February 3 2010

Affordable Park City Townhomes at Parks Edge

by brook

Park City townhomes under $300,000? It may sound like a fantasy…but rest assured, they are very real. Parks Edge, a community of Park City, Utah townhomes located near the north tip of the Jordanelle Reservoir, is the first place to begin your quest – but chances are, your search may end there too. Sure, there are other affordable Park City townhomes; but unlike others, Parks Edge is far from the ordinary.

To start, Parks Edge boasts the appearance of a resort building; from the exterior, the view beckons visitors to enter a ski lodge-style chalet. Take a look: Can you tell the difference? Second, what waits inside can exceed the expectations of nearly any townhome buyer. Low-priced townhomes, particularly in a resort area like Park City, are not always known for their quality features; but Parks Edge is not your everyday low-priced townhome.

Instead, it’s a new kind of affordable Park City townhome; the kind that truly delivers on promises. From the quality materials used for flooring, cabinetry, and even the fireplace mantle; to the choice of three floorplans, designed for optimal spaciousness and versatility; to the 5 star Energy Star rating achieved by these Park City townhomes under $300,000, they are more than a value – they’re a treasure trove.

Plus, the well-appointed location, nestled near the ski resorts (The Canyons, Park City Mountains, and Deer Valley are all less than 15 minutes away) and other attractions that provide locals with seasonal or year-round employment, offers owners the security they need to truly enjoy their homes.

Sure, you can view photos and browse through floorplans; but to see all that Parks Edge has to offer, you’ll definitely need to visit these affordable Park City townhomes in person. Call the sales office at (866) 753-7915 to make your appointment, and don’t delay; these homes are being spoken for quickly.

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February 3 2010

Benefits Of CFLs And LCDs - What You Need To Know About 2012 Lighting Legislation

by racheal

In 2007 Congress passed the Energy Independence & Security Act of 2007, which will aid the America people by transitioning to a more energy-efficient future by phasing out incandescent light bulbs between 2012 and 2014. By the removal of incandescent light bulbs from store shelves, homes and buildings within the next five years, the US will be saving billions of dollars each year of taxpayers’ money by reducing the amount of energy they consume.

This Act of Congress was designed to phase-out inefficient incandescent light bulbs to high-output, low-energy consumption bulbs like CFLs, LEDs, and halogens bulbs. Below you will find the benefits of CFLs and LEDs and what you need to know about the 2012 lighting legislation, Energy Independence & Security Act of 2007, and how it will apply to you.


GE CFL Energy Efficient Light Bulb

What are CFLs? Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs or CFL differ then an incandescent light bulb by the way if produces light. An incandescent bulb uses an electric current that runs through a wire filament and heats the filament until it starts to glow. A compact fluorescent light uses an electric current that drives through a tube that contains argon and a small amount of mercury vapor. This process generates invisible ultraviolet light that reacts with the fluorescent coating within the tube, which then releases visible light.

What are the benefits of CFL? CFLs uses 75 percent less energy and will lasts about 10 times longer than an incandescent bulb. If every home in American replaced just one light in their home with a CFL light, enough energy would be saved to light more than 3 million homes for a year.

How do you save money with CFL? Compact fluorescent light bulbs will save you about $30 over its lifetime and pay for itself within 6 months.  Although the initial price of a CFL is more expensive than an incandescent light bulb, CFLs use 1/3 of the electricity than a regular light bulb and last up to 10 times as long. A single 18 watt CFL will save you about 570 kWh over its lifetime; at 8 cents per kWh that equals a $45 savings during the life of the bulb.

Do CFLs offer high-quality light? CFLs give out a warm inviting light unlike the "cool white" light of a fluorescent light bulb. The new electronically ballasted CFLs don't flicker or hum and come in a variety of shapes and sizes unlike the old CFLs in the classic spiral shape.

GE CFLs Range Of Light

Is the mercury in CFLs hazardous to my health? Mercury is a toxic metal that can lead to adverse health effects. A CFL bulb generally contains an average of 5 mg of mercury, that is about one-fifth of what is found in the average watch battery and less than 1/100th of the mercury found in an amalgam dental filling.* While the mercury in a compact fluorescent bulbs dose not poses a threat while in the bulb, however if you break one you should follow the steps below with caution:

- Open a window to air out the room for 15 minutes or more.
- Use a wet rag and gloves to pick up the broken pieces. Make sure to dispose the gloves and the rag, with the broken CFL, into a sealed plastic bag.
- Contact your nearest recycling center to see if they can accept broken CFLs.
- Make sure to wash your hands after you have disposed the broken compact fluorescent light bulb.

