March 31 2015

Why This Is the Perfect Time to Move Up

by racheal

Your Move Up Home

Interest rates are still low, around 3%, and this trend will not last much longer. The current rates make moving up more affordable than ever. In some markets, a home up for sale for $200,000 will cost you less for the mortgage than to rent a home half the size.

Home prices have been stalled for a year and Washington wants to build up the housing market back to the way it was before the bubble bust, hence the low interest rates. If you were looking for that golden opportunity to move upward, that opportunity is here and NOW. Here are some easy steps to make that move a reality: 

1. You are not the only one who is going to take advantage of the low interest rates. Right now there are more buyers than inventory, making it a buyer’s market. So if you need to sell your current home, sell it for what you can get. Qualified home buyers are looking for a home that is turnkey ready.
2. While being a seller in a buyer’s market may not be ideal, it’s great when you rotate roles and become the buyer. Whatever amount you qualify for, it will go a long way with the current interest rates. You can get a bigger house with the same, or just a little higher, monthly mortgage payment than you currently have.

3. When you sell your current home, you can use the equity you have made toward your down payment for your next home. This combined with your low interest rate will guarantee a very low mortgage.

So get qualified and put your home on the market. Before you know it, you will be in your dream home without having to break the bank!

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March 30 2015

El Paseo The Village of Foothill Ranch Has it All

by racheal

New Townhomes for sale in Lake Forest, CA - El Paseo The Village of Foothill Ranch

Everyone may look for different attributes in a new home. However, there are some qualities that we all want when finding that new abode: access, location and leisure to name a few. When finding a new home for sale in Lake Forest, CA, there is one new community in Orange County that has it all! El Paseo, at The Village of Foothill Ranch is a brilliant collection of new townhomes that bring big offerings in all the places where it counts.

This neighborhood provides residents will easy access to retail, dining, and entertainment venues. Furthermore, the nearby 241 toll road provides an avenue to all of Southern California. The townhomes themselves will satisfy the appetites of eager prospective buyers. Properties of 946 to 1,795 square feet with up to 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms afford owners plenty of space for incorporating their own touches. Decks and patios allow for outdoor relaxation and entertainment as well. Additionally, this community comes with a host of shared amenities. The Cabana plays host to a swimming pool, multi-purpose room, and playground. Finally, these delightful homes come with a price tag that will appeal to home owners as well. The new townhomes of El Paseo start from the $400,000s.

To learn more, call home builder Brookfield Residential at 888-681-7096.

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March 27 2015

Camellia at Rosedale Gives Home Owners Room to Breathe

by racheal

Azusa New Homes Camellia at Rosedale - Patio

There’s nothing worse than feeling cramped inside your own home. Dinner parties, visits from company and hosting entertainment should be enjoyed by all home owners. No one wants to be embarrassed by the clutter and discomfort that a modern lifestyle often creates. If your current home has you feeling trapped, discover fantastic relief in a stunning new community. Camellia at Rosedale is a beautiful collection of homes designed to optimize space and embrace the outdoors.

Of course, delightful views of Azusa, California have been incorporated into new community. These Azusa new homes for sale range between 3,607 and 4,134 square feet in size. That means plenty of room to house overnight guests or host a fabulous bash. For those who love an active lifestyle, the Camellia at Rosedale community plays host to a number of resort-style recreational amenities. The Resort houses a state-of-the-art fitness center, a Junior Olympic swimming pool, and a spa. The new homes of Camellia allow you to experience all that you’ve been missing with easy access to Pasadena and downtown LA. Prices for these exquisite homes start in the $900,000s.

To learn more about Camellia at Rosedale, get in touch or schedule a showing today.

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March 26 2015

La Vita at Orchard Hills Features Italian Flavor

by racheal

Irvine New Homes for Sale at La Vita

Lifestyle is an important consideration when choosing a home. Spring always sees the resurfacing of that need to enjoy the great outdoors. Breathing in the fresh air is a great way to relax and unwind. When looking for a new home, many homebuyers look for a home that offers an outdoor living space they can enjoy. A new Brookfield Residential community has been constructed with outdoor living and strong Italian influences in mind. The new homes for sale in Irvine of La Vita at Orchard Hills invite residents to experience a robust, passionate lifestyle.

