouts include a large bonus room upstairs that’s ideal for entertaining, a “man cave” or play rooms for the kids. With 4 to 5 bedrooms, 3 to 4.5 bathrooms and 2 to 3 car garages that offer extra storage space, your home will never feel cluttered. Optional outdoor rooms help you get the most out of indoor-outdoor living in the fantastic Southern California climate.

The new homes of Summerset at New Haven offers plenty of family-friendly amenities as well that help you lead an active lifestyle. Parks, outdoor recreation, and walking trails allow you to get outside and play. Plus, a cohesive, community environment will help you feel right at home. Prices for Summerset homes start from the low to mid $500,000’s. Join Summerset’s interest list to schedule a showing of their 3 new model homes.

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