Burned out CFLs can be dropped off at your local Home Depot stores.

What are LED lights? Light Emitting Diodes are a solid light bulb which are enormously energy-efficient. Older models of LEDs were limited to a single-bulb usually found in your instrument panels, electronics, and more commonly the strings of indoor and outdoor Christmas lights.

What are the benefits of LEDs? Light Emitting Diodes last up to 10 times as long as compact fluorescents light bulbs and 20 times longer than the typical incandescent bulbs. LEDs are mercury-free and LEDs do not have a filament that can normally be easily damaged within the incandescent bulbs. Because they are built as a solid, LED bulbs hold up well.

How do you save money with LED? Because LEDs last for years, not only will you save money on energy coast, but you will save in maintenance and replacement costs far beyond the purchasing coast. Because LEDs require low power to run, using solar panels throughout your home becomes more reasonable.

So what does the Energy Independence & Security Act of 2007 mean to you?

- The Act is NOT requiring you to throw out your incandescent light bulbs.
- Incandescent light bulbs between 40 and 100 watts will be phased out during 2012 and 2014.
- The Act requires that all light bulbs sold must maintaining the same or greater light output and quality as an incandescent light bulb.
- Incandescent bulbs less than 40 watts or more than 150 watts including any appliance lamps, rough-service, 3-way bulbs, colored lamps and plant lights will be free from the Energy Independence & Security Act of 2007.

For more information regarding government rules and regulations surrounding the Energy Independence & Security Act of 2007, such as ways to recycle energy efficient light bulbs, energy-savings tips and other key topics, please visit the GE Consumer and Industrial site.

*Resource:Earth Easy 


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February 2 2010

Tierra Grande at Steiner Ranch New Homes- It's In The Details

by jeb

Looking for quality and convenience that is unparalleled by most other new home communities?  Tierra Grande at Steiner Ranch is for you! Delicately designed and built with the homebuyer in mind by Taylor Morrisson, Tierra Grande at Steiner Ranch new homes could have easily just rested on the laurels of basking in its beautiful Texas Hill Country location, yet this neighborhood brings everything to the table in terms of luxury and modern features. Given its location on the southeastern side of Steiner Ranch, Tierra Grande boasts gorgeous greenbelt views that overlook picturesque canyons that juxtapose wondrously with the intimately charming homesites of Tierra Grande at Steiner Ranch. Featuring Sublimely scenic views, luxurious amenities, and all the convenience you could want, Tierra Grande at Steiner Ranch is a stellar Austin new home community.

Some of the other wonderful perks of living at Tierra Grande include a top-notch school system, plenty of well-manicured hiking and biking trails, two beautiful aquatic playgrounds in Lake Austin and Lake Travis, and the benefit of three different amenity centers, including the Bella Mar Community Center, where residents can enjoy a pool, a baseball diamond, soccer fields, playscape, tennis courts, a picnic area, and much more!

When it comes to in-home features and designs, Tierra Grande at Steiner Ranch continues to show strongly. with quality bath features, a Gourmet Kitchen with sleek appliances, and nice touches like generous closet and storage space, high-quality wall-to-wall carpeting, and spacious living areas, you'll love the luxury and comfort of a Tierra Grande at Steiner Ranch new home. Plus, Tierra Grande new homes boast energy-saving and safety features, like Double paned and insulated low E energy saving windows throughout the home, a natural gas furnace, water heater, and fire place, and Energy-saving continuos vented soffits and ridge vents on the roofs.

As for the exterior of the Tierra Grande new homes, homebuyers will find Designer-selected exterior paint schemes that mix well with the high-quality masonry combinations, low-maintenance textured fiber cement siding, Garage interiors finished and painted with door openers, and a full-yard multi-zone sprinkler system, just to name a few.

For the days when you're looking for something to do outside of Steiner Ranch, you'll be glad to be so close to one of the most exciting (and eccentric!) cities in the whole country. A true individual as far as cities go, the identity of Austin is one that can never really be pinned down. A one-of-a-kind mixture of University town, business center, live music and cultural hub, and outdoor-enthusiasts paradise, Austin, Texas is an American city that continually surprise you by how much it has to offer!