Homes in this Orange County community are clustered into small piazza’s that provide privacy yet maintain an Italian essence. Owners will absolutely delight in the shared garden motor courts, which foster the feeling of community that is so important to the Italian lifestyle. Moving to La Vita comes with its own set of spectacular views. Indoor-outdoor living arrangements allow owners to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of their own homes. Luxury and leisure find a beautiful marriage in these spacious properties, which range from 3,400 to 4,000 feet in size. Floor plans of La Vita new homes offer up to 5 bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms! Find pleasure in a La Vita at Orchard Hills new homes and schedule a showing today by calling 888-254-9083.

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March 23 2015

The Domain Condos in Anaheim Creates a Dynamic Space

by racheal

Anaheim New Condos for Sale at The Domain - Kitchen

When looking for a new home, there are many factors to consider. You wonder about added bill cost, is there nearby transportation or a long commute or are taxes going to be high. So don’t let your living situation get you down any further. Home owning should be fun! Furthermore, a home should mirror the lifestyle owner’s desire. A new Anaheim, California community pairs perfectly with its surroundings. The Domain new homes for sale offer a dynamic living space for those who want to experience the vibrancy of Orange County.

Stress evaporates for owners in this new Brookfield Residential community. Outdoor lounging and dining opportunities foster a social atmosphere, perfect for this Southern California setting. Located in the revitalized Anaheim Packing District, The Domain neighborhood is as modern and forward-thinking as you. Culinary and retail delights are just across the street. Or, if you’re staying at home, the open-air embrace of this housing development will offer plenty entertainment on its own. Rooftop terraces, a swimming pool, and outdoor fireplaces will have you soaking up the sun in style. What’s more, no Mello Roos fees and a low tax rate allow you to actually enjoy yourself in your new home.

The Domain floor plans range from:
• 746 to 1,644 Square Feet
• 1 - 3 Bedrooms
• 1 - 2 Bathrooms
• 1 – 2 Car Garages!

The new condos for sale at The Domain start from the $400,000s. To learn more, get in touch or schedule a showing today by joining The Domain’s interest list today!

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March 20 2015

Cortile at Colony Park New Homes Offers Flexibility

by racheal

Townhomes for sale in Anaheim at Cortile at Colony Park

Value is important to anyone making a big purchase. Homebuyers want to be sure they’re getting the most for their money. However, when it comes to acquiring a new home, bigger isn’t always better. Each home owner has a different lifestyle with different needs. A new community from Brookfield Residential offers flexibility in designs, floor plans and the perfect amount of space. Cortile at Colony Park new townhomes in Anaheim, California gives prospective homebuyers options.

Owners in this development can choose from six different townhome floor plans. These plans include 1 to 3 bedrooms and 1.5 to 2.5 baths. This variety of designs means that Cortile townhomes for sale accommodate any number of living situations. Furthermore, joining this stunning community comes with its own list of amenities. The Colony Park development includes access to resort-inspired swimming pools, parks, and recreational spaces. The location offers its own exciting prospects as well. Restaurants and popular shops are within walking distance of this vibrant community. Townhomes in Cortile at Colony Park start from the low $400,000s. Experience the best of Orange County in the home that’s just right for you.

Call home builder Brookfield Residential at 888-572-5861 to schedule a showing today.

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March 18 2015

Casita at Colony Park: An Anaheim Destination

by racheal

New Anaheim Homes for Sale at Casita

As spring arrives, there’s no doubt the urge to get outside and be active is strong. Going on walks is a great way to blow off stress and unwind. However, too often neighborhoods have nothing more to offer than the view of neighbors’ houses. So, if you are in search for an Anaheim new home this spring, discover a community with nearby entertainment and dining. Anaheim, California plays host to one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Orange County and Colony Park is no exception. Inspired by modern lifestyles, the new homes of Colony Park are just blocks away to a wide verity of hip entertainment venues.

Within this neighborhood lies the Casita collection. Casita at Colony Park offers both single family detached and townhome floor plans perfect for those who want to experience the vibrancy of Southern California. These new Anaheim homes for sale ranging from 1,384 to 1,934 square feet with up to 4 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. The community is situated in the Historic Colony District of Anaheim. Center St. Promenade, Farmers Park, and The Packing House are just a walk away. Besides these spectacular venues, the neighborhood also provides access to amenities such as swimming pools, parks, and community spaces. Private outdoor spaces also allow for quiet relaxation. The new homes of Casita at Colony Park start from just the $500,000s.

To learn more about Casita at Colony Park, get in touch or schedule a showing today by calling 888-572-5861.

