August 1, 2020

July 2020 Coronado, CA Real Estate Market Conditions

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The real estate market in Coronado is resilient despite the many restrictions that Covid-19 has placed on all of us.The month of July has been as unprecedented as June was. The inventory continues to shrink and the demand properties on the island remain s ...Read More

July 1, 2020

June 2020 Coronado, CA Real Estate Market Conditions: Seller's market in June

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June was a very optimistic month for Coronado Real Estate when it comes to buyer confidance.Properties in Coronado are continuing to sell at a faster rate than they are coming on the market. We had 20 properties active at the Shores and 68 in the village ...Read More

May 18, 2020

April 2020 Coronado, CA Real Estate Market Update: COVID-19 Doesn't Stop Vacation Rentals

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Coronado has a very unique real estate market and within Coronado, The Shores is a micro-market all within itself. Coronado Shores Co., the company that built, sold, and now manages the most amount of vacation rentals on the island at the Shores has ...Read More

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