The Tierra Grande at Steiner Ranch Austin new homes for sale are truly something special, and for those prospective homebuyers in the Austin area who are in the market for something more than just another drab, cookie-cutter new home community, Tierra Grande at Steiner Ranch deserves more than just a look. The Tierra Grande at Steiner Ranch new homes for sale feature several expertly-designed floorplans that range in size from 1,841 to 2,745 square feet, and contain options for between 3-4 bedrooms and 2-2.5 baths. New home prices are starting from around the low $200,000's. If you would like to learn more about one of the wonderful Austin new homes for sale at Tierra Grande at Steiner Ranch, or to set up an appointment for a visit, please call 512-266-77804.  But make sure to act fast!

 Also, right now, Taylor Morrison is giving you the chance to win the home of your dreams! Taylor Morrison will give one lucky winner their dream home with the 2010 Dream Home Giveaway. Taylor Morrison’s 2010 Dream Home Giveaway will feature a new home built to meet your dream home qualifications and your family will also be invited to stay at the Disneyland® Resort. Once at Disney land you and your family can visit Disneyland Innoventions, which features a glimpse the cutting-edge home technology and innovations.


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February 1 2010

Creekside Village New Homes Are As Low As $538 Per Month

by racheal

Are looking for a new home within a lively cityscape, top-notch museums/cultural attractions, and wonderful family activities?  Then you are looking for a new home in Houston, Texas. In fact, Houston was ranked the seventh Most Affordable Places to Live by Forbes in 2009. On such affordable new homes are found in LGI Homes newest community, Creekside Village. Creekside Village new homes for sale are as low as $538 per month!

Creekside Village homes for sale offer 2- 5 bedrooms, 2- 2.5 bathrooms within 1,100 - 2,400 sq. ft. Not to mention Creekside Village offers oversized landscaped lots, walking trails, a private fishing lake, shaded park and playground, a covered pavilion, and beautiful stone entry way into the community. These LGI Homes new homes for sale at Creekside Village are offering you 15,000 worth of upgrades with each and every new home built. Raised six panel doors, brushed nickel hardware and fixtures, rounded corners, custom built cabinets and vaulted ceilings are just a few of the features already included in the price at Creekside Village.

Creekside Village new homes are just miles away to the coastal beaches of the Gulf of Mexico and Clear Lake. Clear Lake is a 2,000-acre boating enthusiast’s paradise and offers one of the greatest concentrations of sailboats, yachts and pleasure craft in the U.S. So if you enjoy spending your free time outdoors and living within one of the most affordable places to live sounds ideal to you, stop and see what Creekside Village new homes for sale in Houston, Texas has to offer you.



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January 29 2010

Grand Opening Of The New Homes At Monteluz At 4S Ranch

by racheal

Saturday the 30th, 2010 is the grand opening of the new homes for sale at Monteluz at 4S Ranch. These San Diego homes for sale offer expansive and elegant interior spaces within Spanish, Tuscan, and Monterey architecture. Monteluz at 4S Ranch gives you room to roam with lot sizes averaging approximately 8,400 sq. ft. If you are looking for a home larger enough for an extended family, than then these new homes were built for you.

Monteluz New Homes For Sale In San Diego

You’ll find excellence at every level, with generously designed single-family homes offering stunning one and two-story plans. The new homes for sale at Monteluz at 4S Ranch features three to six bedrooms and up to four and one-half baths. Monteluz homes are designed with an abundance of valued amenities inside and out and the customizing options that fit today's stylish homebuyer’s needs.

Monteluz new homes for sale are located within San Diego 4S Ranch new community. At the heart of 4S Ranch you will find a traditional town center with easily access and walking distance from your new Monteluz home.  Monteluz at 4S Ranch is the kind of place where families can come together for breakfast, or gather for lunch at the many restaurants and shops at 4S Common. The 53-acre community 4S Commons provides you with everyday needs like a supermarket, retail shops and services, day care, restaurants and fast food. Monteluz at 4S Ranch new homes for sale in San Diego provides everything you desire in a new community.


