CHAPTER 22-The Best Kept Secret

Buying a New Home

Well, you found the home, your offer was negotiated to a successful level, you got the loan done, escrow has closed, and you’ve picked up your keys. The best kept secret is really very simple. No matter what, do your best to hang onto every piece of real estate you ever buy. If a property is heading in to trouble then sell it and trade into more real estate. Property ownership over the long term has exceeded the value of every stock market, every metal, every bond, almost every business, and every other opportunity in America for a very long time. If you have your focus on this as long term investment you will do very well.

AND, it will be your hearth, your home, the place for your family. You will in later years remember with fondness all the Thanksgiving dinners, the birthday parties, the joys of your years there. Home $175,000, Monthly Payment $1,200, Memories – Priceless.


Moving Soon?

See our website for the soon to be released, A Moving Story by a member of the Bekins Family of trucking fame.


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About the author

Robert N. “Bob” Bekins is the Owner/Broker of North County Realty Associates headquartered in San Diego County, California. He has been a Sales Manager with major national home building companies, in international property sales, and in traditional resale. With over 1,000 homes transacted he is qualified to be a fine advocate for your needs in that part of California. You may reach him by texting or calling 760-505-9397 or at Hope you have enjoyed the book and now Happy Hunting and may you live long and prosper in your new home!