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March 17 2015

Spring Cleaning Your Outdoor Cooking Space

by racheal

Spring Cleaning your Cooking Space

For those of us that live on the west coast, it feels like we have skipped over spring and summer has arrived. For those in the Midwest or Northeast, get ready because better weather is on the horizon. The time is almost here to put away your winter jacket and put on those shorts and sunglasses and get ready for spring events.

Nothing is more American than a good old fashioned BBQ. We love to invite our family and friends over and enjoy the warm weather while socializing with a few drinks and firing up the grill. And now is the best time to make sure your outdoor cooking space is ready for spring.

Spring Cleaning your Cooking Space

During fall and winter, leaves will have accumulated on your cooking surfaces. Rinse off any dirt or leaves with a hose. This is also a great time to rinse off any patio furniture you have, including your cushions and outdoor accessories. Once your countertop has been hosed off, get a bucket of soap and water to thoroughly clean and sanitize the counters. Make sure to also use the soapy water to clean out your outdoor refrigerators and sinks. 

If you live in snowy or frozen conditions during winter, you may need to re-seal your outdoor counter tops. An easy way to determine if your seal is not up to par is to place a couple drops of water on your counter top and wait about 10 minutes to see if the water has been absorbed through the surface or not. If the water drops remain on top of the surface your seal is good, if they have soaked into the counter top, you will need to re-seal it.

Prepping your Grill

To guarantee safety and peak grilling performance, you will need to make sure your grill is fully maintained. For gas grills, test gas lines for any leaks. To do so, use soapy water to coat the gas line and propane tank valve. Turn on the propane tank valve to the one position and see if any bubbles form. If bubbles do accumulate, this indicates a leak and the part will need to be replaced. If you own a charcoal grill, clean out any leftover charcoal or ash.

Scrub off of all grill racks any leftover residue with a grill brush, clean out and rinse the grease trap with soap and water and remove any ash or debris from the bottom of the grill. Use soapy water and a sponge to clean the exterior of the grill.

After each use of your BBQ grill, set the burners to high with the hood closed for 10 minutes to burn off any residue from the grill racks. After the 10 minutes, while using a stainless steel brush, scrub the racks. Before you heat up the grill for the next use, remove any residue that fell to the bottom of the grill and empty the grease trap.

Now you are ready to fire up the grill and have your first cook-off of spring!

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March 16 2015

Big Sky at Audie Murphy Ranch Pairs Environment with Location

by racheal

Homes for Sale in Menifee at Big Sky Community

Location is a critical component to the value of any property. Home owners are looking for a home that offers great views and a wonderful climate. A peaceful environment is essential to a positive community experience. However, equally important to the value of a property is mobility. Home owners desire access to entertainment venues, employment hubs, and retail outlets. If your current home doesn’t offer the best of both worlds, maybe it’s time for a change. Home builder Brookfield Residential has created a community that offers owners exactly what they’re looking for.

Big Sky at Audie Murphy Ranch is a neighborhood built with the convenience of highway access and the tranquility of beautiful views. Audie Murphy Ranch is a master-planned community located near the I-15 and I-215 freeways. This gives owners access to nearby employment centers and retail outlets. The properties themselves range from 2790 to 3800 square feet in size. This creates plenty of space for day-to-day living. The new homes of Big Sky range from 3 to 6 bedrooms and up to 5 and half bathrooms. These Menifee new homes for sale start from the $300,000s.

To learn more, join the Big Sky at Audie Murphy Ranch interest list today!

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March 13 2015

Descanso at Del Sur Gives Home Owners a Chance to Change

by racheal

Descanso at Del Sur San Diego New Homes

Looking for a new property can be stressful. Of course buyers want to find the right market for their wallets and sensibilities. A great location can help ease the worries that come with making such a big decision. North San Diego County is one such location. The incredible weather and awe-inspiring views make this a hot-spot for those looking for a new home. Surrounding open canyons create a tranquil atmosphere for the residents of this calming community. The fantastic climate is conducive to indoor-outdoor living arrangements.

Home owners can take advantage of this great opportunity in the Descanso at Del Sur neighborhood. These fine collections of San Diego new homes for sale are located in the award-winning Del Sur community. Prospective buyers headed to this sensuous location will enjoy properties that range from 3423 to 3940 square feet in size. This is plenty of space for growing families.

Outdoor patios and living rooms are built into the homes to let home owners enjoy the environment. Interior courtyards can be a great venue for reflection or meditation. This dynamic San Diego housing market invites buyers to make the change they’ve been waiting for. Properties in the Descanso at Del Sur community start from the $900,000s.

To learn more, get in touch or schedule a showing today by joining Descanso’s interest list.

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