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January 29 2010

Grand Opening Of Andalusia At 4S Ranch

by racheal

Grand Opening Of 4S Ranch San Diego New Homes - Pool

San Diego’s newest upscale community will open on Saturday the 30th, 2010 at Andalusia at 4S Ranch. The grand opening of Andalusia at 4S Ranch new homes for sale are located within an exciting new community with gracious living in a vibrant neighborhood. The new homes at Andalusia at 4S Ranch are designed with couples and young families in mind by offering San Diego new homes for sale alluring and stylish designs within one and two-story single family homes. Andalusia at 4S Ranch homes for sale range from 3 - 6 bedrooms, 3 – 4 bathrooms, among 2,222 – 3,486 sq. ft. Each new home is set on large roomy lots averaging approximately 6,900 sq. ft.

Andalusia 4S Ranch tasteful combines Spanish, Cottage and Craftsman architecture new homes that each are filled with an abundance of prized amenities inside and out for today's homebuyer. The new homes for sale at Andalusia 4S Ranch are bordered by parks and open spaces that allow you to be perfectly close to nature.

Grand Opening Of Andalusia 4S Ranch New Homes For Sale

Andalusia new homes for sale in San Diego are part of the 4S Ranch® community. Andalusia at 4S Ranch is ideally located with everything you need just a short drive or walk away! Stores, shops, schools are all within the 4S Ranch community. Located in the heart of the Andalusia at 4S Ranch are parks, pools, a gym to workout and trails to run down. At these San Diego new homes for sale you can enjoy lazy evenings on the porch, relaxing walks on the trails, and invigorating dips in the pool. Not to mention you will have the ability to walk the kids to and from school with the Poway School District location.


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January 29 2010

Homes in Kingsport, TN Offer Extra Space Inside and Out

by brook

Real estate professionals will tell you that in terms of new home features, one of the most frequent requests they field from clients is a home office. Perhaps they will also attest to hearing that a common complaint among homebuyers is "seeing inside your neighbor’s house" from a bedroom window, thanks to the close proximity of the majority of today’s new homes – in other words, a lack of privacy.

Fortunately, there are some communities that still feature extra space inside (perfect for a home office!), and ample elbow room between neighbors outside. One, a community of Kingsport homes for sale, offers both. It’s called Skyland Farms, and it reflects its name perfectly. With the big sky overhead and the view of the green space from most of your home’s elegantly appointed rooms, it’s easy to forget that you live in a master planned community; the atmosphere is more like an upscale farming town.

That’s not to say that you won’t know your neighbors – quite the contrary. The beautiful clubhouse, sparkling pool, and rolling walking trails are the perfect places to cultivate friendships in your new neighborhood. In fact, scheduled events sometimes take place in these common areas.

For more information on this outstanding community of homes in Kingsport, TN, contact the Skyland Farms sales office at (423) 245-3450.

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January 29 2010

Hawks Canyon at Steiner Ranch- Austin Living Done Right!

by jeb

Offering resort-style living 365 days of the year, Hawks Canyon at Steiner Ranch is yet another Taylor Morrisson new home community that delivers to its residents all of the outrageous luxury and elegance of modern new home living, combined with an exquisite location that keeps you close to all of the action and boundless energy of one of the most exciting cities in the country, Austin, Texas. As for the golf-loving homebuyers out there, Hawks Canyon at Steiner Ranch has you covered! Situated just a few club swings away from the University of Texas Golf Club, Hawks Canyon residents get to enjoy the gorgeous rolling hills and pristinely-manicured fairways of one of the finest golfing facilities in all of Texas. To top it off, Hawks Canyon at Steiner Ranch also boasts a close proximity to some extremely well-regarded schools, including the highly-anticipated River Ridge Elementary School. With a whole bevy of resort-style amenities and features, breathtaking scenery, and a fantastic Austin location, Hawks Canyon at Steiner Ranch is one of the most outstanding Austin new home communities around right now!

Whether you like to relax by walking, running, biking, or boating, Hawks Canyon at Steiner has you covered. With three different community centers in the area, where residents can enjoy everything from junior olympic-sized pools to outdoor recreation fields, miles of hiking and biking trails, and close access to both Lake Travis and Lake Austin, there is truly something for everyone's tastes when living in this Austin new home community.

