CHECKLIST TWO-Knowing What You Want

Knowing What You Want

Why are we buying a home: _____________________________________________
How long do we expect to own this home? __________________________________
Where is the down payment money coming from? _____________________________
Where is the closing cost money coming from? ________________________________
How long will it take to get these monies? ____________________________________
Do we want a newly built home or a resale? ________ Oldest Acceptable? __________
Do I want move-in ready or one that I can customize? ___________________________
Need Want
Bedrooms, how many? _______ ______
Bathrooms, how many? _______ ______
Square Footage, how much? _______ ______
Garage spaces needed? _______ ______ Style _____
Basement Needed? ____________ Attic ? __________ # of Multi-Use Rooms?_____
Pool? _____________ Spa? _____________ BBQ? _________ Playground? _____
Do I mind or prefer if home is in a Homeowners Association? _____________________
Area? _______________________________________________________
Close to? ____________ __________ _____________ ___________ ___________
School District requirement? ______________________________________________
What is the longest acceptable commute time? _____________ Distance? _________
Style of Architecture? ____________________________________________________
What is our Ideal Move-In date? __________________
Other Notes: ____________________________________________________________


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Robert N. “Bob” Bekins is the Owner/Broker of North County Realty Associates headquartered in San Diego County, California. He has been a Sales Manager with major national home building companies, in international property sales, and in traditional resale. With over 1,000 homes transacted he is qualified to be a fine advocate for your needs in that part of California. You may reach him by texting or calling 760-505-9397 or at Hope you have enjoyed the book and now Happy Hunting and may you live long and prosper in your new home!