July 31 2010

Resort-Style Living At Northern Terrace In Providence

by jeb

Offering three wonderfully-distinctive neighborhoods in their exciting new master-planned community of Northern Terrace in Providence, Warmington Homes Nevada has created one of the Las Vegas area's most sublime new home communities.  Warmington Homes Nevada has brought their expertise and professionalism to the Las Vegas area, and prospective homeowners in and around Greater Las Vegas now have the opportunity to live in a master-planned community that absolutely pulls out all of the stops; from the community's convenient location in northwest Las Vegas, to the plethora of wonderfully-luxurious amenities like the multi-million dollar residents' recreational facility, Northern Terrace in Providence is the premier community for anyone who is looking to get the most out of living in this exciting city.  Las Vegas, Nevada is now fast becoming a top destination for family-friendly living in a city with rapidly-growing infrastructure, copious economic opportunity, and beautiful weather year-round.

  Prospective homeowners who are interested in staking their claim at Northern Terrace in Providence will have the option between three different, but equally superb neighborhoods-- Claremont at Northern Terrace in Providence, Emery at Northern Terrace in Providence, or Westcott at Northern Terrace in Providence.

Claremont at Northern Terrace in Providence- single-family new homes starting in price from around the mid $100's, with floorplans ranging from 1,388 to 1,895 square feet, 3 to 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and 2 space garages.

Emery at Northern Terrace in Providence- Northwest Las Vegas new homes which offer floorplans ranging from 1,871 to 3,043 square feet, with 3 to 6 bedrooms, 2.5 to 3 baths, and 2-3 space garages. Prices starting from around the low $200,000's.

Westcott at Northern Terrace in Providence- Floorplans ranging approximately from 1,505 to 2,334 square feet, with 3-4 bedrooms, 2-2.5 baths, and 2 space garage. Prices starting from around the high $100,000's.

The Las Vegas new homes for sale at the community of Northern Terrace in Providence offer prospective homeowners a wonderful array of expertly-designed floorplans, which range anywhere in size from 1,388 to 3,043 square feet, with 3-4 bedrooms and 2.5 baths, and which are starting in price from just around the low $100,000's. To find out more information about all of the exciting options available to residents of Northern Terrace in Providence, please feel free to call 877-930-5599 to speak to someone who can help you on your way to finally having the Las Vegas new home that you've always envisioned.


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July 30 2010

The Phantom (energy) Menace!

by April

Since my son is having himself a Star Wars marathon this week, I thought this week’s blog should be dedicated to that which plagues us all but few of us know of – The Phantom Menace.  Mostly known as phantom energy, phantom power, vampire power, etc. – it is the electricity your appliances and other gadgets are using even when they are turned off.  Most people pass this off as an urban myth but it is true, to the tune of 10 billion dollars wasted every year in the U.S. alone.  So yes, all those things plugged into your walls that aren’t even on - from plasma televisions (these are the worst) to computers and down to your cell phone charger – are sucking energy from your home and money from your wallet.  Unplugging everything can be more than annoying so consider grouping things on power strips (TV, DVD, and DVR on one, computer and chargers on another) that you can turn off at night or when you leave the house.  Yes, the DVR still works and records your stuff.  Check out vampirepowersucks.com to see a rolling ticker of how much we are losing to phantom power and calculate how much you use and lose.  So unplug those things – they suck!

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July 29 2010

Enjoy La Dolce Vita At Dolcetto At La Costa Ridge

by jeb

Wonderfully nestled in the breathtakingly beautiful and convenient city of Carlsbad, California, homeowners at Dolcetto at La Costa Ridge are enveloped by a truly spectacular atmosphere that makes for the place to settle down and raise a family in a safe and friendly environment. Carlsbad, California is a coastal resort town that has long been renowned for its shimmering bright blue beaches, extremely well-regarded school system, and high quality shopping opportunities. Carlsbad is also situated right in between the two bustling cultural and economic centers of San Diego and Los Angeles; however, the residents of the Carlsbad new homes for sale at Dolcetto at La Costa Ridge get to enjoy the rich benefits of fresh  air, sunsets glittering over mediterranean-blue waters, and large expanses of green space in this prestigious sea-side San Diego County city, with the enticements of the bigger cities are far away enough to let you enjoy them when you want, and on your own terms. The Carlsbad new homes for sale at Dolcetto at La Costa Ridge are available in a variety of masterfully-created floorplan designs, which range anywhere from 3,571 to 4,260 square feet, with 3-5 bedrooms and 2-5.5 baths, and are starting in price from just around the low $600,000's.

