April 29 2011

Santa Rita at Otay Ranch Defines Home Affordably!

by racheal

Santa Rita at Otay Ranch New Home

We love the wide selection of Chula Vista new homes available at Otay Ranch. In fact, the endless new home communities of Otay Ranch have made Chula Vista one of the fastest growing cities in San Diego County. For this reason, we love to promote any new neighborhoods that make Otay Ranch their home. This one, Santa Rita, is no exception.

Santa Rita at Otay Ranch is one community of Chula Vista new homes that embodies the definition of “home.” From the exceptional designs that accommodate families of all types, to the pleasant environment of each street throughout the community, Santa Rita is one place you can feel proud to call your home. It’s clear that Heritage Building & Development knew what they were doing when they dreamed up this gem of a neighborhood!

Santa Rita features two story homes with your choice of three residences, which range from 2,440 to 2,834 square feet. The homes offer four to five bedrooms – so yes, they really can accommodate all types of families! Prices starting in the mid $400,000’s, making Santa Rita at Otay Ranch an appropriately priced community, for Chula Vista new homes of this quality.

If you’d like to see Santa Rita in person, stop in this weekend to 1712 Thompson Ave., Chula Vista, CA 92913. Or, inquire about Santa Rita at Otay Ranch by calling (619) 934-7950.

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April 28 2011

Villas de Avila, Where the Location Matters

by racheal

The old adage has never been truer; these days, it really is all about location. Even when your home is a duplex style, a prestigious location is all you really need. This is the case for owners at Villas de Avila, a community of Chula Vista new homes, where colorful landscapes embrace architecturally inspired duplexes featuring elegant columns, sheltered balconies and covered porches, Mediterranean tile roof and private courtyards. Villas de Avila transports you to the old world countryside, without ever leaving the comfortable confines of San Diego County.

And don’t be fooled by the “duplex” category; there’s plenty of space in here. Villas de Avilla is a creation of Pacific Coast Communities, a builder that’s developed homes for some of the most upscale neighborhoods in Southern California. They know how to do this right – and they’ve done it again here.

Villas de Avila New Homes

With 3 – 6 bedrooms, 2.5 - 3.5 baths, and
Square footage of 1,534 - 2,250 feet, there’s no doubt that these are every bit the home you want and deserve. It really is the high end community of your dreams.

But don’t just take our word for it; come see Villas de Avila new homes for yourself, at 1556 Corte Barcelona, Chula Vista, CA 91913. Or, call the sales office with your questions at (619) 565-2635. Priced from the high $200,000's, they’re definitely worth taking a look at!


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April 27 2011

Casitas de Avila is Your Kind of Neighborhood

by racheal

Casitas de Avila New Homes

There’s something to be said for large master planned communities, especially after the effects of the “cocooning” phenomenon have taken their toll. A large neighborhood can help homeowners form their own sense of community, and on their own terms. For residents of the Chula Vista new homes at Otay Ranch, this is certainly the case. Think about it: With 5,300 acres to call home, you can easily choose which neighbors will be part of your inner circle. And one of our favorite new Otay Ranch communities is Casitas de Avila, where you can narrow that circle even more – or not!

Casitas de Avila Dining Room

As for style, Casitas de Avila has that too. In this enclave of Chula Vista new homes, the European influence is clearly communicated through the architecture, craftsmanship, and of course, the floorplans. How so? For instance, many European homes are designed to accommodate large, multi-generational families; likewise, Casitas de Avila offers your family anywhere from three to seven bedrooms. Wow!

If you’re ready to “move into the neighborhood” (so to speak), Casitas de Avila new homes are ready for you, too. This Otay Ranch community welcomes your interest, and invites you to inquire for more information via contact form. A friendly representative will be in touch shortly!

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April 26 2011

Monet at Otay Ranch is Having a Blow Out Sale!

by racheal

Monet New Homes Community

If you’re in the market for a new home, you can definitely score big when communities are in their final phase. Well right now, Monet – a unique villa community nestled in the Village of Hillsborough area of Otay Ranch – is in its last phase, and having a blow out sale on their Chula Vista new homes to commemorate it. Of course, the goal of the sale is actually to sell out the incredible homes this development offers; so if you’re truly interested, we recommend looking into these now!

