First Time Home Buyer Tips


First Time Home Buyer Tips

First Time Homebuyer TipsYou have friends and family members who have feared promotions, marriage, moving, and buying a home.  They are wonderful people, but they never seem to get ahead in life.  Now if that is what they choose, that is fine for them.  But you may be different.  You may want more. 

The greatest thing that stops people from reaching their goals is a lack of knowledge.  Sometimes they don’t know where to start.  Often they have not counted the cost, because for everything we gain we must give up something else.  Your pal that wants to spend five nights a week clubbing (and two nights recovering) may never choose to let that go in order to get married.  We trade our time for our salaries.  Swapping body strength, and sometimes body parts, for wages in a labor intensive job is very well known to someone who works at heavy labor. 

So buying a first home has some of these fears and costs as well.  This book will take you a long way toward understanding the challenges, the process, the secrets to success, and ultimately the joy of owning your first home.  When you first entered school, or a relationship, or a profession – there was some fear, but because you took courage with you, you ultimately gained great benefits.  Courage is not the absence of fear.  It is the moving forward despite the fear. 

So read, absorb, and practice what you see here and your courage will pay off in the joy and profit of owning your own home.  And should you be very blessed, you will own many in the years ahead, perhaps even many at the same time.  That is called an Empire!   It starts with the first and you will do it Just This Once.


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Knowing what to do is the key to success in everything, isn’t it.


Chap. 1 – This Is Not Going To Be Easy

Things of value take work to produce. 


Chap. 2 – Why Are We Doing This?

Understanding your motivation will energize you for the task ahead.


Chap. 3 – No Ch Ch Ch Changes

A stable job and credit history are important.


Chap. 4 – When to Shop for Property

There are smart things to know before you start looking for a home.


Chap. 5 – The Loan Process

The amount you can afford determines what you will shop for.


Chap. 6 – Types of Loans

From variable to fixed rate loans, from 15 to 30 year terms, you must understand your commitment.


Chap. 7 – The Escrow Process

How the paper work is going to flow and the timing of it


Chap. 8 – Buy New or Resale?

They are different and each has its benefits.


Chap. 9 – Let’s Go Shopping

Location, location, location – Yes, it is TRUE!


Chap. 10 – Before Shopping for a Home

Deciding about Agent Representation before you begin.


Chap. 11 – Where are Available Homes

Using all of YOUR resources and network to find the right home.


Chap. 12 – What Do You Want

Knowing what you want first will save you tons of time.


Chap. 13 – Product Testing

Breaking down the Elephant of home selection into bite sized pieces.


Chap. 14 – The Art of Negotiating

They want their best price and so do you.  The Art of Deal Making.


Chap. 15 - Timelines and Deadline

Things can get complicated for both you and the Seller, so know your dates.


Chap. 16 – Buyers Remorse, Sellers Remorse

Everyone has doubts.  The way that you deal with it counts!


Chap. 17 – Checking All the Variables

When you marry, you are marrying the whole family.  Same with a home.  Check it out thoroughly.


Chap. 18 – Buying a New Home is Different

Some subtle but important considerations.


Chap. 19 - Insurance

The lender will require it, but you also desire good insurance for your huge investment.


Chap. 20 – The Truth

Fort Leavenworth, Kansas is not a nice place to be incarcerated.


Chap. 21 – Taking Title

Knowing how to take title to the property is important.


Chap. 22 – The Best Kept Secret

Why buying a home is a great long-term strategy


Checklist 1  - Finding a Realtor

How to find a good one.


Checklist 2 – Knowing what you want

Good questions to ask yourself before you begin your search.


Checklist 3 – Finalist Home Questions

Narrowing the field to a few good choices.


Checklist 4 – Self Inspection of Your Home

The fine details are important.


Checklist 5 – Accountant

It is about the money, among other things.

About the author

Robert N. “Bob” Bekins is the Owner/Broker of North County Realty Associates headquartered in San Diego County, California. He has been a Sales Manager with major national home building companies, in international property sales, and in traditional resale. With over 1,000 homes transacted he is qualified to be a fine advocate for your needs in that part of California. You may reach him by texting or calling 760-505-9397 or at Hope you have enjoyed the book and now Happy Hunting and may you live long and prosper in your new home!