The Carlsbad new homes for sale at Dolcetto at La Costa Ridge comprise what is a sumptuous gated community that sits atop the highest point in the La Costa community. A cozy and charming neighborhood within the La Costa Ridge neighborhood, Dolcetto at La Costa Ridge boasts luxurious amenities, stylish architecture, and breathtaking views of the gorgeous North San Diego County countryside, all of which will be enjoyed by the whole family. The entire endeavor of Dolcetto at La Costa Ridge has been expertly led by two highly-respected development executives who have long been reinventing the rules of homebuilding, and Mark Buckland and Craig Atkins continue to be committed to using their resources to creating exciting and viable new residential communities that will only continue to grow more valuable heading in to the future.

Plus, when choosing Dolcetto at La Costa Ridge, you'll get to enjoy the fantastically unique opportunity to live just outside of one of the most beautiful cities on the entire planet, San Diego, California. Home to breathtaking ocean views and sun-drenched landscapes and beaches, San Diego also houses some world-class attractions on top of its natural beauty-- like Balboa Park, The world-famous San Diego Zoo, SeaWorld, the San Diego Wild Animal Park, Legoland, and the absolute best in shopping, dining, theater, and entertainment. It's fitting that a city like San Diego is the backdrop of life at Dolcetto at La Costa Ridge, where residents enjoy the perfect mixture of luxurious features and amenities, and stellar natural beauty at every turn. Providing superlative excellence that only gets better with time, Dolcetto at La Costa Ridge is a development that pulls out all of the stops when creating this luxurious community with the homebuyer in mind.

If you're interested in learning more about the fabulous City Ventures community of Dolcetto at La Costa Ridge, please feel free to call 760-744-0866 and set up an appointment for a visit and tour today.


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July 28 2010

Enjoy The Lonestar Lifestyle At Chisholm Springs

by jeb

Nestled in beautiful, exciting, and convenient north Fort Worth, Texas, the LGI Homes community of Chisholm Springs is an excellent new neighborhood, and prospective homeowners of the Forth Worth new homes for sale at Chisholm Springs will enjoy all of the wonderful perks of living at such a modern, yet elegant new home community; one that offers a pool, a clubhouse, a playground, and a family-friendly environment that can be enjoyed for just $629 a month. The Fort Worth new homes for sale at Chisholm Springs are just a 20 minute drive away from the beating heart of downtown Fort Worth, where any number of sights, sounds, and experiences await; however, the community of Chisholm Springs is just far enough away to make sure that you'll be the one to come to the urban hustle and bustle, and not the other way around. Chisholm Springs is also just minutes away from some absolutely fantastic local dining, shopping, entertainment, and recreational opportunities.

Right outside of the Fort Worth new homes for sale at Chisholm Springs, the magnetic Greater Dallas-Fort Wort Metropolitan Area is densely packed with thriving economic centers, world-class shopping and dining, and fantastic cultural and recreational opportunities. With the area's top-notch shopping, dining, and entertainment, Fort Worth makes for a great place to live for people of all ages and families of all sizes; from single young professionals all the way up to empty-nesters who are looking for some more room to stretch their legs. From great professional sports to sophisticated fine art exhibits, like the Dallas Museum of Art and the NFL powerhouse that is the Dallas Cowboys, Fort Worth, Texas has everything you could want in a vibrant American city that provides the perfect backdrop the perfect new home community in Fort Worth.

On top of the community's expert location, prospective homeowners will also be glad to learn that every Fort Worth new home for sale at Chisholm Springs includes cutting-edge appliances, custom cabinets, new refrigerators, a fully-denced backyard, 2-car garages, expert front yard landscaping, and a wonderful Homeowners Warranty. In fact, every single LGI new home includes up to thousands of dollars worth of wonderful upgrades, including brushed nickel hardware and fixtures, raised six panel doors, rounded corners, and vaulted ceilings, just to name a few. Plus, One of the other exciting aspects of living in one of the Fort Worth new homes for sale at Chisholm Springs is that fact that you'll be so close to AllianceTexas-- a 17,000 acre master-planned, mixed-use community that offers residents sophisticated and innovative new ways to live, work, play, and shop. AllianceTexas offers a wide variety of commercial real estate options, including office, retail, and industrial, and AllianceTexas is home to 240 companies, 28,000 employees, and more than 7,300 stunning single-family homes, making this exciting new community a wonderful neighbor for residents living in the Fort Worth new homes for sale at Chisholm Springs.