What does Monet at Otay Ranch have to offer you? On the outside, white picket fences, porches and French Country architecture – oh, and garages that are accessed by private rear lanes, while beautifully landscaped pedestrian paseos cab be accessed directly from your own private courtyard. As if that wasn’t enough, the inside is pretty incredible too. Monet offers your choice of three floorplans, all with gourmet kitchens, serene bedrooms, and gathering areas for the whole family.

Yes, Monet at Otay Ranch is having a blow out sale; but you’ll be surprised to learn that even at the beginning prices, this community is an amazing deal. To be specific, pre-sale prices start at the low $200,000’s. To inquire about the blow out sale prices, stop into Monet at Otay Ranch at 1424 Water Lily Drive, Chula Vista, CA 91913; or, call the sales office at (619) 421-6079 with your questions. The Pacific Coast Communities sales representatives will be glad to speak with you!

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April 25 2011

Santa Barbara at Otay Ranch is a Cut Above

by racheal

Picture beautiful, maple-tinged floors…a chef’s island next to a kitchen window with an amazing view…and a sprawling family room that’s ideal for entertaining. Sound like your perfect first floor? If so, you may want to take a look at Santa Barbara at Otay Ranch. This community of Chula Vista new homes offers exactly those features to buyers like you, when you opt to make one of these California coastal style homes yours.

Of course, that’s not all that Santa Barbara at Otay Ranch offers. You’ll definitely appreciate the open floor plans, high ceilings, and interesting architectural details that highlight the beautifully appointed interiors of Santa Barbara. Yes, Otay Ranch features an endless selection of San Diego new homes; but we believe Santa Barbara is truly something special.

After all, it’s a creation of Pacific Coast Communities, which is one of the top ten homebuilders in San Diego. They know Otay Ranch well, since they’ve developed numerous neighborhoods throughout the community, as well as throughout the larger Southern California region. That makes them trustworthy and reliable; and it makes their homes a cut above.

To see the Santa Barbara at Otay Ranch new homes for yourself, contact the sales office at 1717 Thompson Ave., Chula Vista, CA 91913; or, call (619) 482-0845 to request pricing and details.

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April 22 2011

Valencia at Del Sur Lets the Outside In

by racheal

Valencia New Homes San Diego

Sometimes, a home just has that “something special” you can’t put your finger on. One community of San Diego new homes, Valencia, offers exactly that (except we’re about to tell you what that something special is!). It’s many things, actually; this community located in the prestigious, eco-friendly Del Sur development of North County, has thoughtfully built homes that offer style and comfort in flexible, functional floorplans. Whether or not you’ve caught on to the downsizing trend, your family can surely appreciate that!

Valencia at Del Sur

But even better, Valencia also offers innovative outdoor living spaces – spaces that give you access to a lifestyle that moves the outdoors in, so you and your family can be encouraged to enjoy even more of San Diego's beautiful weather for fun or relaxation. Are they sun rooms…are they patios…or are they something more? You can find out, if you stop in to Del Sur for a visit.

These spaces are available for you to try out in the Del Sur room, which you can experience when you visit Valencia in person. To call for directions to these San Diego new homes at Valencia; (858) 367-8720. Winter hours, which are effective through the end of April, are Monday 1-5 pm, Tuesday-Sunday 10 am-5 pm.

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April 21 2011

Northern Terrace in Providence: Las Vegas New Homes at the Right Location

by racheal

We’ve told you that Northern Terrace in Providence is one of our favorite neighborhoods of Las Vegas new homes. However, you may not be aware that this community is located conveniently near the fun and excitement of the strip. And believe it or not, you’ll forget all about its close proximity to where the action is once you’re home.

Why? Because this is a peaceful, high quality neighborhood, much like the majority of the Las Vegas suburban sprawl; but thanks to the total of 12 single level and two story floorplans and exclusive, multi-million dollar recreational complex, it’s better than any new home community in its price range.

Northern Terrace - Kitchen

If the suspense is killing you, Northern Terrace in Providence is located in northwest portion of Las Vegas, accessed at the 215 Beltway and Hualapai Road. Like we said: It’s close enough to be convenient, but far away enough to feel like home – because it is! For more information on Northern Terrace in Providence, contact the builder, Warmington Residences, at the Warmington Residential Nevada sales office. They can be reached at (702) 248-4883. Be sure to tell them you’re interested in the Las Vegas new homes of Northern Terrace in Providence!

