CHAPTER 11-Where to Look For Available Homes

New Homes

Places to find homes:

- The internet websites of builders who may not be advertising anywhere else

- The local newspaper, or several if there are more than one, look at all

- Search both the little classifieds and the big display ads

- Driving the area you like and asking area residents

- On the MLS, which is generally available over the Internet without strings

- Through a Realtor

- Home Buying Guide freebee hand outs at the grocery store

- Ask if anyone in your circle of friends or family is considering selling

Don’t get lulled into inaction. Once you decide to start looking, spend that 30 minutes a day in the digging part of the search. Sometimes a large display ad will run just once in the sports section or the regional section of the paper. Miss one day and you might miss the home you wanted. Same for classified ads. And don’t discount the holidays. Very motivated Sellers will advertise during Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Year.


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