CHECKLIST THREE-Finalist Homes Questions

Finalist Homes Questions

Schools and ratings Elementary: ____________________________ Rating: _____
Names, locations Middle School: _________________________ Rating: _____
Distance High School: ___________________________ Rating: _____
Homeowners Association: Required reserves: __________ Actual Reserves: ________
Percentage of Delinquency: __________ Condition of Amenities: _________________
Is there On Site Security: _________________________
Property Management Company: ____________________________________________
Read CC&Rs, By Laws and Rules and Regs: ___________________________________
Interview Management Company: ____________________
Interview at least three neighbors ____________________________________________
Interview at least three neighbors about other neighbors_________________________

This phrase works: “We are thinking about these homes, do you live here? How is it?” If all bad ask, “What can you say is the nicest thing?” If all good, “If you had to stretch to find something bad, what little thing would it be.?” “How does the HOA work for you?” “Do they keep things up?” “Where is the President’s place?”

If there is one, interview the On-Site Security Officer


Interview the HOA President


What basic needs is this home lacking?


What extra does it have that I did not expect?


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