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April 20 2011

Terraza at Otay Ranch gives you one more thing to do in Chula Vista: Live there!

by racheal

Terraza New Home Community in Chula Vista

There are lots of things to do in Chula Vista: the Chula Vista Nature Center, the Cricket Wireless Amphitheater, the legendary harbor and marina, and even an Olympic training center! Now, those things can be enjoyed within a short drive from your home; that is, if your home is at Terraza at Otay Ranch. Here, you can enjoy the seaside lifestyle in a safe, comfortable, and oh-so-quaint new home community. Terraza at Otay Ranch is like bringing the coastal lifestyle right into your home.

Inside, the homes offer flex space, entertainment rooms, and plenty of bedroom space. In other words, these aren’t your standard (aka tiny) beach houses. Terraza at Otay Ranch was built for families like yours, who love the coastal lifestyle but need a home that meets your changing needs. In fact, they top out at approximately 2,508 to 2,833 square feet in Phase I, and the Phase II homes range from 1,966 to 2,275 square feet with 3 to 5 bedrooms. Not bad for a near-the-beach house!

If the new homes at Terraza at Otay Ranch interests you, , please contact Lynn (619) 591-7040 or e-mail levans@sunriseco.com – or, visit the models daily from 10 am to 5 pm. These Chula Vista new homes may not be available much longer.

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April 19 2011

Crosby Villas: Mortgage Information

by racheal

Crosby Villas New Homes Rancho Santa Fe

In today’s uncertain times, many are questioning what loan amount they may qualify for – or whether they can qualify for a loan at all. To break through the noise, California West Communities answers the two most pressing questions on potential buyers’ minds. Ready for the answers? You may be pleasantly surprised. 

Question: How do I know how much I can qualify for?

Answer: At California West Communities like Crosby Villas, Pacific Sun Mortgage is the mortgage loan servicer that will help you through the pre-qualification process. They take into account your income, credit, monthly expenses and down payment ability when screening you for pre-qualification.  Your answers will help Pacific Sun Mortgage compare loan program options and advise you as to the best course of action.

Question:  How do I determine which mortgage and loan program is best for me?

Answer: The two most common loan types are fixed rate mortgages and adjustable rate mortgages. On a fixed rate mortgage, the interest rate remains the same over the term of the loan. On an adjustable rate, the interest on the loan is offered at a lower start rate, and fluctuates (typically at an increase) over the term of the loan.

Crosby Villas Living Room

It should be noted that in recent years, when those who qualified for an adjustable rate couldn’t meet their higher interest rate loan payments, they eventually defaulted on their loans – thereby contributing to the housing crash. If you agree to an adjustable rate mortgage, you should be prepared for any changes to your interest rate.
For more information on qualifying for a home loan, contact Crosby Villas – or, any of the exceptional San Diego new homes from California West Communities. Crosby Villas new home sales team can be reached at (858) 759-7911 Monday noon to 5 pm, or Tuesday through Sunday 10 am to 5 pm.

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April 18 2011

Buttercup Creek Townhomes Offer Lots of Options

by racheal

Buttercup Creek Townhomes

In today’s market, many people are waking up to the fact that they don’t necessarily need a sprawling single family home. For many homebuyers – singles, couples, and small families – townhomes are the most practical option. Buttercup Creek Townhomes in Texas understands this. In order to offer the most options to the widest variety of homebuyers possible, these Cedar Park townhomes offer your choice of three floorplans. What does that mean?

It means that if you need an eat-in kitchen with a breakfast bar, there’s a floorplan that offers you that. Or, if you like to dine in the same area as your television without sacrificing aesthetically pleasing design, there’s a floorplan that offers you that too. In fact, Buttercup Creek Townhomes even has a floorplan with a totally separate dining space. But the choices don’t end there.

If sleek, stylish stainless steel appliances are your thing, Buttercup Creek Townhomes can offer you that. Or, if you need a more family-friendly kitchen, that’s possible too. You can have a beautiful, modern glass tile backsplash – or something a little more subtle. Everyone gets dark, polished wood cabinets, though – and who doesn’t like that? As for bedrooms, the floorplans offer your choice of 2-3. Not bad for a townhome, right? And all in the low $100,000s. To inquire about a home at Buttercup Creek Townhomes, call (512) 331-4836.

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