The north Fort Worth new homes for sale at Chisholm Springs are now available in a wonderful variety of masterfully-crafted floorplan designs, ranging from 1,219 to 2,632 square feet, with 3-5 bedrooms and 2-2.5 baths, and are starting in price from around the Grand Opening Pricing of the low $100,000's. If you're interested in learning more about all of the options when it comes to the fabulous Fort Worth new homes for sale at Chisholm Springs, feel free to call the home offices at 866-702-6756 speak to someone who can get you started on the path toward home ownership today.


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July 27 2010

You Get To Have It All At Creekside Village

by jeb

Deftly crafting affordable, yet elegantly-appointed new homes for sale to residents of The Woodlands, Texas, the ever-trusted builder of LGI Homes has created Creekside Village with the firm belief that everyone deserves to have their very own home at a more than reasonable price. The Woodlands new homes for sale at Creekside Village make for a beautiful and cozy neighborhood that is nestled among the wooded forests of idyllic Montgomery County in the bustling Greater Houston Metropolitan area. The Woodlands new homes for sale at Creekside Village accomplish the never easy feat of providing homebuyers a safe and friendly new home community that is in a convenient location, loaded with great features, and featuring new homes that won't break the bank. The Creekside Village new homes are just miles away to the coastal beaches of the Gulf of Mexico and Clear Lake, the latter being a 2,000-acre boating enthusiast’s paradise that offers one of the greatest concentrations of sailboats, yachts and pleasure craft in the entire nation.  So if you enjoy spending your free time outdoors and enjoying an endless array of modern conveniences and luxurious appointments, the new homes for sale at Creekside Village could be just right for you.

Some of the other outstanding perks of choosing one of the new homes at Creekside Village includes 1 to 2 car garages, front yard landscaping, a fully-fenced backyard, custom cabinets, a utility room, a shaded park, and bountiful walking trails. As for fishing enthusiasts, there is a private fishing lake right on the premises. Creekside Village also boasts a playground where residents' children can play in a clean and safe environment.

From young single professionals to empty-nesters and everyone in between, Houston, Texas is the kind of city that truly has something for everyone--from world-class dining to fabulous shopping and entertainment, the proximity of The Woodlands to a major metropolitan area like Houston is perhaps the greatest community amenity of all; from the Houston Museum of Natural Science to the wonderful Theater District, Houston is always the place to be.

As for the cozy and convenient master-planned community of The Woodlands, the close-knit area provides a great place for your new home, where friendly neighbors, clean sidewalks, and safe streets are right outside your door, all while the big city excitement of Houston is never too far away when you need it. Located just 28 miles from Downtown Houston, The Woodlands is not only home to Creekside Village, but also a number of corporate campuses, making commutes to work simple and easy,  and the area an incredibly safe and clean place to raise a family. However, don't make the mistake that The Woodlands is all about business; the area is replete with a constantly growing list of entertainment venues, like two movie theaters, over 150 restaurants, and an amphitheater.

The Woodlands new homes for sale at Creekside Village are currently available in a variety of masterfully-designed floorplans that range from 1,100 to 2,400 square feet, with between 2-5 bedrooms and 2-2.5 baths, and prices that are starting from just around the low $100,000's. For more information about one of the fantastic LGI new homes at Creekside Village, please call 281-364-7477.


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July 26 2010

Low-maintenance Living At Buttercup Creek Townhomes

by jeb

A fabulous new home community that is nestled in cozy Cedar Park, Texas, Buttercup Creek Townhomes affords prospective townhome buyers the all-too-rare luxury of elegantly-appointed new townhomes that won't break the bank. Created by Chateau Homes, Buttercup creek Townhomes offers residents of the Austin-Redrock Greater Metropolitan Area a cutting-edge low-maintenance lifestyle that promises a permanent farewell from high-stress and aggravating exterior repairs that have to be done by your own hands on your own time, and the newfound free time will come in handy given all of the fabulous shopping, dining, recreation, and entertainment options that surround residents of Buttercup Creek Townhomes. As the area's only new townhome community to provide so much bang for such little buck, Buttercup Creek Townhomes is the wonderful culmination of Chateau Homes' dedication to using the highest-quality building materials, working with the very best professionals in the field, and consistently adhering to a philosophy that places a high value on customer service.

