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How to Build Green Homes

A green home is an intricate system made up of interdependent components. Changing one aspect of this system can create a ripple of effects in other areas. Builders were reminded of this when they began building tighter houses in the 1970s in response to rising energy costs. Tightly sealing the thermal envelope reduced heating and cooling costs but sometimes had unintended results, such as increased indoor air pollution due to inadequate ventilation or problems with mold due to moisture trapped within the structure. 

The solution was not to return to the days of leaky, uncomfortable houses that wasted energy. Instead, what grew out of this experience was a new approach to home building, called the whole-house systems approach. In collaboration with building-science researchers, home-building associations and government agencies such as the U.S. Department of Energy’s Building America program, many home builders across the nation are now successfully using this approach. It emphasizes strategic planning, systems analysis, and testing and verification to ensure that improvements in one area won’t jeopardize health, safety, affordability, durability, profitability and other vital concerns.

Ideally, home builders should incorporate green building into their practices as part of this whole-house systems approach. This requires taking into account the interaction of many factors: the building’s structure and thermal envelope; heating, cooling, water heating and electrical systems; renewable energy systems; the site’s climate, topography, landscaping and surrounding structures; aesthetics; health and safety requirements; and how the occupants will use the house. 

For example, a green builder concerned with improving the performance of the whole house will not merely select a more energy-efficient heating and cooling system and call it a day. Instead, the builder will look for opportunities to improve the thermal envelope and decrease heating and cooling loads, such as by reducing air leakage, designing and locating ductwork to minimize energy losses, increasing insulation, and choosing low-e windows. These improvements may allow the use of significantly smaller—and less costly—heating and cooling systems. Properly sized HVAC systems also lower the owner’s energy costs and provide greater comfort within the green homes.

According to Building America, a whole-house systems approach can reduce the energy consumption of new green homes by as much as 40% with little or no effect on the cost of construction. Usually the decisions made as part of a whole-house approach yield multiple benefits. For example, framing the home with 2x6 studs spaced at 24 inches allows increased insulation compared to conventional 2x4 studs spaced at 16 inches. Increased insulation saves heating and cooling energy and improves comfort. Also, as mentioned above, it may allow the downsizing of heating and cooling equipment. What’s more, the 2x6 framing technique reduces wood use and labor costs.

The whole-house systems approach requires that the design and construction process be highly integrated.

This involves:

  • Careful planning and attention to detail from the outset of design through all the phases of construction.
  • Understanding of building science principles, including the principles of air, heat and moisture flow.
  • Good communication among the entire team, including the developers, architects, engineers, builders, trade contractors, and material suppliers.
  • Proper sequencing of decision-making and building activities throughout the entire design and construction process.
  • Adequate training and supervision to ensure quality construction.
  • Testing and verifying performance during and after construction, and establishing a feedback loop to improve future designs based on the testing results.

Building America provides detailed information about the whole-house systems approach on their website,

It’s no coincidence that green homes designed with a whole-house systems approach are better homes. Improving building performance takes time and care, but can significantly reduce energy needs, improve health and comfort, and reduce builder risk and cost.

Green Homes Blog
Rockrose at the Foothills: Price Reduced $33,000 on Featured Carlsbad Home

Sometimes, a deal is just too good to not talk about – and this is one of those times. Rockrose at the Foothills, a Brookfield Homes community of Carlsbad new homes, just reduced their Residence 2 floorplan home by a whopping $33,000! Reduced from $629,000 to $596,900 as part of Brookfield’s Year End Sale, Rockrose’s Residence 2 just made a great deal even better. How so? Here’s the reason: Rockrose at the Foothills is already among the most energy efficient Carlsbad new homes available (if not in all of San Diego County) – plus, the incredible tax rate of 1.21% puts this community among the lowest tax rates in all new home communities in the area. And energy efficiency isn’t the only eco-friendly feature here; water conservation is at a premium at Rockrose, as is the indoor air quality. So, what do you get for your money here? At Residence 2 in Rockrose at the Foothills, a whopping 3,036 square feet of space, flanked by three bedrooms, an office, and a bonus room await your family. Plus, you’re just steps from the Foothills Swim Club – and don’t forget, only three quick miles to the sparkling California coast. Finally, if all the eco-friendliness wasn’t enough, your beautiful home is also built with sustainable materials – quality ones you don’t see every day. Now you’re getting it, right? Good! If Rockrose at the Foothills sounds like the kind of place you’d like to live, and you’re eager to take advantage of the incredible price reduction and Year End Sale offer, contact the sales office at (888) 514-9296, or stop in for a visit at 3538 Glen Avenue, Carlsbad, CA 92010.       Read More