Featuring a plethora of wonderful new home features, Hawks Canyon at Steiner Ranch doesn't disappoint when it comes to providing residents the best of what's around.  Hawks Canyon new homes come standard with oak stained cabinets, sleek appliances located in Gourmet Kitchens, soaring 10 feet or higher ceilings on the first floor, just to name a few. As for the exterior features, Hawks Canyon new homes offer 100% masonry exteriors with stone and stucco, 3 car garages, a covered rear patio, designer wood garage doors, a full yard sprinkler system, and a washed aggregate driveway and entry walk. Hawks Canyon at Steiner Ranch also has some fantastic energy-saving features, like an energy-efficient, 14-seer air-conditioning system with eco-friendly puron, and all baths and utility rooms in the home are insulated for sound with R-13, which maintains insulation power over time.

As a new resident, you'll find that one of the best aspects of living in a Hawks Canyon at Steiner Ranch new home is that the "live music capital of the world," Austin, is right on your doorstep! Recently selected as the Number 2 Best Big City in "Best Places to Live" by Money Magazine, and the No. 3 "Greenest City in America" by MSN, Austin is a city that is no stranger to accolades extolling its many virtues, and this culturally vibrant and prosperous city only seems to be getting stronger. Whether you crave the best in live music, the intellectual benefits of a large university, or outstanding sporting events and world-class entertainment, Austin is a city with something for everyone!

The Hawks Canyon at Steiner Ranch Austin new homes for sale are now available in several expertly-designed floorplans, which range in size anywhere from 3,645 to 4,222 square feet, and are available in designs with between 4-5 bedrooms and 3.5-5.5 baths. New home prices at Hawks Canyon are starting form around the high $400,000's. If you would like to learn more about the Austin new homes for sale at Hawks Canyon at Steiner Ranch, or to set up an appointment for a visit and tour, please call 512-266-6503.

Right now, Taylor Morrison is giving you the chance to win the home of your dreams! Taylor Morrison will give one lucky winner their dream home with the 2010 Dream Home Giveaway. Taylor Morrison’s 2010 Dream Home Giveaway will feature a new home built to meet your dream home qualifications and your family will also be invited to stay at the Disneyland® Resort. Once at Disney land you and your family can visit Disneyland Innoventions, which features a glimpse the cutting-edge home technology and innovations.


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January 28 2010

Stonebrook: Chattanooga Condos on a Nature Preserve

by brook

There’s lots to love about Chattanooga, Tennessee, including the University of Tennessee campus, job opportunities with its large assortment of locally-based corporations, and of course, plenty of new home options. One community of Chattanooga homes for sale is Stonebrook, an Epcon Community nestled in the rolling hills just east of the city. Located within minutes of shopping, restaurants, medical offices, golf courses and less then 30 minutes from downtown, Stonebrook offers carefree, sophisticated, resort-style living with convenient access to all surrounding area amenities.

These two and three bedroom, ranch-style condominium homes with beautiful sunrooms, attached two-car garages, private patios, and open kitchens, offer owners a private atmosphere in which to enjoy life. Surrounded by a nature preserve, paved walking trails and lush landscaping, it practically guarantees that you’ll move closer to the carefree lifestyle you've been looking for.

How so? With a designer decorated clubhouse, exercise room, patio and swimming pool (children and grandchildren allowed!) overlooking the nature preserve and walking path, your cares may just melt away. And because the community is nice and small (around 70 homesites), there are plenty of opportunities to get to know the neighbors. If these Tennessee homes for sale sound like your cup of tea, contact the Stonebrook sales office at (423) 893-6634 for details.


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January 28 2010

Tennessee Home Builder Offers More Customer Choice

by brook

You’ve heard it said that life is all about choices. There are those choices that we don’t necessarily enjoy…and then, there are those choices that we relish. You guessed it: We’re talking about choices that allow buyers to personalize their new home. With one Tennessee home builder, choices related to customization are the standard; in other words, they believe that everyone should have lots of options available.

The builder, Lifestyle Homes, offers elegantly designed homes that can be partially customized by the customer – after all, it’s your home! Lifestyle Homes wants you to enjoy living in it, your way. In fact, this opportunity starts at the beginning of the homebuying process, when the builders gladly meet with their customers to discuss any ideas, suggestions…even concerns. Later, as construction progresses, they meet with the new owner again. Sound like your kind of homebuying experience?

If so, contact this Tennessee home builder about your options for purchasing any one of their Nashville homes for sale that await construction. They will be happy to discuss the prospect of working together. Call (615) 941-1303 for their Sugar Valley community, (615) 315-8880 for the Deer Valley community, or (615) 941-4990 for Indian Creek.

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