The superb Buttercup Creek Townhomes are now currently available in a variety of five different floorplans, which range anywhere from 1,050 to 1,341 square feet, with 2-3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths, and are starting in price from just around the low $100,000's, which means that there's something for just about anyone at the Cedar Park townhomes for sale at Buttercup Creek Townhomes.

One of the best aspects of Buttercup Creek Townhomes is the fact that these 69 townhomes are located in what is one of Central Texas' most desirable areas for finer living, with the area enjoying the unbeatable combination of a tranquil environment that is never the less just a short drive away from one of the musical and cultural Mecca's of the entire nation, Austin, where attractions like the Austin Museum of Art, the world-famous South By Southwest Festival, and the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center are just a short drive away from Buttercup Creek Townhomes. The city of Cedar Creek is an absolutely idyllic place for comfortable townhome living, with its serene atmosphere and plenty of open space, the location of Buttercup Creek Townhomes transports its residents to what seems like another world- where the stresses of everyday life melt away in to the Hill Country breeze.

Whether you're a single young professional, burgeoning family member, empty-nester, or you're simply looking for a more manageable low-maintenance lifestyle, Buttercup Creek Townhomes has something to offer. To find out more about all of the different options available when choosing Buttercup Creek Townhomes, Please call 512-331-4836 to speak to one of the experts at Chateau Homes today.


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July 23 2010

Watch New Condo Living Evolve At Smart Corner

by jeb

It's time to experience the future of new Condominium living with the San Diego new condos for sale right in the bustling heart of the downtown area! The community of Smart Corner is a brand new condominium tower located amongst the magnetic energy and electric excitement of beautiful downtown San Diego, where residents of Smart Corner get to enjoy perks like the culture-rich downtown, Balboa Park, and the stunning and world-renowned San Diego Bay views.  Smart Corner is comprised of 10 stories and 301 luxurious mixed unit condos; all of which offer prospective new condo buyers the choice between studios, 1+2 bedroom condos, and a incredibly forward-thinking "smart condo" concept, where new condo buying is totally revolutionized, allowing you to place and design the materials of your walls, giving you the freedom to be unique and creative when it comes to your own new condo that is exactly tailored to you.

Some of the other wonderful aspects of living at Smart Corner includes gourmet kitchens, on-site sushi bars, dual lobby entries, ground floor retail space within the tower, a fully-equipped fitness center, four full service elevators, mini storage units, a spa, and private subterranean parking. Plus, residents of Smart Corner get to enjoy the gorgeous 20th floor rooftop, which along with breathtaking downtown San Diego views also includes barbecues, making the rooftop perfect for entertaining friends and neighbors.

Perhaps the greatest community amenity of all, residents of Smart Corner get to reside in the very heartbeat of downtown San Diego. Not only an economic powerhouse and dream travel destination punctuated with sun-kissed beaches, downtown San Diego is replete with fantastic nightlife, vibrant culture, and world-class dining, and amongst the hustle and bustle of the downtown area, residents of Smart Corner in San Diego have the privilege of getting to enjoy everything that this wonderful metropolitan area has to offer. Whether you want to get your fill of culture at one of the 24 theaters and museums in the area, enjoy the world-famous San Diego Zoo, or you want to take in a major league baseball game at Petco Park, downtown San Diego has something for everyone's particular tastes.

The San Diego new condos for sale at Smart Corner are available in several expertly-designed new floorplans, which range in size anywhere from 466 to 1,551 square feet, and offer up to 2 bedrooms, with prices starting from around the mid $100,000's, which means that owning your very own dream condo in San Diego is probably within closer reach than you may think. To find out more about the exciting San Diego new condos for sale at Smart Corner, please call 619-546-5835.


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July 19 2010

Eco-friendly Luxury And More At Crosby Villas

by jeb

Nestled cozily behind impressive private gates, the new homes for sale at Crosby Villas are surrounded by nearly 722 acres of breathtakingly sublime natural landscape,  impeccably-manicured fairways, and stunning sunshine, and the community of Crosby Villas boasts architecture that is reflective of the dramatic and historical spirit of Spanish Colonial Revival design; a classic yet still functional aesthetic that blends in wonderfully-well with the gorgeous landscape of San Diego County, and for those forward-thinking prospective new homebuyers who are environmentally, as well as financially-concious, Crosby Villas new homes boasts a plethora of outstanding energy-saving and money-saving features, like energy-efficient dual glazed windows, a re-circulating hot water pump, a 75 gallon gas water heater, R-30 ceiling and R-13 exterior wall insulation, and much more. Plus, on top of it all, the charming new homes for sale at Crosby Villas are now readily available in numerous expertly-designed and superbly-practical new floorplan designs, which range in size anywhere from 3,002 to 3,612 square feet, with 3-4 bedrooms.