Rockrose at the Foothills: The Most Energy Efficient Homes Around

San Diego County is known for many things – sun, surf, and carefree living among them. But with all the home construction that’s taken place there in recent years…eco friendliness? Yep: It’s time to add that to the list! Rockrose at the Foothills, a new community of eco-savvy homes in Carlsbad with single-story and two-story models alike, have been built to a new, higher standard from the inside out. When you purchase one of these Carlsbad new homes, both you and the environment will benefit from the energy efficiency, water conservation, and other environmentally-friendly measures that Brookfield homes has carefully implemented. In fact, each home at Rockrose at the Foothills exceeds the state of California's energy-efficiency standards by 35% (and as you can imagine, California has one of the highest energy efficiency regulations in the nation). That makes these homes (to the best of our knowledge) the most eco-friendly in San Diego County – certainly in Carlsbad. Of course, you’d probably like to know a little about the homes themselves – after all, green homes are only appealing if they also contain the features your family is looking for. Fortunately, Rockrose at The Foothills does! These new homes in Carlsbad range from approximately 2,116 to 3,167 square feet, with 3 to 4 bedrooms and 2 to 4 1/2 bathrooms. And convenience? They have it! Everyone knows Carlsbad offers beautiful beaches, shopping opportunities, and nationally recognized schools – and to put the icing on the cake, a new proposed high school and soccer field are set to be right across the street (not to mention the Foothills recreation center, exclusively for members of your community). Sound like somewhere you’d like to live? Of course it does! Contact Rockrose at the Foothills at (888) 514-9296 for more information.       Read More

It's Easy To Be Green At Monteluz 4S Ranch

So what do you get when choosing Monteluz 4S Ranch as your new home community? Not only do you get the benefit of enjoying everything that California West Communities provides homeowners, namely cutting-edge home features and designs, luxurious amenities, a genuine sense of community unity,  energy-efficient features, and wonderfully affordable prices, but also the unique opportunity to live just outside of one of the most beautiful cities on the entire planet-- San Diego, California. A city that is home to breathtaking ocean views and sun-drenched landscapes and beaches, San Diego also boasts some world-class attractions on top of its natural beauty, like Balboa Park, the world-famous San Diego Zoo, SeaWorld, the San Diego Wild Animal Park, Legoland, and the absolute best in shopping, dining, theater, and entertainment. It's fitting that a city like San Diego is the backdrop of life at Monteluz at 4s Ranch, where residents enjoy the perfect mixture of luxurious features and amenities, environmentally-concious living, and stellar natural beauty at every turn. Monteluz 4S Ranch in San Diego is yet another California West Communities neighborhood that pulls out all of the stops. As for the style of the new homes at Monteluz 4S Ranch, you'll find a beautiful array of Tuscan, Spanish, and Monterey architecture, which combines perfectly with the elegant and sophisticated interior details within each new home.  With a treasure trove of community amenities, stylish and sophisticated interior and exterior details, and an unbelievable location in beautiful in southern California, Monteluz 4S Ranch is the rare kind of new home community that should not be missed by anyone who is in the market for a new home that offers an upgrade in quality of lifestyle. Some of the other wonderful interior features available with Monteluz new homes includes gourmet kitchens that are perfect for entertaining, luxurious master-suites and baths, sleek appliances, and in-home technology, as well as much more. Plus, for prospective homebuyers who are concerned with eco-consciousness, Monteluz 4S Ranch is well ahead of its time when it comes to green features.  Some of the outstanding energy-saving features that you'll find in every Monteluz 4S Ranch new home includes energy-efficient dual glazed framed windows, energy-saving motion sensor switches in all baths, carrier forced air heating system, 75 gallon gas water heaters, and convenient dimmer switches at top and bottom of stairways. The new homes for sale at Monteluz 4S Ranch are available now in a variety of exquisitely-designed, environmentally-friendly floorplans, which range in size anywhere from 2,556 to 3,949 square feet, with 3-6 bedrooms and 2.5-5 baths, and are priced starting from around the high $600,000's. To learn more about the award-winning San Diego green new homes for sale at Monteluz at 4s Ranch, please contact California West Communities at 858.705.6031 today.       Read More

Rockrose At The Foothills Now Featuring 1.21% Tax Rate!