The new homes for sale at Crosby Villas in San Diego are deftly combine the County's inherently majestic scenery with sophisticated, luxurious, and stylish architecture, all while providing homebuyers with unrivaled comfort and modern convenience. The Crosby Villas in San Diego are inspired by the renowned work of Lillian Rice, the architect who is responsible for the design of the original California-Spanish style that punctuates the charm of historic Rancho Santa Fe. With 31 golf course villas representing the pinnacle of the type of sublime resort-style living that California West Communities epitomizes, Crosby Villas new homes are the place to be when looking for a dream new home community in the San Diego area.

Nestled right at the doorstep of one of the most beautiful cities in the United States, San Diego affords its residents an idyllic backdrop beset of sun-kissed beaches, palm tree-lined streets, and a bustling urban metropolis that was recently rated as the fifth best place to live by Money Magazine, a ranking that no doubt is owed to some of the fantastic attractions located in San Diego, like the world-famous San Diego Zoo, the sunny beaches, and the historic sights like Mission San Diego de Alcala and Old Town San Diego Historic Park. San Diego has everything that you could want, from a booming tourism industry and strong economy, to some of the best entertainment and sporting events that you'll find anywhere.

If you've heard enough and would like to start learning even more about all of the wonderful options available at Crosby Villas, and to set up an appointment for a visit and tour, please call 858-759-7911to get in contact with a representative who can let you in on all that this stunning new home community has to offer you and your family today.


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July 17 2010

SAVE THE SEALS - in your home!

by April

Sealing cracks, gaps, leaks and adding insulation can save up to 20% on home heating and cooling costs.

Energy Saving Home Insulation

• Add weather stripping around windows and doors to reduce drafts.

• Use caulking and sealants to seal around ducts, plumbing and any other openings in walls, floors and ceilings to reduce air leakage.

• Seal larger gaps that cannot be covered with caulk with expanding foam.

• Have your heating and cooling ducts professionally sealed to save up to $120 in coastal areas and up to $190 inland per year.

This you might have a leaky seal?  Hold a lit incense stick next to the suspected area (plumbing or ceiling fixtures, attic hatches, windows, etc.).  If the smoke stream travels horizontally, you found the leak.  Weather stripping and caulk can help seal you in and the hot air out!

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July 14 2010

Join The Green Revolution With Rockrose At The Foothills

by jeb

Nestled in the idyllic coastal resort town of Carlsbad, California, Rockrose at The Foothills is a stunning community that features a fabulous array of cutting-edge new homes that utilize the very best in "green" technology, which not only helps to save and protect the environment, but in the long run also saves you and your family money! All Rockrose new homes are built to save energy, to conserve water, to reduce waste, and to generally provide prospective homebuyers with the kind of peace of mind that is so rare these days-- a dream new home that exists in sublime harmony with its wonderful natural surroundings in the incomparable San Diego County area, where perfect weather and sunny skies are permanent fixtures. The San Diego new homes for sale at Rockrose at The Foothills are available in several eco-friendly new floorplan designs, which range in size anywhere from 2,116 to 3,167 square feet, with 3-4 bedrooms and 2-4.5 baths, and new homes are priced starting from around the low $600,000's, which means that now joining the Green Revolution is easier than ever when you do it at Rockrose at The Foothills.

Rockrose at The Foothills is comprised of utterly fabulous new green homes that are situated within a cutting-edge master planned community that breaks all of the rules when it comes to modern conveniences and affordable luxury, all while maintaing a "green" ethos that is truly something commendable, especially in this day and age, where the term "green home" is more often than not a synonym for "excessively overpriced home;" but this isn't the case when it comes to Rockrose.  In fact, Rockrose at The Foothills new homes are the only new homes in Carlsbad to not only meet California's energy-efficiency standards, but to extend 35% past it. With a focus on energy-efficiency, water conservation, and a plethora of other environmentally-concious features, Rockrose at The Foothills new homes prove that luxurious green new home amenities and features don't need to come at a heavy price for the environment.

If you're interested in learning more about the beautiful Brookfield Homes community of Rockrose at The Foothills, please call 760-730-0800 to set up an appointment for a visit and tour today.


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