Just in case you thought that the idea of living at Rockrose at The Foothills couldn't get any better, guess what? It just did! Now featuring a newly reduced tax rate of just 1.21 percent (based on the Rockrose median sales price). Rockrose new homes now boast one of the lowest tax rates in the entire city of Carlsbad, California, which in turn now means that enjoying the comfort, luxury, and sustainability of living at Rockrose at The Foothills is now more affordable than ever. It doesn't take an expert to realize that times have been tough for a lot of people, especially when it comes to finding a new home. Brookfield Homes is making it emphatically clear that they're not going to stand by and not do anything to help people realize their dreams of new home ownership; in the words of Lora Heramb, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Brookfield Homes, " We're doing all that we can to accommodate the needs of homebuyers." The new homes for sale at Rockrose at The Foothills not only meet California's stringent energy-efficiency standards, they extend 35% past them. In displaying a strong focus on energy-efficiency, water conservation, and an array of other environemntally-concious features and amenities, Rockrose at The Foothills proves definitively that high-quality construction, honest customer service, and outrageous affordability do not need to come with a price tag that includes excessive harm to this wonderful planet. Not to mention excessive harm to your wallet. The Carlsbad new homes for sale at Rockrose offer prospective homeowners a nice variety of eco-friendly new floorplan designs, ranging in size anywhere from 2,116 to 3,167 square feet, with 3-4 bedrooms and 2-4.5 baths, and prices that are starting from the low $600,000's. Nestled in in the stunningly beautiful coastal city of Carlsbad, California in San Diego County, where a well-regarded school system, beautiful beaches, and dynamic economic opportunities come together to form what is an idyllic place to settle down and raise a family. Not only is Rockrose at The Foothills nestled amongst beautiful landscape, Rockrose new homes are conveniently located between the two cosmopolitan juggernauts-- Los Angeles and San Diego. Rockrose makes it easy for residents who desire the best in culture, entertainment, dining, shopping, and recreation to have it all just a short drive away. Plus, the city of Carlsbad also shares the same sentiments of eco-friendliness and sustainability as Rockrose at The Foothills, and it is a city that is making strides towards becoming a more "green" place to live. To find out more about Rockrose at The Foothills and its wonderfully new low tax rate, please feel free to browse the Rockrose homepage, or call 760-730-0800 to speak to someone who can help you get started today.       Read More

Eco-friendly Luxury And More At Crosby Villas

Nestled cozily behind impressive private gates, the new homes for sale at Crosby Villas are surrounded by nearly 722 acres of breathtakingly sublime natural landscape,  impeccably-manicured fairways, and stunning sunshine, and the community of Crosby Villas boasts architecture that is reflective of the dramatic and historical spirit of Spanish Colonial Revival design; a classic yet still functional aesthetic that blends in wonderfully-well with the gorgeous landscape of San Diego County, and for those forward-thinking prospective new homebuyers who are environmentally, as well as financially-concious, Crosby Villas new homes boasts a plethora of outstanding energy-saving and money-saving features, like energy-efficient dual glazed windows, a re-circulating hot water pump, a 75 gallon gas water heater, R-30 ceiling and R-13 exterior wall insulation, and much more. Plus, on top of it all, the charming new homes for sale at Crosby Villas are now readily available in numerous expertly-designed and superbly-practical new floorplan designs, which range in size anywhere from 3,002 to 3,612 square feet, with 3-4 bedrooms.The new homes for sale at Crosby Villas in San Diego are deftly combine the County's inherently majestic scenery with sophisticated, luxurious, and stylish architecture, all while providing homebuyers with unrivaled comfort and modern convenience. The Crosby Villas in San Diego are inspired by the renowned work of Lillian Rice, the architect who is responsible for the design of the original California-Spanish style that punctuates the charm of historic Rancho Santa Fe. With 31 golf course villas representing the pinnacle of the type of sublime resort-style living that California West Communities epitomizes, Crosby Villas new homes are the place to be when looking for a dream new home community in the San Diego area. Nestled right at the doorstep of one of the most beautiful cities in the United States, San Diego affords its residents an idyllic backdrop beset of sun-kissed beaches, palm tree-lined streets, and a bustling urban metropolis that was recently rated as the fifth best place to live by Money Magazine, a ranking that no doubt is owed to some of the fantastic attractions located in San Diego, like the world-famous San Diego Zoo, the sunny beaches, and the historic sights like Mission San Diego de Alcala and Old Town San Diego Historic Park. San Diego has everything that you could want, from a booming tourism industry and strong economy, to some of the best entertainment and sporting events that you'll find anywhere. If you've heard enough and would like to start learning even more about all of the wonderful options available at Crosby Villas, and to set up an appointment for a visit and tour, please call 858-759-7911to get in contact with a representative who can let you in on all that this stunning new home community has to offer you and your family today.       Read More